Let’s compare the statistics of coronavirus as of 2020.04.20 in six countries: the USA, Israel, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and Finland. All countries excluding Sweden introduced quarantine.

The rate of cases detected in Sweden and Israel is almost the same, and in the most affected country, Italy, it is twice as high. US and Germany statistics are somewhere in between. Finland is affected by one-half of Sweden’s and Israel’s rates.

True, the number of proven cases depends on the number of tests performed, so this indicator is not so reliable.

But the rate of deaths in relation to the entire population is an accurate indicator. As of 04/20/2020, in the USA, 0.0121% of the population died from the COVID, in Israel – 0.0018%, in Italy 0.0341%, in Germany 0.00558%, in Sweden 0.0151% and in Finland 0.0017%. That is, in Sweden, where is no strict quarantine, mortality is half as much as in Italy but higher than in the US, 2.75 times higher than in Germany, and 8 times higher than in Israel and Finland.

There are factors that worsen the condition of the population and contribute to the epidemic: crowded cities, cramped housing, sanitary conditions, and social behavior. Let’s check the effect of crowding, or rather population density.

The average population density in Sweden is 23 people per square kilometer, in Finland 16, in the United States – 38, in Italy – 200, in Germany 233, and in Israel – 432 people per square kilometer. Of course, the average population density is not always associated with crowding in cities and with “social crowding”. For example, in Sweden, more than half of the sick and dead are inhabitants of Stockholm the capital.

From this point of view, Israel is in much worse condition to everyone, especially Sweden and Finland. Sociability, too, because the Swedes are restrained people, prone to loneliness. So why are our indicators, pah-pah, better? The conclusion is clear: our government, the Ministry of Health, doctors, the information system are better. Yes, and people, though crazy, but mostly with common sense.

It turns out that just in Israel quarantine is still useful. And here I must praise Netanyahu. Those who shout to him “tired of you”, now must thank Bibi for not listening to them and for not agreeing to resign.

After all, he could get rid of the burden of responsibility, the screams of the media, accusations, and attacks. What is easier: to transfer leadership of Likud to Barkat, let him form the government with whom he wants. Or transfer the post of the prime minister to an inexperienced Ganz, who will be replaced by a cunning fool Lapid, the one who said that Netanyahu allegedly invented the COVID to stay in power.

In short, those who voted against Bibi shot themselves in the foot. Or to the head. Let Bibi deal with the COVID and get us out of the crisis. After he does the work, Ganz will be able to replace the hard worker Bibi.


However, maybe the Jews have another reason for the low mortality from the COVID… In the Middle Ages, we were accused of spreading the plague. Maybe there was some truth in this accusation. Jews traded through all the countries of three continents, from Western Europe to China, and later in the New World.

On the way, they could become infected with something bad, die, or get sick and survive. And then bring the disease home, to relatives and friends. They lived then crowded, in close ghettos of close medieval cities. Non-Jewish neighbors could become infected by Jews. In those days, they did not understand viruses and germs, they accused Jews of poisoning wells, which in fact was not.

Over the past two millennia, Jews have been exposed to all sorts of epidemics more than the rest of the population. Those who had weak immunity became extinct and left no descendants. Only individuals with increased immunity survived, and transferred their genes to descendants. Here is the result.

Of course, this is only a hypothesis. To test it, research is needed. In the meantime, we must protect ourselves, God preserves the safe.

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