After I wrote the previous article on this topic, Jacob Kedmi confirmed and clarified almost all my assumptions.


Of course, nobody “covered up” with the Russian IL-20, it’s just nonsense. Now the main accusation of the Russians against Israel is that the Israelis have incorrectly indicated the location of the attack. As I have already noted, the Israelis misled the Russians to prevent them from helping the Syrians and Iranians, as happened six months ago in the case of the Israeli counterattack on Iranian drones launched from the Russian base. Then the Israeli attack led to the crash of the Israeli F-16 aircraft. Kedmi did not respond to the statement of the moderator (and mine) that the Iranians deliberately place their objects close to the Russian bases, and did not say that the Russians are preventing them from doing so. This silence of Kedmi indicates that Russia cooperates in Syria with Iran and Hezbollah against Israel.


But the most important and new thing in the story is that, as it turns out, the Russians have long been preparing Syrian personnel for using the S-300 air defense system. This system will provide the Syrians the opportunity to shoot down ANY, including the US, airplanes, missiles, drones and guided bombs. Thus, Russia used (or staged) the provocation of the IL-20 in order to deliver a strategic strike to the United States and to the Arabs opposing the Russian-Iranian alliance. Israel has also been threatened and can no longer maneuver between Russia and the United States. S-300 systems will eliminate Israel’s main advantage in the upcoming war, namely air superiority. Shoigu has already warned that Russia will not tolerate the destruction of this system. But the Syrians, who are waging war against Israel, will dispose of it. So, this means that in the event of an armed conflict, Russia will intervene on the side of Syria and its allies.


This change in Russian policy encourages Palestinians to take a more aggressive stance. Hamas refused any offers of Arab mediators and forced Israel to embark on a military operation in Gaza. It is likely that Palestine wants to create a new reason for the joint Russian-Iranian-Syrian war against Israel, and at the same time isolate Israel from the West and from the Arabs.


According to the Israeli version, Israel attacked facilities in Syria, where Iranians produce chemical weapons, which they ship to Hezbollah. This is an immediate threat to the lives of all Israelis. The leader of Hezbollah Nasrallah, like his Iranian employers, has repeatedly threatened Israel with total annihilation. Instead of nuclear weapons, they want to bring us genocide with chemical weapons. We cannot give up this threat to our lives. If Russia helps Iran, Syria and Hezbollah to destroy us, then we will have to fight against Russia, even if we don’t want to do so.


Nevertheless, Kedmi offered Israel how to get away from the dangerous confrontation with Russia: “destroy Iranian parcels not in Syria, but in Lebanon”. Possibly t this was the recommendation of Putin, forwarded by Kedmi. Well, this recommendation has already been implemented: few days ago Israeli airforce attacked Hezbollah for the first time in a long time.