In the course of last 30 years there were few attempts of Israeli-Palestinian solution and one proposal that failed.

For example, Shamir government tried Jordan-Palestinian option (1990), then Rabin and Peres signed and tried to implement Oslo accords, then Ehud Barak tried to appease Palestinians with the help of Bill Clinton, then Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni performed one-sided “disengagement” from Gaza and tried to appease Palestinians with the help of George Bush, then John Kerry tried to get both sides to compromise.

The Palestinians eat Israeli concessions but responded with exploding buses, hotels, restaurants and dancing halls. Arafat refused compromise and launched Intifada. The answer to “disengagement” from Gaza was HAMAS’ cup. Since then we get rockets from Gaza, in addition to rockets from Hezbollah. 

Finally, Donald Trump made quite realistic conclusion, that incessant anti-semitic pressure on Israel encourages Palestine to seek genocide of the Jews, and forces us to resist such pressure, at the expense of peace solution. Trump’s pro-Israel gestures (like recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, or cutting money subsidies to Palestine), were designed to restore justice, so giving push to peace efforts.

Israel voters’ steady support for Netanyahu reflects overall Israeli belief that the compromise with Palestinians is impossible, so we must prepare bomb shelters. We have no doubt about Palestinians’ intentions: they try to perform the genocide of the Jews that they failed to perform in 1948.

Jews promoting BDS and Palestine Cause are regular traitors. The Left that supports Palestine continues Hitler’s cause. Such is sincere opinion of all Israelis.

Our internal dispute is about the response to the situation when entire World helps Palestine to murder Israel. Most of us believe in Netanyahu’s way. Three retired generals that contested Netanyahu, were soldiers that fought Palestinians in the past, and even were injured. They lost elections since they have no political alternative to Netanyahu. It’s no paradox: Israelis wanting Peace vote for Netanyahu.

Those Americans and Europeans who attack Netanyahu, actually attack whole Am Israel. Our response is support to Netanyahu. Me personally disagree with some his policies but vote for him. Like most of Israelis, I’m not a right wing supremacist, but I’m not ready to give up My home, My family and My people.

We stand firmly against numerous anti-semitic forces, starting from Palestinians, through Islamist supremacists, and ending in Western anti-Semites, headed by globalist “elites” that turned for their own reasons from mr Hitler to the Left.