Parliament should be the backbone of democracy. In fact, corruption has destroyed a democratic state, including parliament.


Usually, revolutionaries like Lenin or Hitler propose to annihilate parliament because it is corrupt (defaced). Lenin dispersed the democratically elected Duma, and Hitler banned all parties except the Nazis, received 99% of the votes in the elections, and became the Fuhrer (leader). In other words, revolutionaries are like a doctor who chops off the head of a patient with a headache. In order to stop headache. I am the doctor who proposes to cure the patient, that is, to correct the democratic system.


The main «diseases» of politicians are their dependence on the owners of big money, as well as on the owners and apparatus of the media, including social networks.


The media is an organ of power outside the control of democracy. The power of money is also outside the control of democracy. Maybe you noticed that Netanyahu’s “folders” relate to exactly these two problems: billionaires and the media.


Essentially, Netanyahu’s trial is a political trial. These topics should not be dealt with by an ordinary court, but by legislators (the Knesset). As you may have noticed, in the United States it is not the court, but the Congress that judges the president. Members of parliament should have and do have parliamentary immunity.


It’s reasonable. It is parliamentarians who must improve legislation in relation to their own activities, regulate their relations with the owners of money and the media.




So, what we need to do to heal parliament? — It is necessary to improve the laws that establish the relations of politicians with the owners of money and to adopt laws that will subject the media to the rules of democracy. And to ensure the implementation of these laws.


The laws that regulate the relationship «money — power» were adopted long ago and are far behind the current reality. Politicians and political parties really need money «feeding», otherwise they cannot succeed in political competition. Over time, this «recharge» only increases.


An example is an investigation into the newly elected Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog, the so-called Ehud Barak Partnership Case. Yitzhak Herzog, then the right-hand man of Ehud Barak, created fictitious «partnerships», and through them raised large sums to promote Barak in the direct election of prime minister in 1999.


I am a witness: then all the cities, villages, roads, and even fields of Israel were covered with Ehud Barak’s election posters. It is believed that such was advice by an American strategic adviser. This advertising brainwashing trick worked; Barak defeated Netanyahu in a direct election as prime minister. The «partnership case» was subsequently closed by the prosecutor’s office «for lack of evidence.» In other words, the prosecutor’s office “closed its eyes,” and perhaps justifiably.


After all, the danger lies not in the very fact of financing the politician, but in the real possibility that the “sponsor” will blackmail and control the politician after winning the elections. In what way? This is only possible if the money was transferred bypassing the law.


If the politician does not submit to blackmail, there will be denunciation and trial, the politician will lose everything. If everything is done in accordance with the law, then after winning, the politician can become independent of the sponsor, carry out the policy that he considers right for himself and his voters, even if the sponsor is trying to impose something else.


Let’s consider two cases, Lieberman and Netanyahu. The police recommended that Lieberman be tried in connection with illegal transfers of large sums in his favor from the «sponsor». True, the legal adviser to the government, Weinstein, rejected the recommendations of the police, as they say, unreasonably.


But just after this strange decision of the legal adviser Lieberman began his long «transformation», from an ultra-right anti-Arab racist into a de facto ally of the Arab extremists.


Just today Lieberman thwarted the plan of Bennett, Lapid, and Saar to attract the religious faction of Gafni to their government as a counterbalance to the «dictate» of the Islamists. Now, in order to get the coveted advantage of 1 vote in the Knesset, Lapid and Bennett must get Islamist Sheikh Khatib out of prison so that he can vote in the Knesset. Or rely on the votes of frankly anti-Semitic politicians from the Joint Arab List.


The very same Lieberman, «to the right of which there was only a wall,» is trying to get outright enemies to establish their power over us. Who and with what means forced Lieberman to turn himself so inside out? I suspect it was done by someone who is privy to Lieberman’s secrets and can blackmail him.




And here is the case of Netanyahu. He did not obey the demands of his «friend» billionaire Milchen to transfer power to Milchen’s protégé, Yair Lapid, whom the billionaire donated in the amount of 30 million (this sum was estimated by the investigation).


In retaliation, Milchen launched a «1000 case,» according to which Netanyahu is accused of taking “bribes” with cigars and champagne. At the same time, Milchen is not accused of bribery, and his protégé Lapid will act as a witness against Bibi.


The case was obviously faked, and the government’s legal adviser was obliged to close it.  It was not necessary to think for a whole year when the triple elections were held. Now Mandelblit is making excuses, saying that he was blackmailed by the prosecutor, and that was a reason to pass all three faked cases to the law court. I think, however, that Mandelblit had been waiting a year for a big enough bribe to be offered. This was his chance to get rich …

In the meantime, Lapid lamented «Bibi is under court», and so defeated Netanyahu in the elections.



But let’s back to the parliamentarians. In order to free themselves from possible and highly probable blackmail, Knesset members must make sponsoring parties and individual politicians legal and open to the public.


The so-called «Partnerships with no profit goals» should be entitled to receive donations for the benefit of politicians and parties, without restrictions, from anyone who wishes to help these politicians and parties. Donations can be received both from Israel and from abroad. As we know, money is international today.


The main condition is the clarity of the sources. The partnership will have to permanently indicate on its website the names of the major sponsors and the amounts contributed by them. Then the sponsors will not have the leverage that will allow them to blackmail the politician, especially if this politician occupies a high position.


If someone wants to «make money» on his popularity, why not? Let him open a company in his own name and pay taxes.



Now let’s turn to the «fourth power», that is, the media and social networks. In conditions of democracy and pluralism, this power is stronger than the power of the state, government, judges, police, secret services, but weaker than the power of money. According to our enemy Noam Chomsky, «the media follow the money.» He forgot to mention that professors, including Chomski himself, also follow the money.


The power of the media is anti-democratic. This power constantly abuses scientifically based brainwashing methods in favor of themselves and their billionaire masters. To prevent the collapse of democracy, we must limit the power of the media.


For example, pass a law that all parties represented in parliament should have the right and obligation to reach out to voters through the most popular media and social networks, on a permanent and legal basis. What Facebook and Twitter did to Trump should be prohibited by the law.


Deliberate brainwashing, especially in order to achieve and maintain power, should be prohibited by law. What were Hitler and the Communist Party doing? Brainwashed the population, abusing their media monopoly.


Now it turned out that also in a democratic society such brainwashing is possible due to media and social networks. Someone who has fallen victim to a media and social media campaign is trampled and destroyed. The classic example is the people of Israel.


But how can you prevent brainwashing? First, we need to establish order, pass laws, for example, oblige the media in all cases to give the floor to representatives of different points of view on the issue under discussion.


As I noted above, political parties represented in parliament must be given a time or place (in those TV companies, social networks, newspapers, Internet sites that will receive a license to cover politics and news), where their authors, editors, and leaders will be able to represent their point of view on all issues that interest us.


Facebook will not have the legal right to ban and silence political parties and their leaders. If the law is violated, the owners of the media and their executors will be prosecuted.


If a TV company or social network brings charges against a politician, party, state, or population group, they will be required by law to present an immediate response from the accused, as in law court.


In order to introduce the law, it will be necessary to create a mechanism for constant monitoring of the media and social networks, a body that will act against violators quickly enough, preferably in real time. War is like war.


If we are able to restore order in Israel and strengthen democracy, I hope other states will follow our example. Ultimately, we may be able to fix even such a super-corrupt and anti-Semitic organization as the UN.

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