The identification of Nature and God is not a new philosophical concept. Who likes it, please believe in!

Yes, nature needs to be protected. Likewise, it is necessary to protect people, their life and the continuation of life, children.

Like the pandemics of 100, 200 or more years ago, the Corona could lead to the death of a significant part of humanity. How many will die, depends on all of us.

I believe that nature and humanity are one integral system. Everything is interconnected. The «butterfly effect» does exist.

Let’s remember that humankind can also be considered as an integral living organism. This organism lives in symbiosis with many other organisms, from viruses to fungi and worms. Each participant in this system «nature and humankind» plays a role in relation to the other side and to itself.

There has not yet been a disease that would destroy all of humanity. Why? Yes, because by killing a person, the disease kills itself. It turns out that diseases torment everyone, but kill the old, sick and weak, especially individuals with weakened immunity.

Those who die “because of old age” actually die from diseases and defects caused by aging. I assume that there is an aging gene, otherwise, our cells would renew indefinitely. Let’s just say: aging is a natural process of the suicide of the body. 

In the past pandemics “thinned out” our human race like predators “thin out” herds of antelopes and other herbivores. Do we need such thinning today? I think, don’t. We are a prosperous species, Homo Sapiens. For us, the main type of necessary natural selection is selection by birth, or sexual selection (according to Darwin).

Selection by death (“Darwinian struggle for existence”, war, illness) is of secondary importance. In the end, if a person managed to give birth to children, then his premature death does not change anything, his genes continue in the next generation.

If a person died young without leaving descendants, then his genes do not participate in sexual selection, and this is a loss for all mankind. Each human person is a value, we must be saved.

Thus, thinning out by an epidemic, famine or war is a relic of the past that must be fought. Which we are trying to fight.

And even if someone is of no value, we have more civilized ways than execution to deal with criminals. The main purpose of the prison is to isolate criminals and thereby prevent their reproduction. The prison excludes criminals from sexual selection. A new generation of criminals is not born, and this is also a way of “thinning out”.