“The Assembly voted to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba by organizing a high-level event at the UNGA on 15 May 2023. To this end, «L.24» of the «Palestinian Rights Division of the Secretariat» was adopted with 90 votes in favour, 30 against and 47 abstentions.

The Nakba, or «Catastrophe», refers to a series of massive atrocities committed by the Zionist forces that accompanied the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. At least 15,000 Palestinians were killed and more than 750,000 were forcibly driven from their homes, while more than 500 villages were completely destroyed. Although the Nakba certainly did not begin or end in 1948, May 15 is celebrated annually around the world as Nakba Day in recognition of this historic and ongoing violence and colonization of Palestine.»


Now let’s get back to the truth. The Israeli representative to the UN explained to those present that in fact there were two Nakba. The Nakba of the Jews began earlier and ended later than the Nakba of the Palestinians. The Nakba of the Jews began with a series of inspired pogroms of Jews in the Arab world, for example, the famous Baghdad Farhud (June 1941).

However, in Palestine itself, the pogroms of Jews began much earlier, in 1920, and were periodically repeated (1921, 1929, 1936-1939, 1947). Then tens of thousands of Jews were expelled from East Jerusalem. My uncle, my mother’s brother, fled Palestine from the pogrom in 1938, along with his wife and children. In 1941 they all died at the hands of the Ukrainian Nazis.

In total, more than a million Jews fled from the Arab countries, Turkey and Iran. For comparison, during the Palestinian Nakba, up to 700,000 Arabs fled from Palestine. Part of the Palestinians (about 150 thousand people) remained in place or took refuge from the fighting with their neighbors. Now their descendants are citizens of Israel.

Of the 700 thousand Palestinians who fled, about 80% voluntarily left their places of residence, obeying the orders of the Arab leaders, primarily the head of the Supreme Arab Committee, the war criminal Amin al Husseini.

To be fair, it is worth pointing out that the commander of the Arab volunteers, Kawukji, opposed the policy of voluntary expulsion (“evacuation”) of the Arabs of Palestine. According to Benny Morris, his men even turned back the refugee column from Jaffa.

The departing British troops alternately «evacuated» the Arabs from Tiberias, then brought tanks into Jaffa to prevent the Arabs from fleeing. The real forcible expulsion of Arabs by the Israeli army was carried out in Ramla and Lod after the declaration of Israel’s independence (after Benny Morris). Subsequently, the Arabs repopulated these two cities, as well as Acre.

The mostly voluntary «evacuation» of the Arab population from Palestine is a fact proven by historians, witnesses, documents, and even the Arab press of the time. There are enough historical studies on this topic, including those conducted by Palestinian historians.


In order to somehow explain the Nakba, the anti-Semites invented a number of reasons. The most common is the massacre at Deir Yassin, which plunged the Arabs into inexplicable fear. Yes, this incident did take place, but not in the way that anti-Semites describe it.

In order to break through the blockade of Jerusalem, the Etzel and Palmach detachments captured, after a hard battle, the heavily fortified village of Deir Yassin. After the battle, the ETZEL fighters shot the prisoners, including the captured women. These women participated in the defense of the fortress and were captured along with male fighters.

This is not about the massacre of civilians, but about the execution of captured Arab militants. Etzel militants considered it reasonable to kill captured militants since underground Jewish organizations did not have prisons and could not keep prisoners. To let them go free meant risking their lives: in a few hours, they could extract the guns hidden in the caches and kill their humane liberators (such is the opinion of Benny Morris).

The 1949 Geneva Convention, adopted a year after the events in Deir Yassin, forbids shooting prisoners and declares such actions a war crime. Note that these rules apply to regular armies. But in April 1948, there were still no regular armies either from the Jewish or from the Palestinian side. British troops and the Arab Legion of Jordan, which at that time were demonstrating presence in the West Bank, were regular.


In general, when mentioning the Palestinian Nakba, we must always remember that this event took place only three years after the European Holocaust, which, at the initiative of Hitler and his Arab followers, threatened to spill over into the Middle East.

Both Nakbas, Jewish and Palestinian, are inextricably linked with Hitler and Amin al Husseini. Jews saw Amin al Husseini’s victory against his Palestinian Nashashibi rivals as a harbinger of a continuation of the Holocaust, with good reason.

Amin al Husseini did not just sit at Hitler’s house from 1941 to 1945. He promoted among Muslims the cause of Hitler, and in particular the Holocaust of the Jews. And Hitler really planned to genocide all the Jews in the Middle East. In Tunisia, captured by Rommel’s army, a concentration camp for Jews had already been prepared.

At the same time that Rommel was moving from Tunisia to Egypt, with the express intention of advancing into Palestine, the Einsatzgruppe Egypten was formed in Greece, commanded by Walter Rauff, the creator of carbon monoxide exhaust-killing vehicles.

The German Nazis also counted on local Islamist accomplices. In 1948, in the rear of the Egyptian army was a detachment of thugs from the Muslim Brotherhood, which did not take part in the battles. For what purpose were they protected by the British, who prepared this detachment?

Albert Einstein expressed fear that the Jews would take revenge on the Palestinians for the role of their leader in the Holocaust of the Jews, and that is why Ben Gurion and other Zionist leaders were put under powerful pressure by the media, the UN, and Western allies so that God forbid this scenario did not become a reality. After Deir Yassin, a worldwide cry really rose, saying that the Jews are trying to take revenge on the Palestinians for the Holocaust.

And on the other hand, the Russians released from prison another accomplice of Hitler, the Lebanese Kawukdji, who gathered thugs from all over the Middle East and moved them to Palestine  before May 15, threatening to «throw the Jews into the sea.»


According to a study conducted by the Palestinian University of Bir Zeit, 108 Arabs, militants from the local self-defense unit, and several Iraqi volunteers died in Deir Yassin. But in the hot pursuit of the events, the figure was inflated to 245 victims, allegedly women and children. And who inflated this figure? First the Palestinians and the Arabs. For what purpose? To convince the Arab governments to go to war against the Jewish state:

“The Palestinians tried to mobilize public opinion around the world through the press and any platforms they could use to spread the news of the massacre as widely as possible. But their efforts have backfired: instead of forcing the international community to act, they have had a negative impact on Palestinian morale in other areas. This was not the result that the General Secretary of the Arab Higher Committee in Jerusalem, Dr. Hussein Fakhri al-Khalidi, had in mind when he broadcast a statement about the massacre to expose and condemn the Zionists and appeal to Arab common sense, honor, and pride.

However, the massacre dispelled King Farouk’s doubts when he informed Arab leaders on 12 April that Egypt would join the Arab armies in the defense of Palestine following the expected British evacuation from the country on 15 May

This excerpt from a propaganda piece by a Palestinian author reveals the real motive behind calling the Palestinian leaders for the Nakba and exaggerating the Deir Yassin incident. The exodus of the Arabs of Palestine was to prompt the Arab governments to enter the war after the evacuation of British forces on May 15, 1948.

To this end, the Arabs greatly inflated the incident in Deir Yassin, and for the same reason, the leaders of the Jewish Yishuv urged the Palestinians to resist calls to evacuate, suggesting that they remain in their places. According to Benny Morris, the commander of the Carmeli Brigade, Moshe Carmel, suggested that the Muslims and Christians of Haifa stop the evacuation of the Arabs and guaranteed safety. However, the Arabs refused, citing an order received from Amin al Husseini. In the Haifa City Museum, I saw a proclamation by Moshe Carmel, in which he forbade the looting of property abandoned by the Arabs and ordered his fighters to guard the mosques «in view of the expected return of Muslims to the city.» Thirty Jewish local councils entered into agreements with the mukhtars of Arab villages on non-participation in armed struggle and mutual protection.

The Jews were afraid of incurring the indignation of the UN and the armed aggression of the Arab states, supported by Great Britain and France. The Palestinian leadership was just doing everything possible to involve the Arabs in the genocide of the Jews. Amin al Husseini did not abandon the idea of exterminating the Jews. After all, Hitler himself blessed him for this in a personal conversation, and Husseini reported this “blessing” in his diary.

Yes, there are indications that at that time the Arabs were preparing a massacre of the Jews of Palestine. Just like Hamas today makes no secret of its goal to «throw the Jews into the sea.» The Palestinian Nakba was conceived and put into action to justify the coming new crime against humanity.

On the other hand, Ben Gurion hastened to recognize the scale of the «massacre» in Deir Yassin, for his own reasons. His goal was to de-legitimize Menachem Begin and his private army. The case of Altalena and the liquidation of the Etzel armed groups were direct consequences of the events in Deir Yassin.


Let us now dwell on the victims of the Palestinians during the war of 1948-49. The above figure of 15,000 Palestinian victims has not been confirmed. According to a Jewish source (Jewish virtual library), 8,000 Palestinian militants and about 2,000 civilians were killed in this first Arab-Israeli war.

According to a Palestinian historian (Aref al Aref), 13,000 Palestinian militants died. If we accept that the total number of Palestinian victims was 15,000, we arrive at the same figure of 2,000 civilian deaths. This does not yet prove that vile Jews killed innocent babies and old people.

It is not difficult to imagine that among the 700 thousand men, women and children who left their homes, some could not stand the hardships of life in tents, unsanitary conditions and disease. Finally, 2 thousand people could die in two years from natural causes, due to age or from diseases. There was no genocide of the Palestinians during the War of Independence, this is a blood libel adopted by the UN General Assembly as an official document.

The figure of 6,300 Jews who died in the War of Independence, including 2,400 civilians, has been carefully researched and verified. If until May 15, 1948, the Jewish self-defense forces (25 thousand people) opposed 50 thousand poorly armed Palestinians, and another 7 thousand well-armed volunteers from Arab countries, then after the attack of the Arab armies, the ratio of weapons and the number of soldiers changed in favor of the Arabs.


So, 90 states, that is, about half of the UN members, voted for the false version of the Palestinians, not proven by research and court. This is not the first time the UN has passed openly anti-Semitic resolutions in violation of its own charter.

The latest decision of the General Assembly is based on a typical blood libel. Anti-Semitic lies are winning on a global scale. The International Court of Justice has not investigated this slander, but the decision has already been made.

Instead of the upcoming May 15, 2023, World Nakba Day, the State of Israel should proclaim the World Day against Anti-Semitism. Otherwise, why are we a Jewish state?

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    The Secretary General of the Spanish Communist Party, Enrique Santiago, and the deputy spokesperson of the far-Left Podemos Party in the Spanish parliament, Lucía Muñoz, are organizing the event, according to a statement from ACOM.

    “This event is nothing but an exercise in spreading hatred and slander against the State of Israel and the Jewish People, and belittling the Holocaust, even though it slyly tries to add that it also is about fighting antisemitism,” President of ACOM Angel Mas said in a public statement.

    “The scheduled speakers have trivialized the Holocaust, offended survivors, and have a long and sordid history of defaming the Jewish People. This is a festival of hate, and not a pro-Palestinian event by any measure.

    “That this is happening in the Spanish Parliament is a stain on its reputation, and all fair-minded people should be working to ensure that the event does not take place, because it will start with hatred and lead to incitement,” Mas added.

    “This has nothing to do with solidarity with the Palestinians, because it does nothing to push forward the cause of peace. It was clearly designed for one cause, and that is to offend and spread hatred against Jews.”

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