The Israel people celebrate 100 anniversary of Balfour declaration. Any Israel town has one of central streets named after Balfour. We remember well this declaration and its author.
However, we are forced to remember, how British Empire violated both Balfour declaration and League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. Just 8 years after San Remo conference, which granted Mandate to Great Britain, the last imposed limitation (1929) on Jews’ entry to the Promised (by Balfour) Land. Then, in 1939, British Empire forbade entry to Palestine for the Jews. Two years later, Palestinian leader Amin al Husseini joined Hitler (november 1941), and 3 months later Nazis sealed the fate of Jewish People (January 1942 Wannsee Conference). Five years later (1946) Britons returned Amin al Hisseini from his jail to Palestine. Husseini succeeded to take leadership over Palestinians, and to suppress his rivals who inclined to peaceful solution under Hashemite rule. There’s no doubt, that Palestinian resistance to Husseini did exist. Benny Morris mentioned 32 Arab mukhtaars , who signed formal «peace» documents with their Jewish neighbors. One of these 32 was Deir Yassin mukhtaar.
Thus, British colonialist power drove Hitler’s servant, Amin al Husseini, to the Middle East with clear purpose to incite overall war against the Jews. Simultaneously, the same colonial power started to train Egypt Muslim Brotherhood force (1946). The same colonial power submitted British Arab legion, together with Glubb and other British officers, to Jordan’s king Abdallah, who pretended to turn himself Whole Palestine king. After preparations mentioned above, Britons withdrew their occupation army from Palestine. The commander of this force stated, that his army is not ready to participate another Holocaust. Instead, British allies, Palestinians under Amin al HUsseini, Jordan under Abdallah and Iraq under Nuri Said were involved in Palestine yet before Israel independence was proclaimed (1948).
Another problem of Britons and of al Husseini was how to force Arab States’ involvement into Palestine. Key British ally, Egypt, decided to launch the war only 5 day before final withdrawal of Britons from Palestine.
Vice versa, Arab legion under Glubb approached Jerusalem 4 months before. In the course of 1948 war Arab Legion performed few war crimes, like slaughter of inhabitants of Gush Etzion, expelling tens of thousands of Jewish inhabitants of East Jerusalem and levelling of tens of synagogues in East Jerusalem.
Iraqis entered West Bank under disguise of «volunteers», and «Arab Salvation army» under Qawuqji, too. British forces present at the scene let Qawuqji force of Arabs and Bosnians to cross Allenby bridge into Palestine. Qawuqji was another former Hitler’s servant, he was the first, who promised «to drive all the Jews to the sea». Qawuqji considered Palestine as «Southern Syria» and was known of his hot anti-Semitism.
To resolve his main 2 problems (of Palestinians’ and of Egypt and Syria unwillingness to fight), Al Husseini initiated Naqba (1948). Probably, his policies corresponded British policies.
Stalin, who released Qawuqji from Soviet jail (1947), had his own interest in the Middle East. Back in 1941, just that time, when Hitler launched his unexpected attack against the USSR, the Red Army general staff was busy with planning major Middle East offensive (according to Red Army chief of General staff Boris Shaposhnikov). Stalin sought Hitler’s friendship, even gave up whole Eastern Europe, where Communist influence was much stronger, than that of Nazis, with the purpose to get his hands free in the Middle East.  Hitler, however,  disagreed with such informal division, since he sought Middle East, too. Me personally saw WW 2 German Map atlas, where German officer painted with the pencil an arrow through Caucasus to the Middle East.
Hitler’s attack against the USSR was actually an affray of 2 dictators over Key to World hegemony, which in their eyes was the control over Middle East. German quick advance to Caucasus had uncovered Hitler’s intentions. Stalin’s strike at Stalingrad was designed to stop and block Hitler’s Caucasus force.
However, «Drang nach Sueden» of Stalin was postponed, it restarted after the WW 2. Stalin was not happy with British Empire control over Middle East. He decided to interfere with Britons through the defeat of Arabs tied with British Empire. After 1948 the USSR and USA have fulfilled vacuum of power created by Arab-British failure to annihilate Israel. The USSR had intercepted the role of British Empire as a main patron of Arabs in their war for annihilation of Israel. 1956 and especially 1967 and 1973 wars were fully prepared by the USSR. Anti-Zionist propaganda together with anti-Americanism turned the core of Soviet propaganda, and replaced their out-of-dated World Revolution slogan.