1. An objective approach teaches, that the main problem of Gaza is overpopulation. In 1949 the population of Gaza strip was 250 thousand people (including both local residents and refugees from Israel). Now there live about 2.5 million people.

How did it become possible that the people of Gaza were multiplying with such a high speed, close to the biological limit of Homo Sapiens  species? As usually, there are several responsible players, and none of them wants to take on the solution of the problem.

  1. Since 1949 up to this day, the Arab League and the leaders of the Palestinian people have promised to refugees and all Palestinians that Israel is about to be destroyed, and the Palestinians will settle into the homes of Jews who will be expelled or killed. And then the Palestinians will get rid of poverty by appropriating Jewish property, money and land. In general, this is a typical Islamist approach.

The UN, acting through the UNRWA, provided the refugees and their descendants with the minimum necessary assistance and the opportunity to survive without working. In schools, both Palestinian and UN, children are given a minimal humanitarian education, being brainwashed by the same idea about the destruction of Israel as a way of solving all problems. Naturally, the only way to implement  this idea is the war. The UN has carried out educational work for Hamas, so not surprisingly the Islamic extremists won the elections.

It was just European pressure, more resembling blackmail, that prevented the intervention of Jewish occupiers in Palestine  school education. Under the occupation, a massive anti-Semitic brainwashing of the Palestinian people continued. After that, schoolchildren were sent to throw stones at the Jewish occupiers and Jewish settlers, of course, in front of the cameras of numerous media correspondents.

In the face of large-scale external interference in the conflict between Palestinians and Jews, the Palestinians had no incentive to restrict fertility and teach children to provide themselves and their descendants with food. The more children were born, the more foreign aid was given to them.

However, from 1967 to 1994, the people of Gaza could work in Israel, and many really worked to provide their families a much higher living standard than the rest of the Palestinians.

After the signing of the Oslo Accords and the withdrawal of the occupation forces, the Palestinians launched the «Oslo terror «, then the Intifada,  which participated both Hamas and Fatah. Today it is clear that the main inspirer of the Oslo terror and the Intifada was Yasser Arafat personally. How it is visible?

Oslo ideologists tried to build peace between Israel and Palestine, based on the joint economic interests of the two peoples, according to the principle of «mutual prosperity», which was formulated by Henry Kissinger. But the officially proclaimed goal of the Oslo terror was just to stop economic cooperation between Israel and Palestine, and especially the work of Palestinians in Israel, or in joint industrial zones established in accordance with the Oslo Accords. Obviously, Arafat signed the Oslo agreements, planning in advance to disrupt their implementation and to move the war on a new level.

In the end, however, Arafat’s stratagems were hit by a rebound against his own party and the Palestinian people. Palestinian nationalists could not compete with Islamists in the field of anti-Semitic aggressiveness. The washing of the brains of the Palestinian people has facilitated Hamas, who proclaimed more extreme slogans.

So, the people of Gaza, like the majority of the Palestinian people, continue to drive themselves into a blind alley of dependence on the «donors» of war and anti-Semitism, and at the same time continue to multiply rapidly, further driving themselves into impasse.

The money for breeding, living and war is generously allocated by those who have tied up the Palestinian knot. Hamas continues to provoke Israel, forcing us to block the construction of Gaza sea port and airport, because of military considerations. It turned out that Hamas is the main interested in the Gaza blockade. After all, the poverty and backwardness of the Palestinian people, and above all unemployment and dependence on foreign aid — is a pledge of the power of Islamists! In fact, the residents of Gaza are hostages of Islamists.

  1. Of course, all those who created this impasse in Gaza, including all Palestinian terrorist-ideological parties, Arab and Muslim states, the UN, the European Union, all turn the accusing finger on Israel. This false accusation is run by the world’s media, including Google and Facebook, not to mention Islamists, «Lefties» and all other anti-Semites.

Considering all the above, it turned out that the only ones who are interested to unravel  the Palestinian tangle, are just the Jews. But how can you make the Palestinians develop themselves against their own, democratically expressed desire?

Our experience teaches, that to solve the problems of the Palestinians, Palestine needs to be occupied. Israel had to resume the occupation of Palestine in 2002, in order to stop the war of terror called “Intifada”. Since then, the need for occupation has not disappeared. Vice versa, it has become more urgent. Both the internal situation in Palestine, and the pressure of Islamists and anti-Semites, dictate to continue the occupation of the West Bank. But we will not be able today to resume the occupation of Gaza. It is better that other, neutral or pro-Palestinian forces, do it.

The Arab states, which confused the Jewish-Palestinian knot on their own initiative, should take part in its unraveling. Perhaps, it is worth agreeing to the occupation of Gaza by a «limited contingent» of the troops of «moderate» Arab states. If they want and can disarm Hamas and all the other armed groups, then there will be no need to blockade Gaza, and it will be possible to start its development, to build a port and an airport. The Palestinians have great potential, if they direct their efforts not to war, but to their own development.

Again, Israel’s main condition, in return for any concessions, must be the requirement to educate the Palestinians in the spirit of peace, not anti-Semitism. In any negotiations, and without such negotiations, the main thing must be a demand to stop turning the Palestinians zombies  through the education and media. Any monetary «help» to Palestine should be conditioned by the fact that the Palestinians will stop the anti-Semitic brainwashing of their population. We must initiate our own BDS, which will seek the cessation of Palestinian anti-Semitism, under the pressure of ending the monetary «help».

UNRWA should be deprived of funding until this branch of the United Nations changes the curriculum of its schools, eliminates anti-Semitic lies and calls for revenge for Palestinian defeats.

  1. Ultimately, if the peace looms on the horizon, what can Israel do to contribute the development of Gaza? If things go well, Israel will be able to make territorial concessions in Gaza, and in return, to annex part of the West Bank, primarily Jewish «settlements.» It is not worth waiting for the “final agreement”. Such exchange of territory can be coordinated with the Arab «occupiers». If Egypt, wishing to help its Palestinian brothers in Gaza, give Gaza some small strip of its territory, then the Egyptians will lose nothing, but for Gaza it will be a lot.

Of course, the development of trade and tourism, the restoration of destroyed and the creation of new industrial zones, all this will benefit both sides, but first of all to Gaza and Palestine. More work, less war and reproduction — this is the key to getting out of the impasse and solving the problems of Gaza.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    I insist that occupation is the only means to resolve Palestinian problem. In addition, the Israeli occupation of Palestine is most legal means to defend israeli people from genocide at the hands of islamists, including Palestinian islamists. The Palestinians exploited a temporary cessation of occupation (1994-2002) with the purpose to stage Intifada, that is terrorist war. So the Palestinians forced the renewal of occupation. They bear the consequences of their own aggression.

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