Islamic beliefs do not necessarily imply enmity towards Israel. As we know, the second hero of the Quran after Muhammad is Moses, who, at the behest of Allah, brought the Children of Israel to their «assigned» land. According to the Qur’an, sura al Maida, 5.21, Mozes spoke in the name of Allah, urging the Children of Israel to enter the Holy Land.

As the spiritual luminaries of the Salafists of Saudi Arabia concluded, «The Koran does not require the destruction of Israel.» This spiritual ordinance opened the way for the «Covenants of Abraham.» In fact, it condemned the Hamas Charter.

The Hamas charter is based not on the Qur’an, but on the Hadiths, not by accident. Hamas substantiates its demand to destroy Israel with a letter that the Caliph sent to the Muslim troops who conquered Syria and Iraq in the 7th century.

The Caliph declared these conquered lands to be the property of Muslims. The sultans of Turkey, who declared themselves Caliphs, acted in the same spirit, populating the Holy Land with Muslims and transferring to settlers large tracts of land. Muslim rulers forbade the Jews to emigrate to their homeland.

Thus, in the case of Palestine, there is a clear contradiction between the instructions of the Qur’an and Islamic laws based on the Hadith. Muslims believe that in the event of such a conflict, they should obey the instructions not of the Hadith, but of the Quran. Hamas’ goals are illegal from an Islamic point of view. This also applies to the Ayatollahs who rule in Iran and Hezbollah. Muslims have the right to disagree with Hamas, Ayatollahs, and Hezbollah, and support Israel in its struggle for recognition.

Allah sent three very clear warnings to Muslims for their attempts to destroy Israel. The first warning was the 1948 Nakba. The second was the 1967 Six-Day War. And the third was the Arab Spring, which began in 2011 and has not ended to this day.

Hamas refuses to recognize our right to exist, thus continuing the war. They hope that Iran and the United States will help them to destroy Israel. The Palestinians are the victims of Hamas, not of Israel. 

Many Muslims have decided to submit to the will of Allah and recognize Israel. Israeli Islamic party joined the Israeli government. This way they recognized Israel.

As for Jerusalem, it is the common holy city for Jews, Muslims, and Christians. God has turned Israel into guards of shrines. We ensure free access to all denominations preventing the Syrian-styled civil war in Jerusalem.

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    Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has called on Muslims «to remove the Zionist black stain from human society» — Clifford D. May,

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