«Politically correct truth» says that Islam, in general, is the right religion, but some Muslims misunderstand it.

But My personal experience, as well as the collective experience of non-Muslims, says exactly opposite: most of the Muslims we face in our life are good people. But when Muslims unite and act collectively, for example, as part of a religious-political movement, or an army, or a nation, or an «Islamic ummah,» they commit mass crimes. There are a lot of examples. Today, the so-called Islamists are eager for nuclear weapons and threaten to destroy this planet, in the name of Allah and Muhammad. 

Common sense says that the problem are not Muslims as people, but the Islamic religion. Even a cursory analysis shows that the deeds and teachings of Muhammad cannot serve an example of  moral behavior of Muslims towards non-Muslims, both in everyday life and in politics. The fact that non-Muslims make up the majority on this planet does not matter to Muhammad, he believes that «non-Muslim cannot be equal to a Muslim». 

Accordingly, the «politically correct» behavior of non-Muslims only confirms the basic message of Muhammad: Muslims will win, even if today they are minority and are weak. Anyway, Muslims must attack the «infidels» in the name of Islam, in all ways, from war to bribery and treachery. «The infidels» will either turn to Islam, or submit and will pay a tax, or they will be destroyed. The goal justifies the means — this is the essence of the doctrine of Muhammad as a politician. 

We all have to understand that the victory of such Islam is the way to the end of the Mankind, that is, the apocalypse. This is not only a nuclear baton in the hands of Islamists. Equally important is the principle that «the goal justifies the means». Islamic policy generates conflicts within the «Islamic ummah». Today’s wars between Muslims are a consequence of islamist doctrine. These «internal» conflicts between Muslims are unavoidable, and they serve as a prototype of the future «World caliphate», that is, the world domination of the Muslims. If we all become Muslims, then we will destroy each other mutually. Namely, the World Caliphate means Apocalypse, or the End of the World.

In order to avoid this End of the World, which threatened  Muhammad in his Qur’an, the «infidels», together with non-Jihadist Muslims, are obliged to render firm resistance to jihad in all its forms and manifestations, and simultaneously to explain to all Muslims, where they are wrong. Instead of «politically correct» chatter and concessions in matters of principle, the Justice should become the basis of the international community’s policy towards the Muslims,. 

It also means that the «infidels» have to correct themselves in order to be saved from the Islamist apocalypse. Morality must return to our daily life and politics, otherwise all will perish physically. Politicians are obliged to stop their habitual intrigues and lies, we must stop massive corruption, exploitation and trafficking drugs. We all must begin correcting ourselves and uniting against Jihad. 

The reform of Islam, which many Muslims talk about, must be radical, otherwise it will fix nothing. The international community must help Muslims proclaiming «Islam with a human face,» even if they are not the majority in their countries. The dream of democracy in the countries of Islam must be postponed until Islam is radically reformed, or lose its influence. 

Those Muslims who are fighting against aggressive Islam, like Al Sissi in Egypt and Gulen in Turkey, are right, even if they remain minority in their countries. Just these people must implement the reform of Islam, and create Islam with a human face as an alternative to Islamist aggression. Until they win, even the most pleasant Muslims will remain potential enemies, capable at any moment turn beasts «in the name of Islam.» At the bottom line, the best way to reassure and convince Muslims is to take hard line of Justice.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    TomKalbfus, on 21 Oct 2017 — 09:13 AM, said:
    What about the Aztec people who sacrificed human victims to their god? Is that the same thing as religiously motivated terrorism?

    In XXI century Aztec people don’t perform Jihad using nuces, immigration and money. Reform of Islam is vital NOW. Vital for whole Humankind. The Christianity was initially peaceful, and it was reformed in the course of last 200 years. Judaism rejects spreading itself at all. Therefore it never constituted a threat for all Humankind, and it lose most of its believers due to secularization and Holocaust.

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