Two months have passed since the moment we analyzed the state of the COVID affairs in Israel and four other “control” countries. Palestine had to be removed from the “control” list for lack of data.


In the table above, each line has two numbers. The upper one is data for April 2020 (first quarantine) and the lower one is November 2020 (second quarantine). Two months ago we entered the second quarantine, and now we have just started to end.


I must say that I put the previous analysis, and the next day I was admitted to the hospital for … a COVID. I saw very ill patients, and I myself was in poor condition. But OK, doctors and nurses helped me and many other patients. I was discharged after 12 days and continued treatment at home. The doctor explained to Me that a wave of sick people was expected, they needed to free up places, and I was already in a relatively good condition. Be that as it may, the room for the dead (there is one there) was empty.


The personnel of the COVID branch work in harsh conditions, all day in sealed equipment, like astronauts in outer space. Air conditioners work constantly. We, the sick, are cold, we had to put on two suits, but they are hot, inside the suit is hot, their glasses were fogging up. After work, they get a shower and change all their clothes.


But let’s look at the data in the table, what has changed in two months. Let’s compare five countries in terms of “end result”, that is, the number of deaths per million population, as of November 15, 2020. The order remained the same: the USA (815 people per million of the population), Italy (770), Sweden (610), Israel (290), and Greece last (120). It would seem that we are in the honorable penultimate place.


But if we turn to the rate of growth of the threat, here Israel is in the first place (1028% in six months), followed by Greece (758%), the USA (312%), Sweden (171%), and Italy (147%).


The second quarantine was a forced and necessary measure, which I can confirm based on personal experience. Of course, this has an economic and social cost, but the death of people is also a social cost. You have to choose between bad and even worse.

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