The Law on the Nation needs to be amended to add the nationality «Israeli». Those citizens who cannot be recognized as Jews from the point of view of Orthodox Judaism will be able to accept the nationality of «Israeli» without specifying the religion.

Forcing secular people to undergo Orthodox conversion, to pretend to be believing Jews, to perform rituals that contradict their convictions is a violation of the principle of freedom of conscience.

A law is needed that will enable all who sincerely consider themselves Israelis to proudly call themselves by that name. This way we will be able to «untie» our national convictions from religion. Such a decision will open the door to those Russians, Arabs, and other patriots of Israel who do not want to prevaricate and undergo a false conversion.

After 75 years since Israel was established, the rabbis still did not understand that the situation in the Jewish state is exactly the opposite of what happened in Galut.
The assimilation of non-Jews strengthens the people of Israel. Without the assimilation of non-Jews, Jews will become a minority in the «Jewish state». As it happens with the peoples of Europe and the USA.
Our goal should be a «Zionist state of all citizens.» Only in this way can we resist the onset of globalism, which «erodes» all nations.