The opposition managed to intimidate depositors with their unrest and civil war. This is BDS in action, and this action is being carried out by the «opposition», or rather the leftist camp of the civil war, led by Lapid. He was a useless minister of finance, and now he has become a very effective destroyer of the state


However, the hand of Soros is also visible here, this is his way of speculating on currency fluctuations. He earned and continues to earn billions from the riots he organized (he admitted this fact in an interview). After all, he knows before anyone else what will happen in the state that he chose as his victim.


Every word of mine is substantiated by facts. Soros’ participation was exposed by Channel 14 TV, they showed an email from the New Israel Foundation (financed by Soros), which explicitly states that the foundation finances and organizes «demonstrations».


The accusation that Lapid is a BDS was raised by Finance Minister Smotrych and other politicians. Indeed, both Lapid and Hayut urged sponsors to disinvest their considerable money from Israel, to withdraw money from pension funds, in fact, to take away pensions from the elderly. This was the original BDS plan (Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions).


The current BDS was initiated by Lapid, Chief Justice Hayut, and, of course, Soros. They are trying to arrange a catastrophe for us, in order to save the old thieves’ order, from which the people of Israel have been suffering for decades. Long live the Netanyahu revolution!

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