Movies of sermons and comments by Mikhail Laitman are widely distributed in social networks. According to Laitman himself, he preaches morality, and, following the standard of the ancient prophets, exposes the sins of the Jewish people, while the existence of a unified Jewish people he denies!. If, according to Laitman, Jews consist of several different ethnicities, so let treat and criticize them separately, in accordance with their different properties!


Recently this preacher of Kabbalah and morality appeared in connection with the riots of the Ethiopians. Thus, let’s start from this point.


  1. In connection to the Ethiopians, our Kabbalist reiterated the statement that all Jews are a motley rabble consisting of completely different, unrelated ethnic and racial groups. Allegedly at some stage their ancestors accepted Judaism, and now the descendants have gathered in Israel, where they, as one would expect, have resumed internecine wars.


In essence, Laitman repeats the “theory” outlined by left-wing philosopher Shlomo Zand, a former professor at Tel Aviv University and a refugee from Israel (in other words, a traitor). In his books “Who and how invented the Jewish people” and “Who and how invented the country of Israel” Zand announced that there was no unified Jewish people, but a collection of diverse exalted groups of different ethnic and racial origin.


At the moment when Zand  issued his books (around 2010), his ideas strictly contradicted the findings of sciences of population genetics and DNA genealogy. Consequently, Zand and Laitman are distributing a conscious anti-scientific propaganda! Lightman covers this lie with God’s will, Kabbalah and moral requirements, but a lie is just a lie, and it is immoral.


In fact, as shown by genetic studies, the Zand-Laitman theory is partially applicable only to our Ethiopian brothers. Jewish genes carry only 50% of Ethiopian Jews, unlike the overwhelming majority of other Jews.


I must notice, that I oppose racism. If the Jews of Ethiopia consider themselves Jews, they have the right to be citizens of Israel and to enjoy equal treatment. But if someone stopped identifying himself as Jewish, he has the right to live here or leave. But just to rebel against the Jewish majority and strike us below the belt, these people have no right.


Further, Laitman builds real slander, accusing the Jewish people of special sins. And here, too, he is not original: he simply repeats the main accusations of anti-Semites, including Hitler. Let’s deal with these «crimes of the Jews» in order.


  1. For example, “interfering in the internal affairs of states and peoples,” where the Jews were guests, but allegedly behaved arrogantly and were justly punished. The punishment included the last Holocaust, that the Jews themselves were not only allegedly guilty, but also refused to leave in time to flee to Madagascar, Uganda and even to Palestine. In fact, the assimilated Jews refused to leave their beloved homeland Germany, while gates of Palestine closed Britain and the Palestinians two years before the beginning of the Holocaust. All other states also refused to accept ships with Jewish refugees (this story is well known to everyone except Laitman).


As a matter of fact, if we believe after Laitman, that the Jews were “locals”, for example Germans, who accepted the Jewish religion, so they “interfered” in their own internal affairs. Our preacher of the Kabbalah and of the Ethiopian revolution believes that basic logic is below his dignity of a kabbalist. So let him at least give up his degree of a doctor of philosophy. This degree doesn’t fit  Laitman’s talent.


  1. Now let us see how the «heterogeneous Jewish rabble» interfered in the internal affairs of ancient Rome. Laitman himself sends us back to antiquity, mentioning the internecine «Jewish wars» in ancient Rome.


Indeed, the Jews intervened so much that Christianity invented by this “rabble” became the state religion of the great Roman Empire. Even before this happened, the pagans who converted to Judaism in its Christian form (and they were sure that they were becoming Jews. Later they discovered, that they were “deceived”) — these neophytes made a coup and removed the Jewish founding fathers of Christianity from the church. They even pushed into exile honorable blood relatives of Jesus, who enjoyed great prestige among believers.


Even before that, the true founder of the Christian faith, the assimilated Jew, the Apostle Paul (by the way, a proud citizen of Rome), was forced to defend from impingement the “birthright” of the Jews who turned to Jesus (“To the Romans” and others). Paul foresaw the future: the Judeo-Christians were persecuted and «dissolved» among other Christians, having lost all signs of Jewry. This is how «disappeared» the Jews of Italy and other countries that were part of the Roman Empire.


That is, in fact, the process was directly opposite to what our philosophers Laitman and Zand are asserting: not “locals” accepted Judaism, but the Jews lost it on various occasions, turning to other beliefs voluntarily, and often under threat of death or expulsion “from their homeland «. Genetic studies only confirm historical facts, making it difficult for “theorists” to ignore the truth.


  1. And now we will make a leap from Rome for 1800 years closer to our days. The baptized by parents and the completely assimilated Jew Karl Marx did not become a true German. True, he married a German thoroughbred, but then took her to Paris and London, and became a forerunner of internationalism. And intervened in the internal affairs of the whole of Europe, and consequently the whole World.


(Today, the very same globalist tycoons and “Europeanists” who control the media and politicians, and among them Jewish tycoons, are slowly introducing internationalism of Karl Marx into our mind, under disguise of Globalism. Israel hinders them as a symbol of victorious nationalism).


The Jewish followers of Karl Marx undertook to make revolutions wherever possible. For example in Russia. Today, all anti-Semites impute this fact to the Jewish people.


In fact, the active participation of Jews in the revolution in different countries, and especially in Russia, was provoked by the cruel anti-Semitic discrimination, which gradually transformed into the genocide of the Jews.


The policy of the tsarist government was, ultimately, to extinct the Jews by hunger and force emigration. Under the conditions of the industrial revolution a craft, the traditional source of income for Jews, ceased to feed families. All other sources of income were artificially blocked by the Tsar’s government. Jews were banned from farming, evicted from the countryside (“Tevye the Milkman”), fenced by a “settlement line”, thereby eliminating the escape of the hungry (how not to remember the Holodomor). Tzar  introduced a percentage rate for education, a ban on a number of professions, limited admission to public service.


At the same time, the authorities encouraged anti-Semitic attacks through the media, allowed daily insults, beatings and, finally, pogroms. Today, we all resent the inhuman punishment of the Tsar and his family, which the Russian Orthodox Church attributes to the Jews. But the contemporaries of those events considered the case differently: as a fair retribution to the tsar for having subjected the slow daily torture of 5 million Jews of the Russian empire, to decades.


On the other hand, the crime of “interfering in internal affairs” was committed by thousands of Jewish scholars, including Nobel Prize laureates, including assimilated Einstein, who never became a Zionist. And, of course, writers who wrote in non-Jewish languages, journalists, directors …

Heinous Jewish bloodsucking bankers and financiers laid the foundations of banking, gave loans to kings and governments, and influenced the domestic and foreign policies of states. Yes, big money gives influence and power. This influence is used by both Jewish and non-Jewish Tycoons, among them George Soros. Of all the rich Jews, Edmond de Rothschild alone helped settle the Jews in Eretz Israel, along with his charity projects in other countries, to other people.


Today, the Jewish Tycoons of the United States and Europe made Palestine most beloved, and used their influence to impose Oslo, Disengagement and other sorts of suicide on the people of Israel . This was the Jew Charles Enderlin that made the teenager Muhammad Dura the symbols of the Intifada. And Intifada was conceived as an attack by Palestinians on the State of Israel, supported by all anti-Semites, in order to destroy us all to death. This iIn violation of the Oslo agreements imposed on us by anti-Zionist Jews.


  1. And here is another example of corrupting Jewish influence. These vile, well-fed and immoral Jewish merchants and landowners intervened in the internal affairs of Arabia, badly influenced poor orphan Muhammad, who, having failed to read the Bible because of illiteracy, put it in his own words, and even added his own thoughts about Jihad and Muslim superiority over kafirs and people of the scripture. And then he expelled from Arabia or killed these godless Jews, witnesses of plagiarism.


  1. But let’s back to the Jewish-Ethiopian revolution. Laitman proclaimed the rebellion of the Ethiopians as a hope that would save Jews from spiritual destruction. Ethiopian revolutionaries will lead us to spiritual salvation, and what will happen to our sinful bodies is not interesting for Laitman. If Hitler and Osama bin Laden, according to Laitman, are “God’s tools,” it means that the Holocaust was from God, and these Jews are themselves to blame. And what if the Ethiopians succeed in destroying us from within, which the Palestinians failed to do?


Well, yes, after all Laitman is a Kabbalist, he is trying to decipher the Doom with the help of the Torah. Although much better he manages to decipher the thoughts of George Soros. And maybe of Mark Zuckerberg, who hides his political views. The only thing we know is that he declared himself a globalist, that is, the Ruler of the World. By the way, nobody elected him to this position. World Village and Facebook are not our democracy. Not surprisingly, a democratic and nationalistic Israel, by its very existence, interferes with all globalists.


But if the Jewish globalists Soros and Zuckerberg are really guilty of interfering in the internal affairs of the goyim, why should all the other Jews, and especially the Jews of Israel, die for their guilt?


Those Jewish Tycoons who tried to rule Germany and provoked the anger of the German Tycoons that brought Hitler to power, were completely assimilated. They considered themselves true Germans and therefore refused to emigrate until Hitler killed them. What was the guilt of the millions of poor Jews in Eastern Europe? Why did God kill them? If God decided to punish the Jews, let him do it himself, because he is omnipotent. Why would God need self-proclaimed helpers, be it Hitler, Muhammad or Soros?


In one of the movies, Laitman reasonably criticizes the Jews of America who betray Israel. In fact, he should have personally criticized those who are trying to drive a wedge between American and Israeli Jews. But then he would have to criticize Soros and his ilk, but this is not what Laitman does. I wonder what amounts Soros contributes to the fund of Laitman’s  association, Bnei Baruch?


  1. Laitman’s Jeremiad on the moral decline of the Jews is reasonable. The pursuit of money and fraud as a national sport of Jews, then corruption, oblivion of the prophets (religion is reduced to cramming texts without understanding) — all this really threatens the foundations of Jewish society both in Israel and in the Diaspora.


On the one hand, the Jews of Israel want to profit from the newcomers, and on the other, the rich Jews of the United States and Europe betray Israel for their careers,  curry favor with anti-Semites, competing with them in supporting the immoral anti-Semitic attack of the terrorist state(s) of Palestine against the people of Israel.


But how Mikhail Laitman is going to fight these bad phenomena? Maybe, by inflaming confrontation between Jews with different color of skin? By helping to arrange an election booth? Or by de-legitimizing of the Jewish state and Zionism, by providing propaganda in the style of the New Israel Fund? By the justifying the genocide of the Jews In advance, by claiming that the Jews are a spoiled people that must be destroyed?


I would advise our philosopher not to judge after himself, but take a closer look at the people around him, think about how they can actually be helped to get rid of the mafia, corrupt officials, banks, police and corrupt lawyers who created the sort of situation in Israel — you cannot live if you don’t steal. It is difficult to maintain morality in people who are deceived and robbed every day, drived into poverty.


Ethiopians are really only part of the problem. Those who incited the Ethiopians against the working majority did them a disservice. And one of these is Kabbalist Mikhail Laitman.