Anti-Semitism, including anti-Zionism, is (and has always been) an instrument of politics. Hitler was not a genius, but a cretin, the creature of tycoons. Modern «New anti-Semitism» = anti-Zionism was created by the tycoons (including Jewish tycoons). Jewish tycoons have «separated» anti-Zionism from «traditional» anti-Semitism. They protect themselves from «ordinary» anti-Semitism, leaving Israel to be torn to pieces by anti-Semites. This is confirmed by the anti-Zionist policies of the World Jewish Congress (Ron Lauder), by the anti-defamation league, which refuses to fight anti-Zionism, by George Soros, etc.

The left only gives moral legitimization to «elites», whose «realpolitik» must destroy Israel. The demand to expel all Jews from the West Bank of Palestine and make Palestine racially pure, abolishes peace, gives pretext for anti-Israeli sanctions and for the continuation of pro-Islamist and pro-Iranian policies. The entire leftist anti-Zionist policy is the Great Betrayal of the original left-wing idea. The American left betrayed Martin Luther King and instead supports Farrakhan.

Due to Oslo terror, Arafat killed the Israeli left politically yet before Yigal Amir assassinated Rabin physically. Launching the Intifada in 2001, Arafat completed this killing of the left. Now the tycoons, with the help of Palestine, destroy the leftist idea on planet Earth, just like a hundred years ago they undermined the left through the National Socialism.

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