Israeli 2005 “Disengagement” from Gaza teaches us, that ending Israeli occupation of Palestine inspires Palestinians to resume their attempts to annihilate Israel. The feasibility of Palestinian hope to annihilate Israel is based on the omnipotent worldwide anti-Semitism, from Iran’s ayatollahs to the Jewish Palestine-lovers. Any Jewish peacniks’ reasoning, that the end of Israeli occupation will bring peace, is obviously incorrect.

There are few explanations of mental aberration which leads to such a reasoning:

  1. Anti-Semitic ambience, pressure and fear of disapproval,
  2. Career and money interest,
  3. Extreme naivety, exposed to massive anti-Israel media bias,
  4. Jewish self-hate,
  5. Combination of mentioned factors.

But what may be a realistic Jewish reaction to the much grounded fear from the Old and “New”  Anti-Semites? Actually, there’s the only possibility: to expose immoral anti-Zionist lies and to support Israel by “hasbara”. You may criticize Israel, but only after solid learning and analysis of history and of the current facts, sure not on the basis of media dis-information.

Jews of the West must realize, that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. You cannot escape anti-Semitism by demonstrating your love to Palestine. Coward Jewish traitors will be punished not by Israel, but by the very antis-Zionist.

You cannot help Palestine if you encourage Palestinian aggressiveness against Israel. The Palestinian People suffer just because of their own faults, starting with 1936-39 attempt to annihilate Jews by their own (Palestinian) force. The Palestinians have rejected 1937 British proposal of Palestinian state with Jewish minority, since they aspired to Jew-free Palestine. Just like current Mahmoud Abbas’ demand to wipe Jews out of the West Bank.

The 1948 Naqba was a result of Palestinian pursuit to genocide the Jews with the help of Hitler (1939-1945), followed by the Great Britain and Arab states’ assistance in the 1948 war. The “Naksa” of 1967 came as the result of one more attempt to annihilate Israel with the help of the USSR, of Nasser and of other Arab nationalists.  In 1990-ths, after obtaining support from both Iran and the West, the Palestinians blew up the Oslo process.

To save Palestine rights, the Palestinians must abandon their aspiration to annihilate Israel, and stop their co-operation with anti-Semitic powers, like Europe, American democrats, Iran, Islamists, Hezbullah, BDS and all Islamic anti-Semites, who seek genocide of the Jews.

The Israelis do what the Palestinians (with the help of all anti-Semites) force on Israel to do. We cannot change our behavior, that is, self-defense. No pressure, through the war, terror, sanctions, boycotts and delegitimation, will stop our resistance, only the safe peace.

The “Settlers” actually care for the Jews of Diaspora by saving a shelter for those who will be forced to flee Anti-Semites (and such a situation may turn quite real). Instead of criticizing “Settlers”, let explain to all, that they didn’t violate any laws. The Palestinians may obtain compensation for their “losses” of land by the land swaps, which were discussed in the course of peace talks.

The IDF does defend Israel as the shelter for all Jews. We try to accomplish the task while abiding the laws. Just Hamas violates the laws, makes use of massive human shield. Hamas turned both Gaza and Israel populations their hostages, refuse any co-existence with the Jews. Let explain to Palestinians, that  peace only may resolve the problems of Gaza, including the problem of over-population.

Hamas purposely creates Gaza human sufferings as a justification for the war for annihilation of Israel, and supplies these sufferings as a spiritual food around the World. Anti-Semites distribute and consume these supplies. Politicians like Ali Hamenei,  George Galloway or Jeremy Corbyn make use of Palestinian propaganda to achieve their personal and partisan goals. Well, Hitler was very successful due to his anti-Semitic propaganda, so many politicians try to imitate his success using “pro-Palestinian” horse.

At the bottom line, Palestinian propaganda creates  the basis for the new explosion of anti-Semitism. Those Jews who support “Palestinian Cause”, are preparing their own tomb. Anti-Semites don’t differentiate between “good” or “bad” Jews. They exploit Jewish support until it is useful, then throw out these stupid traitors.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Zionism started some 1.000 years before Herzl. And all the 1.000 years the ancestors of Palestinians murdered local and Zionist Jews, and prevented them from returning to Palestine.

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