The vast majority of Israelis are not going anywhere, despite the rockets and the worldwide anti-Semitic pandemonium.

In 32 years in Israel, I survived the rockets of Saddam Hussein (1991), the terror of Oslo (the 90s), the Intifada of the 2000s, the disengagement from Gaza with all subsequent shelling, and the rockets of Hezbollah in 2006. We are threatened with annihilation either by the Palestinians, Iran, Hezbollah, or American and European «progressive» anti-Semites, fueled by the money of the globalists.

Despite this, I am not going to leave Israel. My daughter has bought a house here and is raising her children in the spirit of patriotism and respect for Jewish traditions. It works vigorously, providing children with a decent standard of living. I have been retired for 9 years, and I have enough to live on and help my grandchildren.

And most importantly, I do not have to be afraid that tomorrow anti-Semites will seize power in the United States and we will again have to flee somewhere.

I believe that we must defend our country and ourselves, arm ourselves, and strengthen the spirit. Shame on cowards. They won’t gain anything in the new galut. Well, if you do not consider yourself a Jew, then with God. The whole world is open before you. We Jews have only one small country, and we will defend it.

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