(Taken from «United with Israel» mail):

“Palestinian leader Abbas did not demand that Hamas cease to seek Israel’s destruction, as a previous report had claimed.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has refuted a report citing an alleged demand by PA head Mahmoud Abbas that members of the Hamas terror group must recognize Israel if they want to be included in the cabinet of a unity government.

Haaretz reported Monday that Abbas made the statement during a meeting with 12 former Israeli lawmakers at the PA headquarters in Ramallah.

In response to the report, Abbas’s office said, “The presidency denies the remarks attributed to the president by Haaretz.’”

Both the US and Israel stated in October that they would not negotiate with any Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas as long as the terror group refuses to recognize Israel, among other conditions.”

“Yet Yahya Sinwar, the political chief of Hamas in Gaza, said in response that “gone is the time in which Hamas discussed recognition of Israel. The discussion now is about when we will wipe out Israel.”

Hamas and Abbas’s Fatah party recently signed a reconciliation agreement that would end PA sanctions on Gaza and restore a PA-controlled government in the coastal territory by December 1.

Israel announced that it will not conduct diplomatic negotiations with the PA after it signed a reconciliation deal with the Hamas terror group.”


Therefore I insist, that Israel must temporary resolve the problem of the Palestinian independence by one sided recognizing of the existing twofold Palestine state. Let Palestine turn full member of anti-Semitic UN. In any case they belong to anti-Semites.

In another hand, we must announce war on this aggressive, islamist state, which seeks annihilation of Israel by the means of a war, terror and anti-Semitic propaganda.  It means, Israel must continue all existing security measures, that is we must prolong the existing occupation of the West Bank and (partial) blockade of Gaza. Both measures are legal under International law.

In addition, Israel must perform the one-sided implementation of Oslo accords, that is formal annexation of the “C” zone, where seat all Jews of the West Bank. This Oslo border may be changed in the way, which fits the international law, that is only through a new peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, for example, on the basis of land and population “swaps”. Naturally, HAMAS must sign such agreement, along with FATAH government.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Christians, Muslims, & More AGAINST Evil Zionism :

    We will not tolerate the splitting that is occurring — WE HAVE DECREASED THE AMOUNT OF OWNERS IN AN OBJECTIVE MANNER, so PLEASE do not take it personally — This community is «Christians, Muslims & More AGAINST evil zionists.» THE ONLY GROUP THAT IS THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY ON EARTH IS THE zionists THAT COME IN MANY DECEPTIVE FORMS; they are THE ONLY TARGET HERE.
    The zionists are anti-islam. Christians are not anti-islam. The zionists are anti-christian. Muslims are not anti-christian. STAY FOCUSED AND RECOGNIZE «satan» WHEN it REARS its COWARDLY MOST UNCLEAN HEAD. Take care and GOD bless! We must go. 🙂

  2. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Aaron Houseknight
    +均 横尾
    Palestinian flight in 1948 was the result of Palestinian and Muslim attempt to perform genocide of the Jews just 3 years after Greater Holocaust. Not occasionally, British and French colonial agencies have released from jail and brought to Palestine (1946) Hitler’s pupil Amin al Husseini. Out of 5 Arab states, which participated this attempt, 3 were British allies, 2 were French allies. Al Husseini sought to undermine peace efforts due to Naqba, which he initiated. This way Palestinian leader succeeded to turn the conflict eternal. In addition, Muslims performed pogroms and ousted Jews from their homes in Arab lands. Currently, the descendants of these Arab Jews are majority of Israel population. At the bottom line, there was population exchange between Israel and Arabs. Your painting of the conflict as Jews persecuting Palestinians is distortion of truth.

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