It is known that religions are based not on logic, but on faith. The simplest example: Christians believe that God is one, but at the same time He is three. Since this does not fit the mind of an ordinary thinking person, believers are simply offered to believe that things are so.

But anti-Semitic ideology, too, is based not on facts, but on speculation, such as a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, mixing of matzo on the blood of babies, spreading the plague, etc.

However, in today’s World Village there are accusations and paradoxes more abrupt than these medieval. For example: almost all states of the world did not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And these same governments are demanding to divide Jerusalem along the «line of 1949». In addition, the UN General Assembly in November 2017 (exactly 70 years after the 1947 resolution on the establishment of Israel) adopted a resolution that requires, inter alia, a new partition of Jerusalem and the establishment of a border between Israel and Palestine along the same «1949 (non-existing) line». This resolution, virtually, canceled the UN GA «Partition»resolution from November 1947, which demanded United Jerusalem under temporary (up to 10 years) international control.

One more significant fact on behalf of Jewish United Jerusalem is, that since 1850 the Jews turned the majority of Jerusalem population, because of massive Palestinian antisemitic pogroms from 1834 and beyond. These pogroms, called «Fallahs’ Rebellion», took place all over Palestine, and forced Palestine Jews to flock under protection of European consuls exerting control over Jerusalem since 1845.

President of the United States Donald Trump, at the peak of all worldwide anti-Semitic obscurantism, announced that the United States recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In fact, the US Congress announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel already 20 years ago. The three previous US presidents hindered the implementation of this decision, and only Trump, as a real honest child, announced that the king is really naked, that the world community turned the fact upside down, that Jerusalem is already 67 years old capital of the State of Israel. What a noise has come up here!

But actually, what is the basis for the universal non-recognition of the obvious fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? The reasons, or rather the pretext that enlightened humanity explains this amazing incident, are formally legal. Say, Israel owns Jerusalem «illegally.» In 1948, Israel defended the western part of Jerusalem from the Jordanian occupation, while Jordan occupied the eastern half of the city and held it until 1967.

In 1949, Israel and Jordan signed a ceasefire agreement, according to which Jerusalem was divided formally and factually. If this agreement is legal, Israel legally owns at least the western part of the city, and accordingly has the sovereign right to consider it its capital.

If this agreement (1949) is illegal, it cannot serve a pretext for a new division of Jerusalem «on the line of 1949», as required by the General Assembly of the United Nations and all states that voted for this resolution.

It turns out that the world community takes a purely paradoxical attitude towards the Jewish state: the same agreement is considered having and not having legal force, depending on whose interests they want to resolve the dispute.

Where are Christians with their paradoxical trinity? Naive medieval anti-Semites should burn with shame comparing to enlightened judges, presidents and prime ministers of the 21st century who loudly, through all mass media, declare a paradoxical nonsense as the official position of their states. And only naive Trump repeats: «But the king is naked!»

Hey, Macron, Merkel, Putin, where did you study? If you are able to think logically, then you understand that you make on the Jewish people two mutually exclusive demands. Or do you agree, in accordance with the 1949 agreement, that you recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and demand to give the eastern part of the city to the Palestinians, or do you recognize Jerusalem as a single city whose fate should be decided by a referendum, as the United Nations decided in 1947 in its historic resolution on partitioning Palestine. Considering that Jews constitute the majority of the population of Jerusalem, the outcome of this referendum is predetermined, and such a solution does not suit you. Then why do not you move your embassies to Jerusalem after Trump? The answer is obvious: you are anti-Semites, and anti-Semitism is not based on logic. Anti-Semitism is just another (mean and political) religion.

Yes, but in fact everything is not so simple. Almost all governments of the planet Earth, media, petty politicians, judges, ordinary people with brainwashed mind say the same paradoxical dogma about Jerusalem … It turns out that anti-Semitism is the most widespread, or rather dominant, state religion of the World Village. And it’s not accidental that most resolutions passed by the UN and its offshoots are anti-Israeli anti-Semitic resolutions. All these resolutions are based not on logic, morality and law, but on an old-new belief called anti-Semitism.