After the decisive step of Trump and his demands laid before the ayatollahs, voices are heard, that it is necessary to help Iran, since the defeat of the ayatollah regime will lead to the disintegration of the Iranian state and to instability in the Middle East.

Say, anti-Semitic rhetoric is needed in order to keep Iran’s unity (what is true).  Just as the war against Israel was necessary for the Assad regime to keep the unity of Syria. And Erdogan needs anti-Semitic rhetoric  to win elections. And Hitler needed this same rhetoric to seize power. And Russian czarist gendarmes needed it  to stop the revolution. And Nasser needed it to create a united Arab empire. And the CPSU needed it to prevent the collapse of the USSR. And  Islamists need it today to seize power.

But we Israelis do not agree to continue this game. For us, this is not just rhetoric, but a real war, the goal of which is another genocide of the Jews. In addition, anti-Semitic rhetoric only temporarily helps criminal regimes. The war against Israel will not save the ayatollah regime and the Assad regime, as it did not save the USSR from collapse. Sanctions against «settlers» will not eliminate the crisis of the European Union.

Not Israel, but just Ayatollahs endanger the unity and the very existence of the Iranian state. The fears about the collapse of Iran are reasonable. The Persians constitute only half of the population of Iran, there are also Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, Turkmens, and three large Iranian-speaking peoples in the north of Iran. Although most of the inhabitants of Iran are Shiites, there are also Sunni peoples, primarily Kurds and Baluchis, who are dissatisfied with their subordinate position.

And most importantly, there is a growing layer of educated, modern or just smart people who are not satisfied with religious ideology in general, and with aggressive Islam — even more so.

Economic difficulties pour oil on the fire. The people reasonably believe that the cause of Iran’s difficult situation is precisely the external Islamist aggression of the ayatollahs. For many years the ayatollahs have «wiped» internal national, social and cultural differences, fomenting Islamic aggressiveness and directing it against a contrived external enemy, especially against the US and Jews.

Then, to all this was added chauvinism. The ayatollahs really caught fire by the thought that they can dictate to the entire World by establishing control over the World’s major oil reserves around the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. The nuclear blackmail turned one of the means of such a policy.

Caught by economic sanctions and their consequences inside Iran, the ayatollahs began to maneuver and reached an agreement with the Obama administration and Europe. While the US was announced at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution as the «Great Satan,» now Israel was appointed to this position. Well, ayatollahs must have an enemy, which is convenient target of attack. Once the US is too tough, then they must switch to Israel.

The history of the Iranian aggression against Israel started before a quarter of a century. It was Iran that inspired the Palestinians to brake the Oslo Accords, to unleash a terrorist, and then a missile war, with the goal of destroying Israel. Lebanese Shiites were connected to this task through Hezbollah, created by Iran, and now they try to harness Assad’s regime in the same chariot.

But with Putin, on whose support the ayatollahs counted, there was an ill luck. In addition, instead of Obama and Clinton, Americans chose President Trump, who needn’t  bribes, and he does only what is good for America. All his predecessors pursued a policy in favor of the group that led them to power, and now it turns out that these groups were pro-Islamic (or pro-money).

Thus, it turned out that even after the agreement on the nuclear program, Iran continues its attempts to undermine its main rival, Saudi Arabia. And it is eager to destroy Israel in the hope of completing the encirclement of Saudi Arabia, after which this state will be isolated and surrender at the mercy of the winner, or be partitioned into the Shiite part (where the oil is located) and the Sunni part (where there is no oil).

The policies of the American democrats and Europe boiled down to the betrayal of both Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian regime, and Israel, and clearly contributed to the plans of the ayatollahs.

Those who will replace the ayatollahs at the helm of Iran will have to solve the real problems of their country without resorting to anti-Semitism, chauvinism and Islamist aggression as ways to divert attention from these problems. Trump’s demands from Iran are realistic, and do not harm the interests of most Iranians, just the contrary is correct. If the ayatollahs do not accept these demands, then heavy sanctions will bring suffering to the Iranian people and undermine the power of the ayatollahs.

The Ayatollahs may try to escape the blow, provoking an all-Islamic and worldwide anti-Semitic campaign against Israel. The provocation of Hamas in Gaza is aimed at creating an excuse for such a campaign. Erdogan got already caught on these provocations.

The government of Israel needs to take steps that will weaken the motivation for the anti-Semitic campaign. For example, to offer joint control with the Muslims and Christians over the holy places of Jerusalem and Palestine. And invite the Ayatollah and the Saudi regimes to participate in such control. Let the Muslims liberate Jerusalem through peaceful cooperation, not war.

We are obliged to explain to all Muslims that we respect them, that we are not enemies of all Muslims, that we are only defending ourselves against the aggression of Islamic extremists, including Hamas. If Muslims really  want only to worship Allah and Muhammad, let them take part in the control of their holy places in Jerusalem and Palestine, together with Jews and Christians.

Such is the meaning of Trump’s (reasonable) proposal for international control over the Old City of Jerusalem. I support and clarify his proposal.…uction-of-iran/