A group of known Israeli thinkers discussed the evolution of Zionist ideas.
The professors have finally noticed a number of fundamental facts/phenomena. Firstly, the “left”/progressives were left without an idea. Marxism in all its forms is dead.
The idea of human rights has spawned a strange dictatorship of minorities, from transgender people to Islamists. The only thing that unites this rabble is anti-Semitism.
Those who impose their dictatorship and manipulate the mass consciousness are precisely the globalist billionaires, that are far from being a progressive and social part of society.
The professors noticed the disappearance of social ideas from the field of view of the left. They found that Israeli «new socialism» had moved to the right, into the Religious Zionist camp.
Their opinion that capitalism in its purest form never really existed corresponds to my point of view, namely, already in the embryo of civilization, a dualism of “power” arose: on the one hand, military, political and spiritual leaders, and on the other hand, the rich, controlling all through resources\money. This split in the ruling classes («elites») has not changed to this day.
It seems that American progressivism will not take root on Israeli soil. The reason is very simple: the central idea that unites all progressives is the Cause of Palestine, or the destruction of Israel.
And just as 70 years ago the Israeli left was forced to abandon the god Stalin, today they will have to abandon the pro-American «progressive» ideal. And this revolution begins with a conversation between professors. They return to Hess and his Zionist idea.

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