In general, politicians behave like artists. To start and pursue a career, they really need a Maecenas with money. Let’s recall Barack Obama, that had no money to start his carrier. Money for political advertising, for hospitality expenses, on assistants and advisers … In the end, for himself and the family.

After all, a politician turns a brand, a company that requires costs, but receives very little income, or suffers losses in case of losing the election.

This “suspended» state of non-rich politicians misuse the owners of big money, both Israeli and overseas and European, and in recent years also Russian and Ukrainian Tycoons. They finance cheap Israeli politicians who, as a result, are forced to serve not voters, but their money “patrons.”

To avoid the very negative result of this phenomenon, which in the worst case, which Israel is in, could lead to the destruction of the state, a law on party financing has long been passed.

Unfortunately, this law is outdated and has become an incentive for numerous violations, some of which are listed in the article “The cigars of Netanyahu and the money of tycoons”. In addition, politicians often confuse donations “for politics” with their own pockets.

In order to fix the situation on the part of the legislation, we simply have to admit what actually exists, namely: popular politicians are a brand. They should be entitled to open a business under this brand. Which business, or what types of firms?

Firstly, «a partnership without profit objectives.» From the money of such a “partnership” (amusement), the politician will be able to cover his expenses for advertising, hospitality, travel for work, etc. The partnership is required by law to transfer annually a financial report and a report on the work done.

Before the election, the Central Election Commission will check the annual report of a partnership and give permission to participate in the elections. Or not give, if the politician has violated the terms of the partnership. For example, donations from abroad should not exceed 30% of the total amount of donations. A politician should not serve the citizens of other states, otherwise, he becomes a lobbyist and should not occupy elected posts.

If a politician reaches a high degree of popularity, he will be able to formalize his company as “authorized” and receive legitimate income from it in his own pocket. Of course, at the same time, he will have to pay a value-added tax, from which the costs of “politics” should be deducted.

If a “friend” of a politician wants to give him a personal gift, the value of this gift should be included in his company’s report.

Well, the parties will be able to open a «limited liability company.» In the event of the election defeat, such a party will not be obliged to repay debts. Those who want to influence politics must risk their money.

But most importantly, the politician will have to publish the names of the donors yet before the election. When everything is done legally and openly, donations cannot become a means of blackmail. Politicians will no longer be held hostage by their sponsors. The openness of politicians’ income sources is crucial.

If a politician takes a high post and has to resolve issues related to the interests of his sponsors, then the decision must be transferred to another politician or official, or ultimately to parliament. In extreme cases, the decision will be made by the head of the government. That in order to not raise the question of what prompted the minister to make this or that decision: the interests of the state or the money that the “sponsor” once contributed to the account of a politician.


By the way, the “sponsor” can pay to politicians many years earlier or later, long after the action for which a bribe was paid. As we know, former US presidents create funds of their own names, which receive money from their wealthy “friends.” “For some reason” the names of the “sponsors” are kept secret from the public.

At the same time, there are reports that former President Clinton receives the largest contributions from Middle Eastern Islamic tycoons. Perhaps this is a payment for Oslo and events that followed it, for the billions that the West pours into Palestine, for the war against Serbia, and other pro-Islamic actions of President Clinton.

President Carter is accused of writing his book “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid”, under the influence of his Arab sponsors. Media point out that yet before being elected president, he was financially dependent on the Saudi bank, which saved his savings in another bankrupt bank.

The false ideology of “Israeli apartheid” is the basis for the demands to destroy Israel, which are heard in the United States.

“According to Harvard University professor of law Alan Dershowitz, describing mistakes and deliberate distortions of the truth in this book would have been enough for a separate volume. In the review, Professor Dershowitz wonders: what could make a “decent person ”, whom Carter considers himself, write such an openly lying book? [5]”

This book underlines the accusations of apartheid made against Israel in America. President Obama has put pressure on Netanyahu, threatening to officially declare us “apartheid.” It is possible that Obama’s attitude to Israel is due to the fact that the beginning of Obama’s political career was laid by the Saudi billionaire, so Obama bowed deeply in gratitude to the Saudi king.

Obviously, the sources of income to the funds of politicians should be known to the public for life.

The only American president who does not need handouts from any tycoons is Trump. Therefore, his policies are so dramatically different from those of his predecessors, including Republican Bush.

There a lot to say about Europe, the whole world knows that most European politicians are fed by Middle Eastern money bags. And they pay for this by an undeclared war against Israel and Serbia. The list of wars and genocides goes on.

The media wrote about the money that came from Saudi Arabia to French President Jacques Chirac. Islam Gaddafi announced to the world that his father “sponsored” French President Sarkozy. It was after this statement that Muammar Gaddafi was killed. British politician George Galloway does not even hide who his “sponsors” are.

If Europeans do not cope with the wholesale problem of their politicians, then Europe will really disappear from the face of the earth.

We all know the savage persecution to which the United Nations exposes the Jewish state. There is no doubt that the cause of this phenomenon is the general corruption of the UN apparatus and politicians. If no one takes care to end this scandal, the UN will be destroyed.

And finally, the anti-Semitism of most politicians in the World Village is also the result of corruption. Unlike mere mortals, who act under the influence of emotions and brainwashing, politicians understand everything well. If they adhere to the “pro-Palestinian”, anti-Israeli ideology, then this is an obvious result of corruption.

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