Israel was not created by God, but by Jewish nationalists, that is, Zionists. Honor and glory to them. As for the killing of Jews in Israel, the Palestinian fascists are just the long arm of all anti-Semites on the planet. Yes, killing Jews is more convenient in Israel than in New York. For this, the Palestinians are paid billions of «aid».

If the Palestinians had used the huge «help» from anti-Semites, not into the pockets of the bosses and the maintenance of the army of parasites, then there would no longer be any «refugee camps» in sight. The poverty of the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, in Lebanon is their own merit, and the merit of their «Arab brothers». Don’t blame Israel.

We are the state of former refugees and repatriates. We have overcome all hardships, including the 75-year war of annihilation, and built ourselves, our homes, raised our children, and raise our grandchildren at a decent level.

If you want to really help the Palestinians, get out of this anti-Semitic New Israel Fund and its government of change. And advise the Palestinians to make peace with Israel. Peace will be the best service to the people of Palestine. Unfortunately, as long as there is a war to destroy Israel, we cannot end the occupation of Palestine.

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