If Herzl managed to implement his idea of Jewish colonization of Uganda, then the Jewish state, most likely, would not exist at all. Simply because the peoples that inhabit Uganda are quite numerous, and the way to Uganda is long. I do not think that Jews, settled in Uganda, would arrange an apartheid regime, similar to the South African one. The state In Uganda would be bi-national at best, and there we would be guaranteed the fate of foreign aliens and the national minority. The Zionists, who opposed Herzl’s idea of colonizing Uganda, were prudent.

And even if the Jews had rushed into sparsely populated lands like Patagonia, we would still be a minority in a large country of Argentina. The Argentinians, who waged a war against Great Britain over the Falkland Islands, would never agree to lose a significant part of their territory in order to create a homeland for some heinous Jews.

The conclusion from this story is that wherever Jews create a state, it must be bi-national by definition, and cannot be purely Jewish. The most you can count on is a bi-national state with a Jewish majority. And this is exactly what we have today in Israel. That is why we are obliged to seek the solution of «two states for two peoples». Otherwise, we will be a minority in a bi-national state.


The forefathers of post-Zionism, who proclaimed the end of the era of Zionism, were at least mistaken. More precisely, they gave the forecast exactly the opposite to what we have today. The anti-Zionist, pro-Islamic «elites» caused that Zionism became a necessity again.

As shown by the UN decisions, anti-Semitism, which got an ugly form of anti-Zionism, has been turned the leading ideology of the planet. Today, Jews are afraid to seek shelter in Israel, since it is threatened with destruction. In addition, our enemies have achieved that the territory of the Jewish state is very small.

We confront a situation when, on the one hand, due to the efforts of anti-Semites of all sorts, grows the need for a state of asylum for Jews, and on the other hand, the сapabilities to accept potential refugees in Israel are diminishing, despite economic growth. There is also a security problem, especially the Iranian threat, and a shortage of land. Disproportionately high prices for housing in Israel are not accidental. There is a real shortage of land, and there are those who abuse difficulties in order to extract super-profits.


Instead of «peace in exchange for territory,» we got a war in our very small territory. If today the Jews of the United States are forced to take a decision on flight (and this cannot be ruled out in the light of the rapid development of the anti-Semitic idea), there will be no place in our Jewish state for them.

The prohibition of the acquisition of territory by war or force is one of the cornerstones of international law and of the UN Charter. And yet, in the case of Israel, this ban should be adjusted, because of the fact, that Israel is a state of asylum.

The international community has enabled a new «explosion» of anti-Semitism, which forces even fully assimilated Jews to seek refuge in the Jewish state. On the other hand, the international community has made an effort  to drive the Jewish state into the «Auschwitz border», as called the 1949 line our forgotten Abba Eban.

The decision of the UN General Assembly (November 2017) on the line of 1949 violates the norms of international law, and most importantly, this decision is immoral. The UN ignores the threat posed by a worldwide surge of anti-Semitism, under disguise of «the protection of Palestine». Consequently, international community is obliged to accept some correction of the «1949 line» in favor of Israel. There are no legitimate or moral justifications for the UN’s demand to evict Jews from Judea and Samaria. Likewise, the Jordan Valley as the Israel’s security border is not a luxury, but a condition of survival. 

On the other (Palestinian) hand, the really existing problem of overpopulation in Gaza, requires solution. It does not matter that the Palestinians themselves created this problem, with the “help” of the UN and of the Arab states. Just we, Jews are interested to help the Palestinians in solving this problem, for example, by «adding» the territory to Gaza. Of course, this will be possible only if the majority of Palestinians, including Hamas, agree to peace. 


Since the Palestinians, incited by all anti-Semites of the planet Earth, are trying to destroy us, we are forced to keep them under control by occupation (the West Bank) or by the «blockade» (Gaza). The Palestinians misuse the powerful external support for their «cause», therefore people of Israel cannot afford to stop control over Palestine. The withdrawal of Israeli troops from the West Bank will be the last, but certainly not the first step on the way to peace. «Osloists» and those who came after them, literally put the cart before the horse, and decided to move to the peace … The result is well known, this is war.

At the same time, in spite of the active Palestinian participation of the anti-Semitic aggression, we are obliged to recognize the rights that rightfully belong to the Palestinian people. That is, to recognize a de facto Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, to promote its development, and to seek the cessation of the Palestinian brainwashing of their own people and of all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. By the way, the recognition of the right of the Palestinians to be independent state, will weaken the effect of anti-Semitic brainwashing.

The Palestinians are already independent from Israel. They are permitted to violate laws, to wage a war of terror and missiles against Israeli population, and even are given money for their war and for their food. UNRWA, being the UN hand, brings up new generations of Palestinians in the spirit of martyrs, or cannon fodder for Palestinian war against Jews.

So, logic says that the seeming paradox, «to recognize the independence of Palestine and to occupy it,» is the only correct line of conduct for Israel and his friends. Moreover, the aggression of Iran continues. Until Iran threatens to destroy the Jewish state, the people of Palestine will not agree to peace with Israel, no matter what Mahmoud Abbas says.


Netanyahu can demand as many times as he wishes the recognition of Israel as a purely Jewish state, but the reality still is different.  Just right now, Israel is a bipartite state, and thank God  the majority in this state are Jews. In the long term, the proportion of Jews will also decline, which we must counteract with different methods. By the way, one of the methods is the development of the Arab sector of Israel. The modern way of life helps to reduce excessive fertility, and levels the way of life and education of all citizens.

Another way to keep the demographic balance is Zionism. We are obliged to improve the attitude of «indigenous» Israelis to the newcomers, so as not to scare off potential «olim.»

It is time to finally draw conclusions from the existing threat of demographic imbalance in Israel. The first conclusion is the real and formal separation of Palestine State from Israel. We need this, the Jews, in order to preserve the Jewish majority in our bipartisan state. In addition, this is what  insist not only anti-Semites, but also our friends.

It’s time to stop fighting against windmills, to acknowledge the fact that there is a separate from us Palestinian state. «Autonomy», which wages a war to destroy the Jewish people, should not remain part of the Jewish state. We must declare war on this Palestinian state, which is trying to destroy us, and for this purpose, we must first recognize this state. And also continue the occupation of the West Bank and security measures against Gaza.


The second side of this coin are the Arab citizens of Israel. The government and the people of Israel have already done a lot to solve their problems.  We cannot not to see, that the Arab sector of Israel is developing very successfully, that education, employment, income, quality of life, medical care, highways and housing conditions — all this is booming. The necessary efforts are being made by both sides: the State of Israel and the Arabs themselves.

But all this is not enough. In order to prevent the external and internal enemies from destroying the fruits of the efforts to develop Israel in general and the Arab sector in particular, the Arabs must be included in the state and political system of Israel in such a way, that not to jeopardize the state (such a threat is quite real).

We must take into account the duality of the Israeli Arabs’ position. On the one hand, they are a minority in the Jewish state. On the other hand, just the Jews are a minority in the Middle East. Not to mention the World Village, where the anti-Semites  predominate, while we are an insignificant minority.

Israeli Arabs, like all other Palestinians, are tempted to misuse the external pressure of anti-Semites, or the Iranian threat, to destroy us, or at least to achieve unjustified concessions and privileges.

We face the challenge of convincing this shrewd minority that the external incitement of anti-Semites is detrimental to Arabs themselves. In addition to the «carrot and stick» policy, we must use the education system more effectively, to resist Islamist and nationalist influence, and to introduce ideas of peace and cooperation.

To make this education effective, we must turn Israel in practice into the state of all citizens, and to include the representatives of the Arab sector in the government, on a steady basis. After turning Israel into bi-national state, we may claim Israel’s membership in the Arab League.


If we are asked «gestures» that prove our flexibility and readiness to recognize the rights of the Palestinians, the latest «gestures» that we can afford, are the cessation of the occupation of Palestine, the cessation of construction in «settlements» and the release of Palestinian citizens convicted by the court for participation in terror. In the past, these «gestures» have become an overwhelming obstacle to peace.

Israel’s «peace process» with Palestine stumbled on the support of the anti-Semites to «The Cause of Palestine». It is no exaggeration to say, that just  the «pro-Palestinian» anti-Semites broke the peace between Israel and the Arabs. And there are not only the Iranian ayatollahs. I remember very well how the CNN madam Christiane Amanpour was running out of spite against the Israeli representatives in the negotiations with the Palestinians, while supporting  openly rude behavior of Palestinian representatives. Of course, she «saw the situation» as her bosses wanted.

Accordingly, during all the Oslo talks and after that, the Palestinian representatives behaved really brazenly, like the conquerors who came to humiliate and destroy the Jews. In the end, Arafat broke off negotiations with the very compliant Ehud Barak. Quite deliberately, he put forward demands that were unacceptable for Israel, and then unleashed an armed «intifada». Arafat’s wife Sukha revealed this public secret, explaining that Arafat prepared his Intifada yet before the talks, which he blew up.

This experience must not be forgotten in our relations with both the Palestinians and the Israeli Arabs. We must concede as far as it is fair. In the worldwide conflict with anti-Semites, Israel will always remain a weak side. Therefore, excessive concessions from Israel only provoke the excessive appetite of our Palestinian partners, and as a result we get war instead of peace.

On the other hand, it is difficult for Palestinians to overcome themselves and to put forward less claims to Israel than their patrons, foreign anti-Semites, do. It is hard to imagine that the Palestinians will make any concessions after the UN General Assembly decided in advance where the border should be located and that Jews must be evicted from their cities and villages.

That’s why I do not believe in peace through negotiation. In a situation where anti-Zionism has become the leading ideology of the planet, only unilateral decisions are real. We must make decisions that protect both our rights and the rights of the Palestinians, even against their will. It seems a paradox, to protect the rights of enemies, but this paradox is engendered by the anti-Semitism that dominates the World village. We must think for ourselves and for «them.»