Jesus the Jew recommended: «If somebody slaps you on the cheek, turn the other, and if somebody took away your outer clothes, let him take your shirt …»

But where there is politics involved? – Well, it was just a Roman soldier hitting people’s cheek and taking away Jews’ clothes.  Jesus proposed not to resist the Roman oppressors. He called Jews to give Caesar what belongs to him, that it taxes. Tax collectors, among them Matthew, where Jesus’ best friends.  Not surprisingly Pontius Pilate liked him.

Just the Jewish followers of Jesus proclaimed him King of Judea, forcing Jesus to rebellion against Rome. The rebellion, which both, Jesus and Pilatus, sought to prevent. To divert his followers from the idea of the revolt, Jesus spoke out against Sanhedrin and called Jews to reject the unarmed authority of High Priest, the Sanhedrin, of scribes and Pharisees. The Jewish authority was unarmed, based on spiritual and economic influence. By submitting Jesus to the Romans, Sanhedrin,  actually, was pleading to stop Roman emissary Jesus from attacking Jewish spiritual leadership.

So, instead of rebellion against the Jewish spiritual leadership, Jesus provoked unintentionally rebellion against Roman authority. I suppose that Jesus staged the «miracle» of crucifixion and resurrection, with the purpose to avoid the trap he entered. Just like he learned to stage other miracles, Jesus prepared and staged the miracle of crucifixion and resurrection.

This last miracle was much more complicated and hazardous, so Jesus was much afraid, but nevertheless pushed ahead to his fate. Jesus forced Pontius Pilate to crucify him, by declaring himself “King of Israel”, which was severe crime against Rome. I suppose, that Jesus  did not die on the cross. He was removed alive, and then he appeared before hundreds of his supporters.

The crucifixion was prepared thoroughly. According to the Christian tradition, the wife of Pontius Pilate stood up for Jesus. This means that Jesus had a link with Romans before the trial. What they agreed there, we do not know,  only we may make speculations. For example, that Pilate in advance ordered his soldiers not to kill Jesus. And indeed, the soldiers did not fracture his legs, in the contrary to other executed, and have removed him from the cross much earlier than was customary at the crucifixion. The «body» was immediately given to Joseph of Arimathea (Yosef from Rama, modern  Ramallah), a wealthy Jew who was a member of the Sanhedrin, the same one against whom Jesus had risen. Yosef took Jesus to his home and then to his family burial cave.

Thus, it is possible that both the Romans and the Sanhedrin participated in the plot. Jesus got in trouble with his activities to both Romans and Sanhedrin, and he sought to quietly disappear, without giving pretext for massive riots.

Another famous magician, Samaritan who converted to Christianity, Simon Magus, tried to repeat the trick of Jesus, but failed. He ordered his disciples to bury himself, and three days later to take them out of the coffin. They extracted him — dead. Jesus was clearly smarter.

Finally, Jesus, like Muhammad, did not write down his thoughts and sayings, did not write messages. We have to admit that Christianity was created not by the Jew Jesus, but by the Jew Paul, with the help of the Jew Peter. These two apostles began to freely distribute the Jewish identity to the pagans, and even released the Gentiles from the need to observe Jewish mitzvot and food bans. As a result, the Christian heresy became a worldwide religion, while the Jews became a small sect.

Only a hundred years after the crucifixion, Jesus’ followers finally betrayed their Jewish faith. They took into their sect so many pagans, that the Jewish Christians turned the minority. Converted pagans dismissed the Judeo-Christians from the leadership, humiliating the relatives of Jesus, members of his family. The Judeo-Christians went underground or returned to Judaism. The Pagan Christians added two additional Gods (Trinity) to One God of monotheistic Judeo-Christianity, plus God’s Mother, actually Goddess, Maria.

Thus, at the time of the Jew Jesus, Jewish Christians rebelled against the high priest and the Sanhedrin. It was a struggle between different branches within Judaism, while the head of opposition was crucified by Roman ruler, and then supposedly revived. Only after the converted pagans took power in the church, all Jews were accused of killing the god of the Christians. Christianity has become an anti-Semitic religion.

Modern metamorphosis of Christian anti-Jewish idea is the support of the Palestinian Cause under pretext, that the Palestinians are strait descendants of ancient Jews, while the actual Jews are European colonizers, who invaded innocent Palestinian natives. This narrative distorts actual history, but it serves the needs of Christian anti-Semitic politicians, including Pope. The narrative of Palestinian sufferings resembles ancient narrative of Jesus’ passion, and therefore is easily absorbed by some part of Christians, like Rachel Corrie etc.

I’m far from accusing most of Christians of being anti-Semites, but there’s very dangerous tendency of Christian politicians to support Palestinian Cause. Such a tendency may annihilate the Christian ethics, which is the basis of Christianity. 

Two thousand years after Jesus, misfortune befell the Jews, who tried to escape anti-Semitism by supporting Marxism. Hitler blamed the Bolsheviks for being agents of the Jews. In response, Stalin «cleansed» the Jews from the leadership of the CPSU (B.), including the annihilation of Trotsky. And also dissolved in 1938 the two most influential communist parties in Europe: the Communist Parties of Poland and Hungary, where the leadership still remained the Jewish Communists. At the same time, the NKVD signed a secret treaty with the Gestapo on cooperation in «cleansing» Europe from the Jews.

The continuation of this movie we are watching today. Socialists in Europe and the United States have replaced their gone Marxism with nothing more than a cult of Palestine, that is, modern anti-Semitism, and they demand the destruction of Israel. Such an eternal story.