The globalists would like to ban scientific genetics, as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union did in its time. Today, the left, progressives, and other supporters (or rather lackeys) of globalism are rolling along the same path. By the way, Muhammad actually banned the nations 1400 years ago. Muslims, in his opinion, should not have a nationality.


In fact, genetics oppose racism and chauvinism. It scientifically proved that people do not have «pure races». Nationalism is just an ideology, one of many. But this ideology appeals to patriotism, a feeling that is «programmed» in our genes. Patriotism is one of the manifestations of altruism.


Yes, very often this instinct is manipulated by leaders for their own goals, far from altruistic. There are many examples, the most «classic» example is Hitler.


All of the above does not mean that we must erase altruism, including patriotism, from ourselves in order to achieve some vague global goals. But this is what the globalists are pushing us to, through hired left-wing ideologists, the media, and Facebook.


Freedom of conscience lies in the fact that everyone has the right to choose their beliefs, including atheism, religion, and nationality.


However, the Israeli Law of Return provides for the genetic proximity of repatriates to the Jewish people, or the passage of conversion. This is despite the fact that the majority of Israelis are not religious, like most of the Jews of the diaspora. Why is that? Most likely because the innate instinct of patriotism, like the moral «attraction» to the biological father and mother, is based on an awareness of biological relationships.


Globalists slip us a pacifier instead of a real mother, but nothing will come of it. No globalists with the left can remake the genes of eight billion people. Just as the CPSU was unable to implement the project of a «united Soviet people», the globalists will fail with their policy of «de-nationalization» of the whole world.


In order to unite all peoples under their rule, globalists are forced to again resort to the ancient means — anti-Semitism. The same technique was used by the Russian Empire and Hitler. It turned out that the drug of anti-Semitism destroys the moral foundations of entire nations and of Humankind.


…………… ..


The goal of Zionism and of the State of Israel is to save the remnants of the Jewish people from genocide, that is, the extermination of genes.

Just as we list endangered animal species in the Red Book, the Red Book of peoples threatened by genetic extinction is needed. Each nation with its diverse genes and culture has value to itself and to all mankind. Therefore, genocide is a crime against all humanity, according to the UN Charter.

The desire of the Bolsheviks, and today of the left and globalists, to eliminate nations is far from being the progress of all mankind. The elimination of nations and nation-states will lead to a general degradation that has already begun in Europe. The true path of progress of individual peoples and all of humanity lies in the middle between globalism and chauvinism. Both of these extremes should be eliminated from our lives.