In Soviet times, Israel was called «the unsinkable aircraft carrier of the United States». Because I studied the history of Israel, I knew how blatant this lie was. In fact, for the first 20 years of Israel’s existence, the US imposed an arms embargo on Israel. Only after 1967 did they gradually loosen this embargo.

There have never been American military bases in Israel. Israel was not accepted into NATO. All the wars for survival that we had to endure, we fought alone.

Now Ukraine is in the position of Israel. They were not accepted into NATO, the West refused to put planes, do not interfere in battles, Ukrainians were denied air cover, despite the fact that Russia has overwhelming air superiority. And again, Russia put forward the old Soviet stamp, supposedly Ukraine is the «unsinkable aircraft carrier» of the United States.

Instead, Syria is really an aircraft carrier of Russia. The Russian Khmeimim airbase, the Tartus naval base, the S-400, and S-300 anti-missile systems, satellites… To prevent this aircraft carrier from sinking, its captain Assad was supported by military intervention in the civil war. As a result, destroyed cities, millions of refugees.

The Syrian experience is being used by the Russians in Ukraine. The same deliberate shootings of residential buildings, hospitals, the destruction of cities, ten million refugees.

Another unsinkable Russian aircraft carrier is Crimea with its Sevastopol naval base and air bases. The Crimean grouping of the Russian army managed to grab the largest piece from Ukraine.

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