Let’s realize, rude Palestinian antisemitic propaganda only confirms our conviction, that we Israelis must resist antisemitic hordes, including Iran, Hizbullah, and Palestine. Palestinian antisemitic theater is designed to give a pretext to the new Holocaust.

We will resist all Palestinian theatrical tricks, rockets, terror actions, Iran-Hizbullah rockets, and Syrian chemistry. We continue to build a strong army, and we will continue to occupy our Palestinian antisemitic neighbors until they wage war to annihilate us. 1920 Nebi Mussa pogrom will never repeat. We’ll fight off the New Holocaust attempts.

The more antisemitism Palestinians promote in the entire World, the more Jews will be forced to take shelter in Israel.  Zionism is resistance to the antisemitism inspired by the Palestinians themselves. The Palestinian People invite Zionism which they seek to annihilate.

There’s the only hope for the Palestinian People: peace with Israel. Only peace may give prosperity. Palestinians need education in favor of Peace. Current Palestinian education promotes War, it must be changed.

Regarding territory, there are long known compromises: land swaps, for example, the West Bank Jewish settlements in exchange for Gaza surroundings. Just the UN resolution which establishes the 1949 line as a border, drives the Gaza population into the «concentration camp».

Both Israel and Palestinians dislike dividing Jerusalem.

Not War nor alms will rescue Palestinian People from their poverty, only Work, Education and Trade, and all these need peace.