After the massacre that the Crusaders carried out on Palestinian Jews and Muslims, the Islamic rulers of Palestine have prohibited Jews from moving to the Holy Land. The exceptions were Salah ad-Din and Suleiman the Magnificent, the wisest and most successful of the Muslim rulers.

Islamic opposition to Zionism is far from being a new phenomenon. It has been going on for a thousand years since the ancestors of the Palestinians settled in the country.

“In Safed: In 1799, immediately after the withdrawal of Napoleon Bonaparte’s army from Israel, the Jewish quarter was destroyed by local Arab rebels, and many Jews of the city were killed.” 

“In 1834 there was a robbery of Safed, most of the Jewish quarter was destroyed by rebel Arabs who robbed the city for many weeks.”…On Sunday, June 15, the Muslim population gathered to witness the fulfillment of the prophecy. Mohammed Damur also appeared, to ensure the fulfillment of his prophecy. Many people with swords and spears rose from the surrounding villages, accompanied by Muslim crowds from the townspeople, and raided the homes of the Jewish community as the governor’s advice.

Massacres, frequent pogroms, daily robberies and killings, emergency taxes, a 200 years long ban on Ashkenazi Jews to stay in Jerusalem, seizing property, including land, taking hostages for ransom, kidnapping women and children, a ban on holding public office, and under Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim — forced conversion to Islam — all these were tools of ethnic cleansing of Palestine from the Jews.

A hundred years ago, the Palestinians called the Jews “people of death”, meaning that Jews are permitted to be killed with impunity, and a good Muslim must obey this commandment of Muhammad. The task was greatly facilitated thanks to the traditional ban on the possession of weapons imposed by Muslims on the Dhimmis.

The active resistance of Jews to constant robberies and murders began in the beginning of the 20th century, when, contrary to the ban of the authorities, Russian citizen Alexander Zayd acquired a rifle and then organized a detachment of armed guards called Hashomer.

But the main instrument of ethnic cleansing of Palestine from Jews remained the ban on Zionism, at all times.

On the other hand, the Jews who lived in Palestine tried to induce fellow believers to physical, and not only spiritual resettlement to Palestine. The most striking example is the activity of Nathan from Gaza, aka Abraham Nathan Ashkenazi.

This native of Jerusalem proclaimed as the Messiah Shabtai Zvi, the self-proclaimed prophet from Izmir, and urged all Jews to sell a property without delay and come to the Holy Land. In fact, he inspired and coordinated the all-Jewish messianic movement of the Sabbatians, which aimed to gather Jews in the Holy Land:

“Having declared himself a prophet Elijah, who is called to clear the way for the Messiah, Nathan from Gaza in the spring of 1665 prophesied that in the middle of next year the Messiah would appear in all his glory and, having captured the Sultan, would establish Israel’s authority over the world.”

After Shabtai Zvi, to save his life, converted to Islam, and was sent into exile in Montenegro, Nathan from Gaza continued to organize the movement. However, the betrayal of Shabtai Zvi undermined the influence of the Sabbatians.


The ancestors of modern Palestinians together with Turkish rulers almost managed to achieve their goal — to cleanse Palestine from Jews, whom both Muslims and Christians considered the true masters of the Holy Land. As a result of the pogroms during the Fellahin Intifada (1834), the Jewish population of Palestine reached a historic low.

But then began the «resurrection of the dead». The “consular regime” in Jerusalem and Haifa, imposed by the European powers on the Turkish Sultan, defended local Jews against the murders. They fled from other places in the country to these cities. Due to the high rate of natural growth, Jews quickly have made up the majority of the Jerusalem population.

The “demographic explosion” of the Jewish population of Palestine in the middle of the 19th century, even before the start of the New Zionism, is explained by accelerated natural growth due to a decrease in mortality, after centuries of hunger and thinning.

And then a new Zionism began, two decades before Herzl. Jews arrived in Palestine at the same time as Christian (German, French, American) settlers and clergy under the guise of pilgrims.

So, new restrictions were introduced on Jews, especially taking into account the pogroms in Russia and the mass emigration of Jews. The Turkish authorities managed to redirect the emigration of two million Jews from Eastern Europe to the United States, instead of Palestine. Herzl failed to change the Islamist position of the Turkish Sultan Abdulhamid II, who considered himself the Caliph of all Muslims:

«113 years ago, Sultan Abdul Hamid II saved Palestine from the Zionists«

At the same time, Sultans Abdul Hamid I and II intensified their efforts to colonize Palestine with their Muslim and Christian subjects, while the Jews, also subjects of the Sultan, were prohibited from resettlement. The Turks invited settlers from other countries of the Turkish Empire and distributed as much land as the settlers promised to develop. When I ask today the Arab peasants from where they received their land plots, the majority answer: «from the Sultan.»

However, the Egyptian ruler Muhammad Ali managed to resettle about 50,000 Egyptian peasants (1831-1840) in Palestine. Their descendants today make up the majority of the population of Gaza. If we take into account that the entire population of the country was then 150 thousand people, this means that 25% of the current Palestinians are descendants of the Egyptians, which was confirmed by one of the leaders of Hamas.

The intensive settlement of Galilee in the 18-19 centuries led to the fact that most Arabs of Galilee today are the descendants of immigrants from Syria and Lebanon. These include Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose family moved from Syria to Safed in the late 19th century.

That is, at the same time when Herzl published his work “The Jewish State”, he received an immediate Muslim response to his idea, and surrendered (following the example of his predecessor Shabtai Zvi): Herzl decided to create a Jewish state in Uganda. However, most of the Zionists did not agree with him.


After 1918, the British occupiers continued to distribute Palestinian land to wealthy Palestinian and Syrian landowners, and these resold part of the free land to Jews at a price ten times higher. Contrary to the terms of the mandate of the League of Nations, Jews were excluded from the list of gifted:

Of the approximately 750,000 dunams of cultivated land in the country, 350,000, or almost half, were allocated to Arabs by 1949 and only 17,000 dunams to Jews. This was a clear violation of the terms of the Mandate.” 

The British also broke their promise to allow free resettlement of Jews, imposed restrictions on immigration, and then blocked Jewish refugees from entering Palestine at the most critical moment during the Holocaust.

After Amin al-Husseini, an employee of the British occupation administration, staged pogroms on Jews (1920), the British appointed him the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, removing from this post his brother Camille, who had good relations with the Jews. Say, divide, and rule.

However, in the thirties, the colonial protege Amin al Husseini betrayed his yesterday’s masters and went over to Hitler. In 1936, he raised Intifada (1936-1939), which the British crushed by the hands of the Palestinian clan of Nashashibi, Amin’s rivals.

Then the British disarmed the detachments of Nashashibi, and these turned to the Zionists with the proposal of a joint effort to expel Britain from Palestine. The offer was rejected. The Zionists decided to support Britain in its war against Hitler, despite the overtly anti-Semitic policies of the colonial authorities.

During the war, the Nazis practically prepared the genocide of Jews throughout the Middle East, including Palestine. In a personal conversation (November 1941), in response to Al Husseini’s request to “solve the Jewish problem in the Middle East using the same methods that Germany uses in Europe,” Hitler gave free hand to Amin and promised to fulfill his request when the German army invades the Middle East.

Indeed, in 1942, Hitler moved Rommel’s corps from Tunisia east, towards Egypt and Palestine, and Army Group A of Germany advanced from Ukraine to the Caucasus, right up to the Main Caucasian Range. The Nazis tried to capture the Middle East, taking it in the «ticks».

Amin al Husseini was busy in Bosnia with the creation and training of the Khanjar Muslim division:

“As early as 1941, the Bosnian Muslim clergy issued three declarations (of Sarajevo, Mostar, and Banja Luka), which condemned the measures taken by the Croatian collaborating forces against the Jewish and Serbian population [4].

However, Amin al-Husseini successfully persuaded the Bosnians to go against these declarations. [5] ”

In the meantime, the Nazis created in Athens the Einsatzgruppe Egypt, like the other Einsatzgruppen, who «worked» in Eastern Europe, destroying Jews and partisans, along with the «untermenschen» from the local population. In the event of the capture of Palestine, this SS group was about to be transferred there:

According to historians Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Cüppers [de], based on archival research, Einsatzgruppe Egypt was to carry out a mass killing of the Jewish population in Palestine and Egypt. Despite the word «Palestine» never being mentioned in the archival documents, the researchers state that the unit’s objective was to go there in order to enact the systematic mass murder of Jews.[1]The unit was standing by in Athens and was ready to disembark for Palestine in the summer of 1942, to be attached to the Afrika Korps. Given its small staff of only 24 men, Mallmann and Cüppers theorize the unit would have needed help from local residents and from the Afrika Korps to complete their assignment.[2]

At the same time, the leaders of the Jewish Yishuv in Palestine worked out a plan in case of a German invasion: to concentrate the entire Jewish population on Mount Carmel and to hold the defense there until the arrival of the Allies. The remains of the prepared trenches can be seen to this day in the Park Carmel reserve. However, these fortifications were not needed.

Rommel’s corps did not reach Palestine. In October 1942, the Germans were defeated at El Alamein, not reaching Palestine 220 kilometers. German troops in the Caucasus were threatened with encirclement as a result of the defeat in Stalingrad, and in the fall of 1942, Hitler gave the order to leave the Caucasus in a hurry. So failed the joint German-Palestinian plan to exterminate the Jews of Palestine and of the entire Middle East.

However, al Husseini also contributed to the Holocaust of European Jews. When he became aware of plans to transfer thousands of Jewish children from Croatia, Hungary, and Romania, he appealed to the governments of these Germany-dependent countries to cancel the release. As a result, thousands of Jews, mostly children, were sent to extermination camps.

…………… ..

So, as a result of British colonial policy, in 1947, Jews remained a minority of the population in the country.

In 1946, the British returned «their» traitor Amin al Husseini to Palestine and helped him to overcome the peace supporters, Nashashibi. The war criminal Amin al Husseini was prepared by the British colonial politicians for the dirty and bloody work: the genocide of the Jews.

After the decision of the UN General Assembly to divide Palestine, Amin al Husseini tried to pogrom the Jews, as he did in the 20s, but in December 1947 he received a rebuff. In the spring of 1948, the forces of Husseini and the forces of another former Hitler’s servant, Lebanese Fawzi al-Kawukji, tried to attack Jewish self-defense but were defeated.

Al-Husseini then called on the Palestinians to flee the territory allotted to the Jews by UN decision. He was afraid that the creation of the state of Israel and the peaceful relations of the Palestinians with the Jews would give Nashashibi an advantage and deprive him of power over the Palestinian people. And most importantly, his plan for the genocide of the Jews will not be possible to implement even with the support of the UK.

Therefore, Al Husseini longed for war at all costs. The British also needed a pretext for invading to Palestine the armies of the Arab states dependent on them. The alleged threat that hung over the Palestinians became this pretext. Even Albert Einstein was alarmed that the Jews would have cracked down on defenseless Palestinians. It is unlikely that he knew that the Palestinian militias totaled 50 thousand militiamen, plus 7.000 thugs of Kawukji, while Jewish self-defense — only 25 thousand.

The British preferred to destroy the «agents of Stalin in the Middle East,» the Jews, at the hands of the Arabs. They were satisfied by the play for aggravation of their puppet Husseini, including his Nakba. It is known that it was the British forces that “evacuated” the Arabs from Tiberias and some other places (see Benny Morris, “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem”).

Husseini decided to bet on the massive invasion of the armies of the Arab states, whose governments were in no hurry to rush into battle. Egypt decided to invade Palestine on May 9, six days before the final evacuation of British troops from Palestine. Syria hesitated until Britons evacuated their forces from Palestine. The Syrian army attacked Israel by 18 May 1948 but that attack was repelled. It took Nakba and the mass demonstrations of Muslims to move the Arab governments to the battle.

In addition to Al Husseini, the British mobilized two detachments of thugs from the Egyptian Muslim brothers and placed them in the rear of the Egyptian army.

Al-Husseini’s order of “Nakba” became known to Jews due to the negotiations of the brigade Carmeli commander with the heads of Muslims and Christians of Haifa. Both explained to commander Moshe Carmel that they could not disobey their leader Amin al Husseini and refused to stop the Arabs from leaving the city (Benny Morris, “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem”).

The Lebanese leader Kawukji, who was on a knife with Al Husseini, tried to stop the Palestinians from fleeing, but to no avail. Palestinians complied with the order of their leader. That is how the Palestinian ethnic “self-cleansing,” or Nakba, happened.


Another example of ethnic “self-cleansing” is “Disengagement,” when the Israeli government razed 13 Jewish villages in Gaza and three more in the West Bank. The «disengagement» led to a new outbreak of Palestinian aggression and to the victory of Hamas in the elections, and then to the terror of Gaza.


Today, both major Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, have set the ethnic cleansing of Palestine from the Jews as their main goal. This essentially is the entire Hamas Charter, which quotes Hadith and a bit of Hitler as arguments for the ethnic cleansing of the Jews.

While the requirement of Hamas is the complete cleansing of all of Palestine «from the river to the sea» (that is, about 7 million Jews). Fatah demands «cleansing» of the Jews only from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, a total of some 500 thousand people. Very modest …

Hamas rejects peace with Israel on any terms, just on the grounds that Palestine must be completely cleansed of the Jews. The war waged by Hamas from Gaza really aims to destroy the state of Israel so that the ethnic cleansing of Jews becomes practically possible.

In the meantime, Hamas shelling «cleans the Jews» only the South and partly the Center of Israel. The United Nations is participating in this ethnic cleansing of Jews, banned Israel from actively defending itself from shelling under the pretext of overpopulation of Gaza. Thus, the UN legitimized the tactics of the “human shield” that Hamas has successfully used in Gaza.

If, as a result of a treaty or a unilateral retreat, the Israel Defense Forces lose control of the West Bank, then all of Israel will be subjected to shelling and, accordingly, ethnic cleansing.


Ultimately, the entire more than the 70-year-old war of Arabs and other Muslims, the blockade and sanctions against Israel, aims to «cleanse» Jews from Palestine, and prevent Zionism, that is, the immigration of Jews to Israel.

Jewish ethnic cleansing measures include all wars against the Jewish state. Saddam Hussein launched massive rocket attacks on Israel at the height of the Great Aliyah, with the obvious goal of stopping the massive migration of ex-USSR Jews to Israel. Like Saddam’s nuclear bomb, which he failed to create, but bluffed to intimidate the Jews.

The Iranian nuclear program and the massive rocket attacks of Hezbollah and Hamas are intimidating measures aimed at encouraging some Jews to flee Israel and other Jews to abandon Zionism.

At a time when anti-Semitism of both the Islamist spirit and the “left” spill is intensifying in Europe, it would be natural to expect the migration of Jews to Israel. However, in fact, the Jews of Europe just buy apartments in Israel, but they do not come here: they are afraid.

The Iranian nuclear threat and the de-legitimization of the Jewish state under the pretext of protecting the Palestinians, the sanctions of Europe and the UN anti-Israeli policy, the unlawful decision of the International Court of Justice to demolish the Defense Wall, as well as the refusal of the international community to recognize that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, are all measures of intimidation of Jews in Israel and beyond. The purpose of this intimidation is to “clean out” Jews from Israel / Palestine and prevent Zionism. Such is the ethnic cleansing of the Jews.