The negative attitude towards mixed families in Israel is a remnant of the Galut (Diaspora). In the Galut, we were a tiny minority. Therefore, mixed marriages led to the assimilation of the Jews to the «titular nations» and our disappearance from the face of the earth.

V. Lenin understood this very well. He demanded from the Jews unconditional assimilation. He allowed only fully assimilated Jews into the Bolshevik Party. That is why Lenin was extremely hostile to Zionism, which made it possible for Jews to avoid assimilation.

In Israel, everything turned upside down. Jews are here the majority. Here, and only here, we will not dissolve as a result of mixed marriages. In Israel, mixing enriches and diversifies our people, making us stronger. Only in Israel, for the first time in two thousand years, does intermarriage and assimilation work in favor of the Jews.


In fact, the danger of extinction came to us from the other side. Worldwide social networks are forging a uniform worldwide young generation without a national identity. Globalization and social media affect us all, «mixed», «pure», Jews and non-Jews.

Globalists have a direct impact on all people through Facebook. They help the Israeli left with money (New Israel Fund) and infiltrate the media, the state apparatus, the police, the army, the courts, political parties. They even sent me an offer to join the Illuminati globalist organization, promising to provide promotion and a career or give money to purchase an apartment. I refused.

The government of the left minority in Israel is directly connected with the globalists. For information: the head of the New Israel Fund (this is the long arm of the globalists in Israel) is a member of the ultra-left Meretz party. He is Russian-speaking.

Another agent of the globalists, Yair Lapid, promised us the «de-Jewishization and de-militarization» of Israel (I quote from Haaretz). His voters are zombified by Facebook. Lapid formed a leftist government over the Right-Wing majority of the People of Israel. A year later, Lapid will become Prime Minister of Israel.

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