The World’s drug traffic value roughly corresponds to the value of the oil trade. The damage that drugs bring to the health of all mankind, and especially to the health of «developed» peoples, cannot be overemphasized. Apparently, drug addiction has become one of the main causes of the degradation of «developed» peoples.

The so-called «struggle» against a drug trafficking only leads to a rise of the price for the «consumers» and to additional enrichment of corrupt officials and politicians.

It’s a strange situation when drug trade traffic and distribution is forbidden, while use is not forbidden. But how we may forbid drug to people who have fallen into the pit of drug dependence, anyway they will violate the ban, while putting everyone in prison is also not a solution. There are calls to legalize all drugs. That is, make it even more accessible. This is also bad solution.

The common sense says, that the society is obliged to help the people that suffer from drug dependence. We must keep in mind, that this problem is both social and medical.

Thus, let’s go to the essence of the proposal. It is necessary to establish a state monopoly on the traffic and distribution of drugs, and simultaneously reduce prices enough, that the clandestine traders go bankrupt. Then they will not have money to bribe officials.

Drugs should be sold in a pharmacy on prescription, like all other medicines. The same family physician, or expert narcologist, will control the sort and amount of the drug, depending on the patient’s condition. And he will try to save the patient from drug dependence by prescribing a course of treatment, or if necessary, refer for inpatient treatment.

In addition, patients will have to be under the control of the social service, regardless of their welfare.

Finally, relatives of people addicted to drug should not be afraid to inform the doctor about the condition of their loved ones, because the doctor must keep a secret. And social workers are not police, they do not start a criminal case.

In this case, corruption is possible, too, for example, among doctors. Although, the scope of such corruption will not be the same as it is now, because of low prices for drugs

What do you think about such solution for a painful problem?