Israel is our land which we seized legally. 

The Palestinian settlers obtained their land for free, as a gift from Ottoman Sultan and from British Empire.

We, Ashkenazi Jews, have purchased Israel Land paying high price in money.  The land prices in Palestine increased from 1910 to 1944 by 50 times. The Zionist Jews purchased Palestine land paying very high prices, tenfold higher, than Europe and USA prices of that period.

Thus, one half of that part of Palestine, which turned Israel, we obtained legally, in exchange for our money, not as a gift, and not due to war. 

Just the Palestinians invited external force, Arab states to intervene in their conflict with the Jews, with a plea to repeat Holocaust. So, the Palestinians are responsible for 1948 Israel-Arab war. They lose in this war an additional part of Palestine land. 

The Europeans appropriated the Jewish property after 6.000.000 Jews murdered by Europeans. Those who have performed both Holocaust and support of Palestine Cause, may compensate Palestinians, using the property stolen from the Jews.

Out of 800.000 Arab Jews who fled their Arab countries, 500.000 more arrived to Palestine/Israel. Another 200.000 Jews fled Turkey and Iran, and arrived to Israel/Palestine.  Currently, the Oriental Jews are one half of Israel Jews. 

Muslims have appropriated the abandoned Jewish property, including land, which exceeded whole Palestine. Thus, the Oriental Jews were deprived their property in the Muslim lands. So, let Arab and Muslim states compensate the Palestinian losses of land, exactly from the land, stolen from the Jews.

Regarding our mixed race, so the Palestinians are as mixed as the Jews. Most massive influx of Arab population occurred in the course of last three centuries. Me personally acquainted with Israeli Arabs of Syrian, Saudi, Lebanese, Sudanese and Egyptian roots, with Bedouin, Druze and Christians, who settled Palestine in the course of last few centuries.

We Jews saved ourselves from degeneration just due to mixing with non-Jews. The essence of racist anti-Semitic accusation of “improper» Jewish Race is, actually, why do the Jews survived isolation, anti-Semitic persecutions and few Holocausts.

Currently, Iran’s ayatollahs are composing nuclear warheads with the official goal to perform the genocide of the Israel Jews. The Palestinians are busy with giving them a new pretext for anti-Semitic crime against Humanity. The Palestinians share their part of the responsibility for this prepared crime, just like they are responsible for their part in the previous nine attempts of Israel Jews’ genocide.