Many times In the past, religions and ideologies served pretext for mass crimes: Medieval Christianity, Nazis, Communist regimes, imperialist regimes etc. But all these old ideologies transformed or are gone. Only Islam remains «in duty». Let’s imagine, that Christianity returns to its VII century shape, or Hitler was welcomed as a model of pacifism. Or the USSR was not confronted  by NATO. Aggression must be confronted, otherwise it wins.

From the point of view of humanist teaching, Islam isn’t better, than its predecessors, Judaism and Christianity. Qur’an lacks humanism. Be sure to read Qur’an and to understand Muhammad’s promise. Not occasionally, Muhammad was forced to compel his teaching by force, namely «Jihad». Caliphs continued Muhammad’s way, they developed believe and social system, which fit perfectly the goal, that is conquest and governing in the name of Islam. Supremacy is the core of Medina-shaped Islam of Muhammad and of the «Righteous Caliphs». It doesn’t apply to Meccan part of Muhammad’s teaching.

In the XXI century nobody urges the Jews or Christians to kill first-born kids of Egypt. Moses himself killed only one Egyptian, who mocked a Jew slave. All «Egyptian executions» had performed cruel God himself. Vice versa, after fleeing Mecca, Muhammad just took the role of Allah and punished «infidels» through Jihad.  

The main obstacle for «humanization» of Islam is Muhammad himself. He was successful politician and conqueror, and here is the problem. Because of lack of principal moral commandments in Qur’an, Muslims try to imitate the model, Muhammad. Now, let’s imagine, that all human beings behave like politicians and cruel conquerors… Just such behavior we distinguish in Muslim countries: Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan… All these are the prototypes of the future World Caliphate.

Muslims follow Muhammad’s example and teachings. They learn Qur’an thoroughly. They live it. They live Muhammad’s life in Mecca, the wars of Medina. From Muslim point of view, modern World must be shaped according to the VII century Muhammad’s behavior. From this point of view, beating of Arabia Jews continues up to this day, in the form of beating Israel. This is precisely what are taught Iran, Gaza and many other Muslim schoolchildren. Muslims know, that their moral duty is to behave haughtily towards «infidels» and «unbelievers»‘. They must free Palestine from the Jews just like Muhammad freed Arabia, that is to oust or kill the Jews. And to sacrifice their lives, or at least to participate Jihad by giving money.

All this occur in XXI, not even in XX century. Islam must be reformed radically. Muhammad may retain the role of a founder, but not remain the model for imitation. ALL Muslims believe in the Holy Qur’an. However, back in VIII century some Muslim scholars stated, that the Qur’an doesn’t fit perfectly  the so called «Hidden table» of Allah. Namely, Qur’an may be discussed and changed. In addition. not all deeds of Muhammad may serve example of moral behavior for modern people. I believe, that these two basic settings MUST turn mandatory for islamic teachings both for schoolchildren and High education. All versions of Islam, which don’t fit these two demands, are not welcomed. Converting of non-Muslims to Islam may turn acceptable only AFTER self-reforming of Islam religion. BEFORE such reform spreading Islam must be stopped. We must keep in mind, that Muslims as a people are, in general, good, but they are victims of their religion and of brainwashing, a sort of zombies.

Muslims are due to develop modern and acceptable moral standards, fitting the life in our common World Village. By the way, non-Muslims should do the same on their part.

Let’s take into consideration, that penetration through the corruption and distributing drugs are the main instruments of modern Jihad. Just Hizbullah leader, Nasrallah, explained us, that drugs are weapons to destroy «infidels», that is, are weapons of Jihad. We cannot resist islamist aggression without fighting corruption, preventing drugs and moral decadence among «infidels and non-believers», likewise among Muslims. The resistance to Jihad inevitably must be based on Morality and Justice.