GEORGE FLOYD, or What Has Palestine Common With Him

Strangely, violent “demonstrators” protesting against police brutality and racial discrimination proclaimed as their hero not so much a police victim George Floyd as Palestine. What is common between them? Let’s figure it out.


Floyd was a typical poor African American, a loser, without a profession and a permanent job. Not successful in sports, not successful in rap, not graduated from college. He used drugs in the past and participated in at least one robbery. He served sentence, then recovered from drugs and stopped participating in the robberies.


Having a formidable appearance and great growth, he worked as a bouncer. He came under reduction due to the pandemic of the COVID, like millions of other workers, not necessarily blacks. He found himself in a disastrous situation, with his family, and without money. Perhaps he tried to make money in an illegal way, got caught, and was detained.


He died at the hands (knee) of a policeman and became a symbol. The death penalty was not suited for his crim. Finally, the judge should sentence, not the police. By the way, in Russia, 35% of men served prison for various crimes. So maybe we’ll kill them all?


George Floyd is buried in a golden coffin (the family received $ 14 million in donations). But millions of other poor people in “rich” America and Europe are still in a desperate situation and are “protesting”, robbing shops.


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So, as a result of the pandemic, we got a typical «revolutionary situation» in the most «developed» countries of the world. Exactly according to Marx and Lenin. But where did the left, former worshipers of these prophets go? It turned out that there are no more fans. Evaporated. Instead of Marxism, our global lefties now profess “Palestinianism”.


It doesn’t matter that the Palestinian Cause is a lie. Most religions and other ideas (Christianity, Islam, nationalism, communism, liberalism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, racism, including the idea of ​​Hitler’s «Aryan race») are based on myths. Palestinianism is neither better nor worse than others. But much more relevant.


So, what is the “Palestinianism”? Here’s an answer: this is a political technology that corporations and Tycoons threw to the poor people in order to distract them from Marxism and from attempts to radically change the existing order. The order that provides the rich with the opportunity to grow rich, while the poorest plunge into the abyss of hopelessness and despair. The rest pull the strap and refrain from having children, as a result of which entire «developed» nations die out.

“Palestinianism” is not a completely new global political technology. Let me remind you that another anti-Semitic political technology was used by the owner of some corporation in Bavaria, who funded Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, which at that time had as many as 50 members.

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Yes, but before arguing for a “return to Marxism,” we have to figure out what Marxism really is. In short, Marxism (along with Leninism) is one of the political technologies of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Its essence is the fact that revolutionaries (not workers, but just unemployed “intellectuals”) can seize power and everything that is attached to it, relying on workers, well-organized class enemies of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie dominates due to money, bribing officials, and politicians.


However, the term «proletariat» also includes the unemployed poor, unemployed sons of officials, and even unsettled members of rich families. Yes, Marx, Lenin, and Hitler came from the «middle class», and more precisely from officials.


Unable to get an official job as their fathers (unlike money, jobs are not inherited), all three rushed headlong into different revolutions, searched for or tried to create a “phantom of communism” (Karl Marx), a “revolutionary situation” (Ulyanov-Lenin ), the world domination of the «Aryan race» (Hitler).


It is worth noting that the workers participated in none of the revolutionary governments, whether it be a Bolshevik or «National Socialist Worker». Old political technology turned out to be a bluff. Today, these political technologies no longer work. Therefore, they were abandoned.

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But before analyzing new political technologies, let’s look at how the social composition of society has changed in the 21st century.


Frankly speaking, the “ruling classes» have not undergone any special changes. Like five thousand years ago, “upstairs” we have two opposing and simultaneously related groups: officials (the state) and “independent” rich people (corporations, tycoons). «Independents», unlike officials, went beyond the national framework and turned into «globalists.»


The UN makes weak attempts to become a world state, but general corruption in its ranks thwarts these attempts at the root. It seems that it was the globalists who corrupted UN officials with their bribes. At all times, the rich bought officials. According to Hegel, this is the «unity and the struggle of opposites.»


The power of the rich is based on the monetary dependence of working people, and ultimately on the fear of hunger. The power of the state (officials) is based on violence and/or the threat of violence.


Somewhere between these two main groups, a third group is confused. Its influence is based on ideology. According to My compatriot Yuval Harari, they are descendants of primitive shamans. Today, these are omnipotent media corporations, social networks like Facebook, politicians.


It would seem that this third power is the weakest of the three. But, as Harari taught us, it is the ideology that allows large masses of people to unite into states, nations, corporations, social networks, the «Global Village», etc. Therefore, all those in power want to have ideologists in their pocket or create their own ideology and the apparatus serving it.


All political technologies are based on ideas. Direct violence and the threat of hunger alone are not enough for a prolonged stay in power. Sitting on bayonets for a long time is uncomfortable and hardly possible. Most of the population must agree with the ruling “elites”, otherwise there will always be someone who uses overall discontent to overthrow the existing government and take a vacant place.

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But besides those in power, we the majority voluntarily or forcibly submit to those who rule us: to officials, corporations, and spiritual leaders. Compared to the 19th and 20th centuries, we have undergone a change.


The former working-class were divided into two opposing groups: those who work in corporations or are protected by a trade union, and those who work for beggarly wages are not organized and are unprotected.


The difference between the position of these two groups is so striking that we can talk about different social classes: the «middle class» and the «lower class».


In addition, there are still those who were formerly called “lumpen”, or “bottom”. Let’s call them «Third class people». No one is safe from falling to the bottom, but people from the «lower class» fall most quickly into this group.


It is enough to happen to a pandemic or crisis, and here you are: millions of people who have difficulty paying bills can no longer pay them. These people, in principle, could not create a reserve for a rainy day. Any push — and they fall into the abyss. Therefore, the «lower class», working and not working, is in solidarity and opposes all the others.



Now we can return to our demonstrators and Palestine. Who is interested in distracting this «lower class» from the «proletarian revolution»? Of course, this is a rhetorical question.


What, actually, attracts the “lower class” to Palestine, regardless of the color of skin? I will ask the same question differently: what are the “demonstrators” seeking? Judging by the robberies and demands to stop funding the police, they want to prevent the police to stop them from raising money by drug trafficking and other illegal methods of earning. In other words, drug cartels and criminal mafia came into play.


Judging by the slogans in favor of Palestine, the demonstrators want to build their relations with the «middle class» as the Palestinians have already built their relations with Israel and the rich of Global Village. Namely: they will attack and receive «compensation» in exchange for a temporary cessation of attacks. Well, for example, like Hamas.


…………… ..


As you know, corporations have already agreed to hire a certain number of protesters. Namely, a cat smells, whose meat has eaten.


On the other hand, the protesters did not demand that they are given a job. They demand «bread and circuses», following the example of the proletarians of ancient Rome. Why? So, working in a corporation is not so easy. That is «intensive labor», and in the language of Marx, intensive exploitation.


The corporations’ employees feed by their work not only the board of directors and shareholders but also officials (the state), recipients of benefits, the army, along with the military-industrial complex … There are seven spoons, and one with a bipod. And now the unemployed (excuse me, Afro-Americans) are demanding that the working people of corporations also feed them and their families, a large group of unsettled people. Well, if Palestine can, so they can, too.




So, the “latest” political technology of the globalists turned out to be very old. Modern Global “Palestinianism” is nothing more than a new incarnation of ancient antisemitism.


Hitler also contributed to this ideology. He (or rather the owner of the corporation that created Hitler) was the inventor of the idea of ​​replacing Marxism with “national socialism of the German workers” and stir it all up with anti-Semitism.

Hitler, as has now been discovered, was the grandson of a Jew. Therefore, he especially eagerly carried out the mission entrusted to him. Today, corporations added Israel and Palestine to his cocktail, and instead of the grandson of a Jew (Hitler), they used the son of a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis, George Soros.


Suddenly it turned out that protesting African Americans are opposed to the one who initiated the Orange Revolution around the world. I will not be surprised to see the moment when the heirs of George Soros ask for asylum in Israel. He himself is too old, and the burden of his crimes is too heavy.


And Zuckerberg also has something to think about. He is already boycotted for lack of support for the Palestinian Cause. I personally can testify: the charges against him are unfounded. Facebook zealously «shuts up» the Zionists and left freedom of speech to our enemies.

are simply

Zuckerberg forgot that the Jews are being persecuted because they (we) are Jews, and everything else is simply an excuse. Of course, this also applies to the “Palestine Cause,” which was inflated just by those who threaten to ruin Facebook. Zuckerberg seems to have to apologize to Netanyahu and Trump. When removed from the corporation he created, he may come to us. Israel was created to serve as a refuge for all persecuted Jews.