Mr Erdogan is the head of the Turkish Islamist movement based on the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. Originally, this ideology is antisemitic and terroristic.

Palestinian faction HAMAS is based on the same ideology. Some quotes of the HAMAS Charter, actually, are taken from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Erdogan is an enthusiastic supporter of HAMAS.

He succeeded to overturn the Ataturk revolution. Not surprisingly, Erdogan suppressed the freedom of speech in Turkey, incarcerates enlightened people.

He tries to revive Ottoman Empire. He interferes in Caucas, Syria, Lybia, Kurdistan, Israel, inciting wars and hatred all over the Middle East. He supported  ISIS Crime State.

Such aggressive behavior undermines peace, leads to the loss of lives of a lot of people, Muslims, and non-muslims, civil wars, simply wars, hatred. Many call him Islamist Hitler.

Contrary to Mohammad’s teaching, Erdogan is chauvinist. People that follow him are heading to hell.