It would seem that when the famous former communists turn to Islam, this should be surprise. What is common between atheist Karl Marx and Muhammad, who colorfully described how atheists will be roasted in hell until ready, and when their skin turns brown, then a new skin will appear in its place, which will again be fried until ready, and so on ad infinitum?

And yet it is a fact: the most outstanding  French communist theorist (in the past) Roger Garaudy converted  to Islam. And Carlos Ilich Ramirez who committed numerous bloody terrorist acts in the name of the coming communism and social justice, serving life sentence,  also converted to Islam!

Well, let’s ask Hitler.

«It was our misfortune to have an incorrect religion,» Hitler complained to his Minister of Armaments Albert Speer. «Why should it be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?» «Islam is the religion of men, and this is a more robust religion. The soldiers of Islam receive a paradise of warriors, a real earthly paradise with a houris and a flow of wine. »  According to Hitler, Islam fits  the German temperament much more, than «Jewish dirt and priestly chatter» of Christianity.

Also Hitler  said: «The religion of Muslims would be more compatible with us than Christianity» and complained: «If Charles Martel did not win at Poitiers … then we would most likely be converted to Mohammedanism, this cult that glorifies heroism and will open the seven Heavens only to brave soldiers. Then the German races would conquer the whole world. Only Christianity prevented them from doing so. «

(Quotes from Nonie Darvish’s book «Why I Preferred Biblical Values ​​over the Values ​​of Islam.» Nonie’s Father was a commander of Egyptian fidain who raided Israel in the 1950s and fell when his daughter was 6 years old).

Vladimir Ilich Lenin, with his own aim of «imposing communism,» invented «class morality,» which turned out to be pure immorality. Under the pretext of «class morality,» Lenin’s followers cracked down on all «class enemies», including one hundred million peasants of the Russian Empire, and also organized a Holodomor for Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Moldavians. All this in addition to the originally proclaimed goal of destroying the layers of capitalists and nobles.

So, Islam draws the left (as in the past Hitler, too), since Muhammad abolished the biblical Ten Commandments. This way, Islam removes moral restraints and allows any crimes against «infidels» to be committed under the pretext that these actions are pleasing to Allah and promote the spread of Islam. In particular, the task of converting «infidels» to Islam gives Muslims the right and the duty to kill, rob, deceive and exploit all «infidels».

The leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, like many other European leftists, believes that Islamization and an alliance with Islamists will allow him to resurrect the disintegrating movement of the (former) Social Democrats which is decaying and losing its ideology. Former socialists do not want to agitate voters for the revival of Christian morality, as their conservative opponents already refer to these ideas. Likewise they cannot turn tens of millions of confused voters into Islam from the ground. Perhaps, they will perform this operation not before, but after the elections.

To achieve their goal (to seize power), the left is literally doomed to exploit the anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism. After all, there is no other ideology that may unite the liberalism of European voters with the extremism of Islamists. Muhammad was not «on behalf of the workers», he did not offer to confiscate the wealth of the rich. His whole «socialism» was reduced to a moral obligation to give alms to the poor.

Instead of picking up wealth from the rich and dividing it among the needy, Muhammad suggested that Muslims conquer and rob «infidels». This form of «socialism» suits former communists, former Hitler supporters, and former socialists. But who are those «infidels» who can be robbed with impunity? Then all eyes are turned to the Jews …

Actually, Carlos the Terrorist, Hitler, Lenin and Corbyn have common desire to seize and retain power at any cost. The ordinary human («Biblical») morality serves  a hindrance to this goal, therefore all the above-mentioned «heroes» found an excuse to cancel or substitute it. Marxists were motivated by social justice. Hitler bluntly announced that the goal of achieving world domination requires the abolition of morality in relation to «racially inferior» peoples.

Well, Muhammad did the same long before the «left» and Hitler, under the pretext of Allah’s will and the spread of Islam. Having created the Koran, Muhammad abolished the Bible and at the same time abolished the biblical commandments, without giving in exchange his own «human» rules. Thus, Muhammad untied the hands of Muslims, allowing them to commit crimes against «infidels». And this is exactly what attracts today the «Lefties». They are looking for a substitute for Marxism, which they deny completely.