Our Arab fellow citizens want their representatives to participate in the Israeli government. Unfortunately, their representatives set forth unacceptable conditions for their participation. They demand the abolition of the right of Jews to return, and the Law on the Nation, which proclaimed Israel a Jewish, Zionist state in which minorities have equal rights and obligations.


Israeli Arab politicians also support Palestine’s demand to introduce millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees into Israel, which will turn Israel into another Arab state in which the Jewish minority will be allowed (or not allowed?).


The anti-Zionist demands of Arab politicians are unacceptable to Jews and to all people of goodwill. Jews need a state of refuge. Anti-Semitism not only did not disappear but, on the contrary, sharply intensified throughout the world, largely due to Palestinian anti-Semitic propaganda.


We, the Jewish Israelis, need an independent Jewish state that can protect us from the anti-Semites of the entire planet united against the Jewish state under the flag of the Cause of Palestine.


The demands to repeal the Law of Return and the Law on the Nation are unacceptable. Yet more unacceptable is the desire of Arab politicians to disrupt Trump’s peace initiative, which paves the way for peace in the Middle East, while protecting Israel’s security and our legitimate rights.


Israeli Arab politicians (or most of them) have shown that they serve not their constituents, but their foreign “donors” and the state of Palestine. Unfortunately, there is a gap between the interests of most Arabs in Israel and the real policies of the United Arab List.


I salute those Arabs who serve in the army and give their lives for the Jewish state in which they are an equal minority. If the Arab politicians behave the same way, then I will be for their participation in the government.


If the Arabs want to participate in the government, they are obliged to recognize the right of Jews to return (Zionism) and the Law on the Nation (Hok aLeom). In other words, recognize Israel as a Jewish state. And also remove in the coalition agreement the demand to return the descendants of Palestinian refugees to the territory of the Jewish state. And stop supporting the aggression of Palestine, and especially of Hamas, against Israel.


Let them sign all this in a coalition agreement. Then they can be accepted into the government not only by Israeli left minority but also by the party of the Jewish majority, Likud. Unfortunately, it is not yet apparent that Arab politicians have agreed to participate even in the Gantz government. Instead, they want to give “outside” support to the minority government, Kahol Laban + Lieberman. They want to maintain their anti-Israeli position and at the same time give our traitors the opportunity to gain power.


This «outside support» instead of participating in the government on terms acceptable to the majority is evidence that both Arab politicians and Kahol Laban and Lieberman go against the Jewish majority of Israel. Yes, and against the very existence of Israel as the Jewish state.


When opponents of Netanyahu (or of Likud) want to rely on anti-Semitic trolls just in order to come to power, this causes the indignation of the people of Israel. Not because we are against the Arabs, but because it will be an alliance of the Jewish agents of our left opponents in the USA and Europe with the Arab agents of our still enemies with whom Netanyahu is trying to negotiate peace and cooperation.


Simply put, the «moderate» leaders of the Arab world, together with leftist Jewish tycoons are trying to throw Netanyahu with the support of Arab politicians in Israel, and replace him with a more «convenient» partner, Lapid, who is hiding behind the mighty figure of Ganz.


Our problem is that the «convenient» leaders of the Jews will surrender us, agreeing to such conditions of «peace» from which we will perish. The case of Oslo and Disengagement will repeat itself, now in the form of a final catastrophe.


The main sin of Arab politicians is that they do not so much work in the interests of their constituents as they serve anti-Semites against the state of Israel. At least it has been so far.


Well, this stereotype is starting to change. The United Arab list did not include outspoken supporters of the destruction of Israel, who in the past set the tone for the Arab sector, for example, the leader of the party BALAD, Azmi Bshara, who sits in Qatar and continues to rule his party in Israel.


BALAD is the only Arab party that refuses to support the government under Gantz. Without its support, the left coalition cannot gain needed 61 sits in the Knesset. Actually, Katar sponsors of BALAD decide who will lead Israel.


Israeli Arab politicians must first prove that they are not Israel’s enemies, and only then can they talk about their entry into any Israeli government, better on the right than on the left.