Just Israel is largely to blame.

Let recall another state in the World, which in response to rocket fires on its territory gives the enemy electricity, water, food, money (collected from taxpayers in Israel)? I do not know another country like that.

It would not be simpler to: keep score in missile-days: launched a rocket from Gaza – a day not to give energy, water, calculate losses and not pay.

They launched N missiles – the same N days.

Gaza workers destroyed the substation in Gaza. Why is it being repaired by the Israelis? This is idiocy of some kind.

Has sent the UNRWA office money to Gaza, let this amount reduce from Israeli payments.

So, Israel does not differ much from UNRWA. Feeds and gives drinks …  The only difference is that in exchange gets rockets and terrorist attacks.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

Who will explain? I ask these questions on the forums. Nobody is answering.



In response to the author Valer.

Well, I do explain: Palestinians are “covered” by all anti-Semites of the planet Earth, from European and American elites, international corporations, to Jewish patrons of Palestine, Pope, Islamists, black racists of South Africa, Russian anti-Semites, etc. The Palestinian people placed themselves at the center of the world anti-Semitic ideology.

The “Left”, for example the Jewish traitor Israel Shamir, announced that Hitler had arranged the Holocaust in order to save the Palestinian people from the Nakba, which he foresaw. For the same purpose, Hitler sent Rommel, and when that was stopped, he began to break through to the Middle East through the Caucasus. Today Europe is hitlerized openly, under the pretext of “protecting Palestine”. Even many “Jewish brothers” betrayed Israel and began to defend Palestine.

The present provocations of Palestinians in Gaza are aimed at giving the pretext for an attack against Israel by Iran. But even if this attack does not take place, the Palestinians have already succeeded in provoking a new outbreak of “New Anti-Semitism” all over the World. Jewish intellectuals and tycoons beat themselves in the chest, how they love Palestine, and deny any connection with Israel, its government, which is democratically elected by the majority of Israelis, and refuse to recognize their relatives who serve in the Israeli army.

However, we should not judge Jews too severely. To create the image of the enemy of all mankind, whose role is assigned to the Jewish state, there exist a powerful brainwashing machine, that includes almost all media, including electronic media, and the same policy is directed by Facebook, Google and many others. For the help are added “Electronic Intifada” and “Palllywood” of Palestinians, plus mercenary intellectuals. And also volunteers of anti-Semitism, most of whom suffer from mania on the basis of Israel and / or Jews. There is nothing surprising in this phenomenon. If in the 19th century patients suffered from delusions of grandeur, imitating Napoleon, then massive brainwashing in the 20th century encouraged mentally unstable people to imagine themselves fighters for the salvation of mankind from Jews (Hitler), and in the 21st century – from Israel.

Not terror, but economic sanctions are  most effective and modern means of war. BDS is an anti-Semitic war, whose goal is not the “protection of Palestine”, but the genocide of Jews in Israel. The BDS initiators are not students (who cannot de-invest their funds from Israel, because of those don’t exist), but tycoons, including Soros, the one who, as a teenager, helped the Nazis to hunt the Jews.

Palestine is just an excuse to convince fools to believe that the “new” left-wing anti-Semites are very different from the “traditional” right-wing anti-Semites. Today, the “left” “liberal” anti-Semites reassure the Jews of Diaspora, say, “you will not be touched”. Many Jews buy this lie, try to divert from themselves the anti-Semitic threat, proving that they side Palestine against Israel. I would like to remind them that if Israel will end, then in “Hour X”, they will have nowhere to hide.  This hour is already coming in Europe.

At the World Congress “against anti-Semitism,” I found that anti-Zionism and enmity toward Israel were officially excluded from the notion of “anti-Semitism.” We are permitted  to be hunted, as required by the Charter of Hamas. The Iranian nuke, is good if it is intended only for Israel. True, by their attack on Saudi Arabia, the Iranians proved that their goal is not only Israel, and so Trump canceled the nuclear deal.

So, the entire Palestinian people, from leaders to children, understand that they are under the cover of anti-Semites, and they use this criminal “support” to extract all sorts of benefits, from money to fame in the media (Tamimi girl), movies (“Jenin, Jenin “), Symbols (Muhammad Dura). A boy who bravely throws a stone against a huge tank knows that at that moment the correspondent who paid him for the feat makes movie, and that the terrible tank will not dare to kill him. A much greater danger comes to this boy from his own folks, who may shot in the back and blame the death of the child on Israel, as it happened in the case of Muhammad Dura.

The “strange war” of Palestinians against Jews has been going on for hundreds of years. In the past, as today, the Palestinians have always been convinced that they are allowed to perform any crimes, under condition, that these crimes are directed against Jews or Israel. Conversely, Jews, and then Israel, are forbidden to punish the Palestinians, whatever they do: pogroms, intifadas, terror against the civilian population, rocket attacks, calls to bomb Israel by NATO forces (as was the case during the bombing of Serbia), and any provocations designed to cause a worldwide anti-Semitic campaign and a jihad against Israel. For hundreds of years the Palestinians have become accustomed to this situation. Therefore, in 1948, they expected that everything would return to normal, the Jews would be thrown out, and the Palestinian refugees would return and seize the property and lands of the Jews, as it happened for the last 1000 years.

The investigations, initiated by UN against Israel, haven’t produce intended indictments by law courts. Goldstone himself confessed, that his «investigation» report was «inappropriate» to be submitted to the law court. Both investigations by the UN were based on unprovable witnesses by HAMAS. 
All current accusations regarding IDF behavior against Gaza rioters come from Pallywood and remain unprovable. They fit the needs of anti-semitic propaganda, but cannot be submitted to the law court. Spreading Palestinian anti-Semitic propaganda is itself a crime.

The Palestinians are waging war against Israel on behalf of all anti-Semites of the planet. The main war is not in Gaza. Here the Palestinians only arranged a permanent theater for the processing of public opinion. The main war we have to wage against the anti-Semitic majority of the whole planet, whose brains are thoroughly washed. The Palestinians are the boy who attacks us, knowing that there is a burglar behind him, ready to intervene at any moment and knock out Israel brains. Watch a movie of Charlie Chaplin, then you will understand what is happening in Gaza.