The whole anti-Semitic world accuses us for allegedly driving the Palestinians out of the places where we Jews now live. However, a detailed study of documents of that time shows that before and during the War of Independence, most of Palestinians were evacuated on the direct order of their leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini. In some places (for example, in Tiberias), the Arabs were evacuated in an organized manner by the British, who remained in Palestine until May 1948.

In 1946, after a seven-year gap, the Palestinians were  lead again by Haj Amin al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hitler’s ally and Nazi criminal. In 1945-6, he was imprisoned in France and was to stand before the court in Nuremberg. Suddenly, on the order of President de Gaulle himself, Amin was released from detention. He was given a villa with a set of servants for the upper class, but was forbidden to leave France. After which he «suddenly disappeared» from France and showed up in Cairo, just flying on a regular flight. So the French and British officials, delivered to the Palestinians their Nazi leader, Haj Amin al Husseini.

The Palestinians knew that their leader was preparing to destroy all Jews in the entire Middle East. Yes, he considered himself the leader of all Muslims and claimed power over the entire Middle East. Hitler decided to check whether his claims were justified. He instructed the mufti to form two combat divisions in Bosnia. Instead of two divisions, the mufti hardly managed to score one.
It is known that at that time some Arab nationalists showed solidarity with those Jews who actively fought against Britain. British officials, politicians and intelligence have been puzzled over how to stop the growing wave of Arab nationalism and Islamic «social» fundamentalism, ideologized by Hassan al Banna.
The then colonial empires, Great Britain and France, clung to the colonies escaping from their hands. They tried to keep control of them at all costs. In this case, in the Middle East, they expected to distract the wrath of Muslims, outraged by foreign dominion, by the traditional Muslim object, the Jews. They use the traditional Islamist enmity toward the Jews, they also wanted to divert the wrath of the Arab nationalists. It was their traditional «divide and rule» policy.

To implement their plan, British (and French) imperialists had to eliminate the then Palestinian leadership (Nashashibies) who adopted the Peel Commission plan of creating Greater Palestine (Arab parts of Palestine joining Trans-Jordan) along with Israel. The Nashashibies even turned to Ben Gurion with a proposal to oust British from the Land by united Jewish-Palestinian efforts. Due to Grand Mufti, Britons succeeded to drive Nashashibies out from Palestinian leadership.
As for the Grand Mufti himself, the service of Hitler (in the rank of Obersturmbannfuhrer) was a stepping stone to power over the entire Middle East. Then he tried to do the same with the help of the Britons, and when that failed, he initiated the creation of a world-wide organization called the Islamic Conference, now numbering 57 states.

With his great plans, what were the Palestinians to him? He did not consider the Palestinians a separate people. From his point of view, they were only a step, relying on which he wanted to climb to the top of the World Caliphate. Well, many Muslims of Palestine could not imagine that they would live in Israel, under the rule of Jews, which is humiliation of the Muslims. They responded to the call of their Mufti to go to the safe zone, occupied by the Arabs from the beginning of 1948. Of course, they expected to return soon, because the Arab armies had already moved close to the borders of Palestine.

The army of Jordan entered Judea and Samaria in January 1948, four months before the British Mandate expired. At the same time, a 7,000-strong group of thugs («volunteers») recruited in the Arab countries entered Galilee and Samaria. It was their commander Kawukji who promised to «throw the Jews into the sea». The British military did not interfere when the thugs of Kawukji crossed the Jordan River on Allenby Bridge.


Under the command of Amin al Husseini, there were 55,000 armed Palestinian militants, mostly in local squads. Such squads existed in every Palestinian village. An armed Arab adventurers from neighboring Arab countries entered the urban Arab districts. All, including the Palestinians themselves, considered Palestine to be part of a single Arab homeland, which the British and French colonialists divided into parts.

In 1948, the Jews of Palestine, for the first time in the last thousand years, provided armed resistance to attacks from Muslims. Nobody was used to this new phenomenon. Contrary to the expectations of the mufti, the brave (in words) Palestinian militants, began to suffer defeats in direct clashes with Jewish self-defense. 32 Arab mukhtars, followers of Nashashibies, signed formal “peace treaties” with their Jewish neighbors (after Benny Morris). Therefore, the Mufti and the British decided to force at any cost a breach between the Palestinians and Jews, and to force the neighboring Arab states to interfere with the Jews.

In February 1948, the mufti ordered his militants to establish a blockade of Jewish cities and villages. Ben Gurion, after a long period of «restraint», was forced to issue an order for the offensive. Yet before that offensive, in February 1948, the mufti ordered the evacuation of the Arab inhabitants from the coastal plain. Most of all, the situation did not suit him when his compatriots would agree to live peacefully in a Jewish state.

The well-known Israeli historian Benny Morris reports that during negotiations with the commander of the Jewish forces, the leaders of the Arabs of Haifa refused to stop the organized evacuation of Arabs from the city. They explained to the commander of the Hagana brigade Moshe Carmel, that they received an order from Amin al Husseini to evacuate all the Arabs from the city, and they do not dare to disobey the orders of Grand Mufti. 

To destroy the Jews of Palestine, the Nazis organized in 1942, in Athens, the «Einsatzgruppe Aegypten», which was commanded by Walter Rauff, the inventor of the death cars. 
Let’s recall that at the same time the Grand Mufti assembled the Islamic army (division Hanjar) in Bosnia. Finally, the Middle East campaign of Hitler was stopped because of the defeat on other fronts.

In 1946, the British organized and trained two armed groups of Egyptian Muslim brothers. In 1948, together with the forces of the Egyptian army, these detachments entered Negev, but did not take part in hostilities. 

Thus, why did British intelligence send the Grand Mufti to the Middle East in 1946? Everything indicates that the British, along with their old-new ally Amin al Husseini, sought the genocide of Jews to bind the Arabs and Muslims to their empire. Stalin and the American administration wanted to oust Britain and France from their sphere of influence. Therefore, Stalin opposed the plans of the genocide of the Jews and supported Israel with weapons. 

So, the British planned a new Holocaust of Jews in Palestine. But, as the commander of the forces in Palestine resolutely stated, the British army was not fit to carry out such a task. Just the Islamists were good for such a dids. Therefore, the Grand Mufti was rescued from the Nuremberg court, and therefore the British began to equip the Muslim Brotherhood. For the same reason, British threw to the war the regimes dependent on them in Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, and provided them with support. 

For the same reason, Amin al Husseini ordered the withdrawal of Palestinian civilians from Israel, leaving on the battlefield only fighters and thugs capable of massacres. The Grand Mufti explained that if their families were safe, the militants would become «bolder» (according to Benny Morris).

Thus, the Islamist Al Husseini needed the Nakba to prevent the coexistence of Jews and Arabs within the framework of one state, especially a Jewish state. Vice versa, Ben Gurion aspired to this kind of coexistence. In addition, Al Husseini wanted to convince the peoples and governments of Arab countries of the need for armed intervention. 

The Egyptian government decided to invade five days before the expiry of the British mandate. Syria ranted about the war, but never invaded Israeli territory. Trans-Jordan and Iraq occupied the West Bank, designated for the Arab State of Palestine, the Lebanese army invaded Galilee, and the Egyptian forces occupied the whole of the Negev, Gaza, and approached Jerusalem, occupying 60% of the territory designated to Israel.

The flight of the Palestinians continued after the outbreak of a full-scale war, too. At this stage Ben Gurion no longer «restrained». If, before May 15, the Jews asked the Palestinians to stay in their places (remember Moshe Carmel’s talks in Haifa, and his order on the safety of the abandoned property and especially the mosques), then after the entry of Arab states into the war, Ben Gurion ordered to blow up abandoned Arab homes, especially in those places, where the hostile, armed population could contribute to the armies of the aggressor (according to Benny Morris).

Moreover, in Ramla and Lod, the IDF carried out «ethnic cleansing» of the belligerent Arab population of these cities. Without such «cleansing», local Arabs could keep these strategically important points, cutting off the roads to the fronts in Jerusalem and the Negev. I must recall that the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilians was adopted a year after the events described. At that time no one knew that such actions would soon be recognized as a war crime. In a view of a new genocide threatening the Jews of Israel, the Israeli government took the actions that were necessary to save the state and the people. You cannot see this as a malicious goal. 
So, the Palestinians believed their leader that they should leave their homes temporarily, and that soon they would return to their cities and villages «cleansed of Jewish filth». The result is known.

Of course, the Palestinian people now understand the «crap» that the Islamic leader, together with the European colonialists, has drawn onto them. But to this day, the Palestinians do not want to give up their revenge. Meanwhile, there are no conditions for a rematch. Jewish refugees from Europe and the Middle East came to the place instead of evacuated Palestinians.

Encouraging Hitler to «finalize the Jewish issue», Amin al Husseini achieved the fact that the European Holocaust survivors broke through to Palestine despite the actions of Great Britain that blocked Jews in the critical years of the Holocaust. In 1947-9, more than 500,000 European Holocaust survivors arrived Israel. One of the «infiltrators» was my relative, who managed to illegally enter Palestine in 1947.

In addition, the Britons with their Mufti and Nakba, not only dragged the Arabs into the war against the Jewish state, but also provoked a general persecution of Jews in the countries of Islam. As a result, more than a million Jews fled Islamic countries, and most of them came to Israel. The place of evacuated Palestinians was occupied by Jewish refugees. In general, Jewish refugees, unlike the Palestinians, left not voluntarily, but escaping a death. And all this was due to Grand Mufti and his British employers.

Today, the Palestinians want the revenge for their own faults, at any cost. They vote for Hamas, which promises to destroy Israel completely. Hamas is relying on the help of the entire Islamic world. Moreover, Europe, most of the Third World states, numerous anti-Semites in Russia, in the USA and Canada joined the campaign for the annihilation of Israel, that is new genocide of the Jews.

I must admit, that Palestinian relying on the worldwide anti-Semitism is realistic. There is a great deal of strength on their side. Europe has returned to its 1948 policies, by supporting most aggressive Palestinian claims, and by developing strong ties with Iranian ayatollahs, which contribute Iran’s nuke and, as a result, possible genocide of the Jews. Nevertheless, Israel stands firm. Finally, we have the nuke, too, just to resist such a threat.


The Palestinians should think how to solve their problems without war and genocide of the Jews. Finally, Israel occupies only 17% of the original territory of Greater Palestine, the rest remains in Arab hands. Most of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants stay in the same country where they lived until 1948. Yes, in 1948 they lost their homes and some part of land. But after all, Jewish refugees, in the overwhelming majority, lost everything, and today Israel is a developed country.

All that the Palestinians need is to abandon the idea of ​​“returning” to the place where the current generation of Palestinians has never lived, and set to work. Let Palestinians stop relying on money and the promises of anti-Semites, let arrange their life where they live. All this is possible in conditions of peace with Israel, or at least in the absence of war and threats to destroy Israel.

All Israel’s acts were and are designed to prevent the existential threat. The occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza are forced measures. The Palestinians together with foreign anti-Semites force on the Jews to do what is necessary for self-defense. It applies to «Nakba» and «Nahsa», to Intifada and rocket terror, to Hezbollah and Iran’s nuke. The anti-Zionism that the Palestinians are fomenting around the World, develops into new anti-Semitism, and consequently into a New Zionism. This is an equation with no unknowns.


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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Supporting Israel, Stalin «drove a wedge» in relations between the United States and Great Britain and in relations between the United States and Arab countries. According to the testimony of Sudoplatov, Stalin foresaw that the Arab countries would later turn in the direction of the Soviet Union, disillusioned with the British and Americans because of their support for Israel. Molotov’s assistant, Mikhail Vetrov, recited Stalin’s words to Sudoplatov:

    “Let’s agree with the creation of Israel. It will be like an awl in the ass for the Arab states and will force them turn their back on Britain. Ultimately, British influence will be completely undermined in Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. ”

    Stalin’s foreign policy forecast was largely justified. In the Arab and many other Muslim countries, the influence of not only Britain, but also the United States was undermined.

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