From 1945 on, the Holocaust statistics are based on the national demography statistics of all countries, once occupied by the Nazis. Simply, we take prewar statistics and subtract postwar statistics. From that, we subtract the numbers of refugees, who fled to the third countries. The result is 6.000.000, which is «sacred».

I believe this 6.000.000 is not 100% accurate, because of few unaccounted factors. For example, the prewar statistics consider as «non-Jews» quit significant part of the Jews, who had changed their ethnicity record because of fear of persecution or murder.

Antisemitic persecutions and pogroms were not just Hitler’s invention. Some 25 years before Hitler’s Holocaust, there happened less known WWI Holocaust, when about 1.500.000 Jews were murdered. One of these victims was my Grandfather, who was murdered by Russian soldier when he walked with My mother in the street. Jews did have reasons to hide their ethnicity.

Nazis have included these crypto-Jews in their statistics, prepared by Dieter Wisliceny before the Holocaust was launched. The sign «Judenfrei» was placed after the number of victims was close to Wisliceny numbers. That is, the crypto-Jews were murdered along with «open» Jews. That is, the real number of the victims of the Holocaust is bigger, than 6.000.000.

The number of Crypto-Jews is estimated as 10% of Jews populations, it varies in accordance with the degree of prewar antisemitism by country. Me personally was familiar with some Crypto-Jews, one of them was my High school mate, another was my work colleague etc. In another hand, some Crypto-Jews survived Holocaust and kept their Crypto-Jewish status, one of these was My Mother’s friend.

Thus, how justified is ban on the Holocaust denial? According to My personal experience, the Holocaust denial is one of main expressions of the antisemitism, let’s look at Iran Holocaust denial. The ban is justified especially in the countries, where main population took part in the Holocaust, that is in most countries of Europe.

The USA people are less informed about Holocaust, and may have questions. However, ignorance cannot justify immorality. Most of people, denying the Holocaust, do it out of antisemitic emotions, or as the result of antisemitic brainwashing.

Holocaust denial is actually antisemitic hate speech, and like any other antisemitic hate speech, it must be punished. I believe, the USA lawmakers have to re-consider their approach to the Holocaust denial. Just I gave statistics and facts, confirming Holocaust, or rather two last Holocausts from many, which were performed against the Jews in Europe and Middle East in the course of last 2.000 years.

Holocaust denial isn’t searching for facts, but just denial of firm facts. This denial insults all Jews, but especially it insults relatives of Holocaust victims.

The USA lawmakers forbade insults against black people, quite reasonably, without fear of exaggeration. So, why do Jewish people are not protected from most mean, obvious humiliation by Holocaust denial? This is the essence of my message, and this is the caption of the thread.

Holocaust denial isn’t «political debate» at all. It’s quite purposed humiliation of all Jews.
The Holocaust was sentenced by Nuremberg tribunal. The number of 6.000.000 was named as witness to Tribunal, it was prepared after thorough research. «Political debate», which accuses Nuremberg law court and its witnesses, must pass new law court. I believe, that Anti-Defamation league is entitled to initiate legal action against Holocaust deniers.

Antisemites sow antisemitic garbage under disguise of Palestine protection. They confirm my assertion, that BDS and other «protectors» of Palestine are actually old-style antisemites in new mask. Using the label «Zionist» instead of name «Jew» is common antisemitic trick to avoid accusation of antisemitism. My point is, however, that modern antisemitism=anti-Zionism.

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  1. Cydramech

    My Polish grandmother and her family were imprisoned in a concentration camp in Nazi-Germany for being Polish, and all I ought say to your belief that hate speech should be punished is: fuck you; you’re no different from any god-damn Nazi for wanting to suppress any speech, whatsoever.

    Never in history has there been a time when positive speech was condemned; nobody has ever had a problem with your fabled freedom of proper speech whatsoever. What has torn entire peoples apart, however, was someone like you coming along, imprisoning and murdering people just for improper speech.

    1. Aaron (Автор записи)

      The Jewish Holocaust denial comes together with other fake antisemitic accusations. Clearly, it is hate speech.
      Regarding Polish and other Holocausts, these are less known, than Jewish Holocausts. Me personally never heard that somebody denies such facts.
      The Jewish Holocaust deny most of antisemites, with the purpose to insult the Jews (the «Zionists»).

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