Obviously, the UN has entered into the most dangerous crisis in its history.

In November 2017 (exactly 70 years after the 1947 “Partition” resolution), the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution, which requires, among other things, a partition of Jerusalem along non- existing 1949 line. One month later, the UN General Assembly condemned the USA over its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Let’s realize, that these two decisions contradict one another: if 1949 line is legal, so the western part of Jerusalem is legal part of the State of Israel. If so, Israel has legal right to proclaim (at least western part of) Jerusalem as its capital. Actually, Israel did it in 1950. Probably, Congress and Trump’s recognition refers to just Western part of Jerusalem, but omits to state this clearly.

Now, what does mean the non-recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? The only explanation is, that the UN doesn’t recognize the “first” partition along 1949 line. Well, but why do you demand to divide Jerusalem again along this “illegal” line? Nobody pays attention to the fact, that these two demands contradict one another. The UN decisions on Israel and Jerusalem are, actually, logical nonsenses. And in addition, both decisions violate regulations of international laws, along with provisions of the UN Charter.

Let’s consider the situation. First of all, the General Assembly has no legal authority to establish the border between the states, since it is the prerogative of bordering parties. Then, if the 1949 line is legal, so Western Jerusalem is legally part of Israel, and we have the right to consider this city the capital of the State. And all the nations of the world are obliged by the Statute of the United Nations, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But it is precisely this fact (of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel), that the majority of the states of the world do not want to admit, so contradicting themselves, the law and the UN Charter.

Then, the International law states that the only legal border, or a delimitation line, is that, established by the last, rather than the previous agreements between the parties. The 1949 line has been canceled three times, due to conclusion of three farther international treaties. Israel concluded 1967 ceasefire agreement with Jordan, then 1994 peace treaty with Jordan. Jordanian border was established on the Jordan River, while Jordan State withdrew its claim to Jerusalem.

Simultaneously, Israel and Palestine, claiming ownership of the city, have concluded the Oslo Agreement. The last concluded delimitation agreement have signed Netanyahu and Arafat in 1998. This agreement established temporary demarcation line, while the territory of Palestine became designated as «A» and «B” zone. Jerusalem, nor part of it, has not been included in the Palestine, and remained under Israeli control. That is, according to the 1998 agreement, Jerusalem and the whole area «C» is, maybe temporarily, part of Israel.

This last (199 Agreement sets, in accordance with the international law, the demarcation line, which all states of the World, complying with the UN Charter, are obliged to recognize as the legitimate (even if abundant and temporary), border between Israel and Palestine. And Jerusalem should be recognized, in accordance with international law, as legitimate and united capital of Israel, (as long as there is no new agreement between Israel and Palestine).

We must understand in hindsight, that by its resolution from November 2017, the UN General Assembly has secretly abolished (with regard to Jerusalem) its own 1947 (Palestine Partition) resolution. After all, Partition resolution assumed to save Jerusalem united! The question of the nationality was supposed to be decided by referendum. If the referendum was held then or today, the Jewish majority would have decided the issue in favor of Israel. Let’s consider, that in the course of last 150 years, Jews make up the vast majority of the population of this city. Therefore, the General Assembly declared that the city should be divided along the line that the UN itself has not recognized! According to the UN, the Western Jerusalem is not part of Israel, because the 1949 Agreement is illegal! What one of stupid contradicting orders of this organization we have to perform?

Reasoning logically, we must recognize, that not 2000 years ago, but just right now Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of the Jewish state. But the logic has no place where dominates an anti-Semitism. By not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and by demanding its division at the same time, the General Assembly of the United Nations and almost all countries of the World openly and grossly violated the elementary logic, the UN Charter and international laws. These two frogs, the non-recognition of the capital and the city section, can still be swallowed separately, but not together.

United States of America, its Congress and the President, decided to act in accordance with the international law and the UN Charter, and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. President Donald Trump, resisting the World’s anti-Semitic obscurantism, announced that the US recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. US Congress announced the recognition even 20 years ago. Three previous presidents of the United States slowed down the implementation of this decision, and the only Trump announced that the king was indeed naked, that the international community violates the laws and the UN Charter, that Jerusalem is already 67 years old capital of the State of Israel.

In fact, the UN crisis over Jerusalem is only the outward manifestation of a much more serious crisis facing the United Nations and the whole world. It turned out that the UN in its current form is no longer able to play the role that it was assigned when it was created, not even able to carry out its own Charter and international laws.

President Trump tried to influence the vote on the UN resolution, condemning him for the recognition of Jerusalem. He threatened all governments, who will vote against him, to stop American aid. This threat did not work. Why? The answer is simple: the assistance provided by the United States, goes mainly to the benefit of the related States and the people of the respective countries. But the «help» that flesh Muslims (oh sorry, «Islamists»), goes straight into the pockets of the Heads of State and Government, ministers, parliamentarians, senior officials, judges, television editors, etc., including UN officials. Of course, your pocket is closer to the body, than the state or the international community interest. So, investing much less money, then the USA, the “islamists” effectively manipulate the World, including the UN. The World Caliphate has been already established, due to “islamist” corruption.

I state, that the main cause of global political crisis, UN crisis and of jihad success , is a universal Islamist Corruption. The victim of this corruption has become Europe, which is already destroyed. The US is the next aim. Trump, unlike Obama, has not satisfied the Islamists because he is rich enough and can behave independently. Therefore he fall under threat of impeachment, or at least weakened by media hype, investigations and scandals bloating.

We Israelis should conclude that our Prime Minister must be a rich man, so the enemies would have more difficult task to buy or catch him on to the investigations.

But what can you do in current situation? I think the states which want to get rid of the Islamist corruption, to respect the laws and the UN Charter, have to create a new world organization, which will include a states seeking to implement ideals that have been proclaimed by creating UN. This New UN organization will create structures parallel to the old UN structures, to receive those contributions, which today go to the current corrupt UN, and try to replace it in all the function and the situations, in which the UN operates today.