The international community expressed its disapproval of the anti-Semitic statement of Mahmoud Abbas  about  the Holocaust. Well, Abbas just repeated Hitler’s main accusation against Jews, that the Jewish parasites exploit the whole world, and therefore Jews must be destroyed. That is, Abbas justified the Holocaust of Jews on the same basis as Hitler.

But, this accusation of parasitism, by the way, clearly cannot be attributed to Israel. Unlike the Palestinian people, the Israelis earn themselves from their own labor. Therefore, Abbas put forvard another argument specifically for Israelis, also not a new one. It turns out that the Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Khazars, and therefore do not have rights in Palestine.

In fact, whatever is the origin (the «race») of the Ashkenazim, we bought part of the Palestinian land, paying a high price for it both in money and in lives. The Palestinians pocketed large sums of money and claimed that there was no sale or purchase. After that, four generations of Palestinians continue to live on the «subsidies» from the whole World, paid to them  for being «refugees who have lost their land.»

While Hitler accused us of being Semites, Palestinians  accuse us for being  Khazars, and left-wing anti-Semites accuse us of being «European colonizers». Anyway,  Israelis are subject to destruction on the basis of race. Strictly speaking, anti-Semitic politicians, like Hitler, Corbin and Mahmoud Abbas, do not care what our origin actually is. According to anti-Semites, we do not have any rights in any case, including the right to land that we bought, and the right to live.

For some reason, the international community missed this second, purely racist statement by Abbas, that the Ashkenazim Jews are descendants of the Khazars, and therefore have no rights to the land of Palestine / Israel. This last «accusation» the Palestinians have put forward for a hundred years, since the League of Nations decided to create a Jewish national «home» in Palestine.

Let’s note that a hundred years ago there was no talk about the state for the Jews, rather about asylum for the Jewish minority in Palestine. While Herzl demanded to create a Jewish state anywhere immediately, for example in Uganda (as suggested the same Lord Balfour, yet in Herzl’s lifetime), those who replaced Herzl (Wolfson and Chaim Weizmann) wanted to confine the Jews of Palestine to the «national home», that is, to recognize  the right of the Jewish minority to live in Arab Palestine.

In general, after Herzl’s death, the Zionists put forward very modest demands, and sought the friendship of the Arabs. These efforts led to the signing of an agreement between Faisal, the leader of the Arabs, and the head of the Zionists, Weizmann. However, the Palestinians, and the rest of the Arabs, rejected the «flirt» of the Zionists. One of the reasons for «not letting Jews» into Palestine was the argument of  «racial inferiority» of the Ashkenazim Jews, who are not the  brothers of noble Semitic Arabs, but descendants of some low-lying Khazars.

From the scientific point of view, the hypothesis of the Khazar origin of the Jews of Europe was legitimate, it was invented just by Jewish researchers at the beginning of the twentieth century. But further research on this hypothesis has not confirmed it, and I will explain in a separate article, why did. We can only talk about a small «admixture» of converted Khazars  among the much more numerous European Ashkenazi Jews.

The fact that the enlightened West condemned Abbas’ statement about the Holocaust and did not condemn his statements about our race has an explanation: the Holocaust statement is directed against all Jews, including against the Jews of diaspora. The statement about the «Khazars» is directed against Zionism. It turns out that anti-Zionism is a «permitted» version of anti-Semitism. Jews of the West cannot be touched, but racist statements, terror and genocide are allowed against the Jews of Israel. This approach I call selective.

Of course, You may ask, where is here the genocide? Well, let’s think together, why did Abbas come with his anti-Semitic remarks just right now, these days? He is a politician, and has not make «random» statements. For whose ears are designed his anti-Semitic pearls? Right, this is a message to the Palestinians and to Iranian ayatollahs.

Denying the Holocaust as a crime is the specialty of the ayatollahs. They have repeatedly stated their goal: to commit genocide of the Jews of Israel. And they are preparing a war to destroy Jews in Israel.

Indeed, to whom were intended the rockets, which Israel destroyed in Syria? Iran got into Syria under the pretext of helping the Assad regime, but in fact Assad was helped by Russia, not by Iran. To suppress the opponents of Assad, supplies of large rocket are useless. IS in Syria was destroyed thanks to Russia and the West, which armed the Kurds. The ayatollahs did not make a significant contribution to the destruction of their Sunni Islamist counterparts.

It is obvious that the purpose of the growing Iranian «presence» in Syria is a war against the Jewish state. Yes, ayatollahs even do not hide this, threatening a rocket attack on Israel «after May 12».

So, Abbas’ remarks are an invitation to Iran to start a war against Israel. In the name of the Palestinian people, the President of Palestine justifies in advance Iranian aggression. And at the same time he calms the conscience of the Palestinian people, namely, Zionists deserve genocide: like, all Jews deserved the Holocaust in the past, so the Jews of Israel deserve the genocide at the hands of Iranian Islamists.

Let’s recall, in the course of last hundred years, the Palestinians have tried to destroy the Jews with their own force or at others’ hands, nine times:

1.At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palestinian hoped to destroy the Palestine Jews at the hands of the Turks. It is believed that only the patronage of Germany saved Jews from massacres similar to those that the Turks arranged for Armenians and Greeks.

2. Then there has occured an «independent» Palestinian attempt to massacre the Jews in the 30s of the 20th century

3. Then came the hope for the Hitler’s Holocaust of the Jews in the entire Middle East, which Amin al-Husseini asked Hitler

4. Then there was an attempt of the genocide of Jews in 1948, first independently and then by the Arab hands, with the support of Great Britain

5. Then in 1967, an attempt was made to destroy Israel by Arab hands with the support of the USSR.

6. Then, the hope that another Arab war of 1973, due to Israel’s defeat, will cause the genocide of Jews

7.Terror of Oslo and the Intifada of 2001 were clearly aimed at destroying the civilian population, the goal was genocide of the Jews, but this attempt failed due to Israel’s re-occupation of Palestine and Protection Wall.

8. The accumulation of missiles by Hezbollah and the subsequent war of 2006 where actually Iran’s attempt to destroy Israel which failed.  

9. Finally, the accumulation of missiles and tunnels in Gaza, with periodic «checks» of their effectiveness, failed, too. Total 9 attempts.

Now we are approaching the tenth attempt. This time, the Palestinians hope for Iran and its allies. Mahmoud Abbas, in his statements, has already justified the upcoming tenth attempt of the genocide. In fact, it was an invitation directed to the Ayatollahs, to start a war against Israel and to actually carry out the genocide of Jews, which they promised for many years.

Trump will have to wait with his peace plan until the moment when this tenth attempt fails. Until the Palestinian people still have hope for the genocide of the Jews, their leaders will not agree to peace with Israel on any terms. It seems to Me, that Trump understands this truth.