True, other professors, those from Jerusalem, prove with facts in hand that we Jews do exist.

Over the past 15 years, we have witnessed a campaign in which Israeli professors (the so-called Tel Aviv School) try to convince us that Jews as a people do not exist.

We, people of the older generation, have already learned this «theory», which was obligatory in the USSR. Without learning this theory, no higher education diploma could be obtained. The first to expound this theory was the grandson of a Jew, V.I. Lenin.

According to Lenin, Jews do not fit the definition of a «nation» that has the right to exist and to self-determination. On this basis, Lenin refused to unite with the Jewish Social Democratic Party, Bund. Then, referring to Lenin, the Bolsheviks banned both Zionism and the national-cultural autonomy of the Jews and eventually eliminated both Jewish languages, Yiddish and Hebrew. As well as the culture created in these languages.

In fact, apart from a common origin, Jews have always been linked by a single idea, Judaism, and a common national tradition. If you believe the theory of Yuval Noah Harari, this is enough for the existence of a united nation.


Professor Shlomo Zand has written a frankly anti-scientific book entitled “Who Invented the Jewish People and Why”. When he invented his libel, there were already widely known genetic data that contradicted the main message of Zand, that Jews were a collection of ethnic-confessional groups of different ethnic origins. Zand was accused of deliberate lies, and I agree with that charge.


According to the «theory» of the head of the Tel Aviv school, Israel Finkelstein, TANAKH was invented by the malicious propagandists of King Joshiyahu (7th century BC) in order to justify the aggressive policy of this king towards the non-Jewish majority in Palestine.

The professors of the Tel Aviv School, headed by Finkelstein, are trying to convince us that there was no exodus of Jews from Egypt, there was no settling of Jews in the land of Canaan, and there was no kingdom of David and Solomon. Finkelstein denies everything that the Hebrew Bible talks about the forefathers, about the exodus from Egypt, etc., up to the 8th century BC. I listened to his last interview, in which he denied the discoveries of other archaeologists, claimed that they were wrongly dating their excavations, or simply denied the facts.

Finkelstein’s theory says that supposedly the forefathers of the Jews were «social» fugitives from the cities of Canaan, who for some reason organized themselves into 12 tribes and borrowed the nomadic god Yahweh, abandoning the god Baal, familiar to the Canaanites. And they sucked out of the finger stories about the forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, about Egyptian slavery, Moses, Aaron, and Joshua.

In his last interviews, Finkelstein did not provide any evidence of this dogma. True, he admitted that there is no particular reason to deny the existence of kings David and Solomon.


Inconsistency also characterizes another follower of the Tel Aviv School, Professor Bin Nun. After listening to his lectures, I came to the conclusion that he had received a certain task, to promote Finkelstein’s ideas, but in fact, in the course of his research, he did not go to the place where he was sent. The facts he cites contradict Finkelstein’s dogmas.

Contrary to Finkelstein’s tales, Professor Bin Nun informs us that Moses and Aaron’s sons had Egyptian names. And that the Jewish god Yahweh «migrated» from Edom (where he appears under the name Yahweh Teiman) to Penuel and then to Beit El and Shilo, where he was named Yahweh Shomron.

Is it like our God climbed into the Aron Kodesh (Ark of the Covenant) in Teiman and drove 500 kilometers to Canaan on his own, without the help of people? God took a walk and even split in two, and the people who came up with this tale remained to stay in the same place? 

Obviously, it was just the opposite. The Yakov-El tribe, known from Egyptian sources, who migrated from Edom to Canaan, brought with them Aron Kodesh and ideas about the god of the desert Yahweh, whose image, on the initiative of Moses, «merged» with the common Canaanite god El (syncretism). «Social fugitives» have nothing to do with it.

And why is it suddenly half of the families of the Menashe tribe (Alfei Menashe) bear names identical to the families of Edom (Alufei Edom)? According to the Bible, Jacob (Israel) and Esau (Edom) were twins, while Esau was born first. Jacob was tricked into receiving the birthright. It seems that he also stole the God Yahweh from his brother.

Indeed, why did the Egyptian Moses took the god Yahweh from his father-in-law Jethro and announced to the Jews that this was the god of their forefathers? So, the God of the forefathers before Moses had a different name? 

Professor Bin Nun believes that the division of the Bible sources into «Yahvist» and «Elohist», invented by the great researcher Wellhausen, is incorrect.

To be honest, I also tried to divide the TANAKH texts according to this principle, and nothing came of it. According to Professor Bin Nun, «Yahwist» and «Elohist» are one and the same source, which was created on the basis of the syncretism of two «images», Yahweh and Elohim. It seems that this syncretism was created by the «non-existent» Moses himself. Therefore, he was remembered.

Further, Jacob-El renamed himself Isra-El, which is what the Bible tells about (the story of Jacob’s struggle with God). The name Yakov-El is translated simply: «the one who followed El.» The name Isra-El is also very simply translated from modern Hebrew: “El will rule”. That is, from the slaves they became the leaders. This is quite suitable for the era of Moses and Yehoshua bin Nun, who organized the resettlement from Trans-Jordan to Canaan.

Yes, maybe the Canaanite «social» revolutionaries abandoned the god of their rulers Baal and united with the alien tribes Yakov-El/Isra-El under the banner of their common god El. Allusions to this are included in stories about the inhabitants of Gibeon and about the prostitute Rahab from Jericho. After some seven centuries, this story repeated itself in Babylon: the Babylonian opposition helped the Persians to capture their city. There is nothing new under the sun.

But another explanation is also possible: groups of tribes of Transjordan united with the local nomads of Canaan in order to seize power. They united under the banner of the common Canaanite god El, while Yahweh was subsequently highlighted by the group that won the struggle for influence. Syncretism, as they say.
According to Finkeltstein, Yehoshua bin Nun’s campaign of conquest did not exist at all. Archaeologists have not found traces of destruction at the time when, according to the Bible, this campaign was supposed to take place. The tremendous destruction and fires that have been found, for example, in Lachish, Megido, and Hazor, are attributed to the Philistines who appeared in Canaan around 1140 BC.

But if we believe the «shortened» chronology of Finkelstein himself, it was at this time that Yehoshua’s campaign was supposed to take place. Again, a contradiction: either Finkelstein’s chronology is incorrect, or Yehoshua’s campaign of conquest did take place. Third possibility: the description of Yehoshua’s trek refers to several treks that took place at different times.


Another «facelift» of Finkelstein’s theory is the assertion that the cult of Yahweh appeared in the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah only in the 9th century BC, when Jehoshaphat became king of Judah, as indicated by the name of this king, which contains the theophoric particle Yeho.

But in fact, this prefix appears in the name of an associate of Moses, Yehoshua bin Nun, whose existence is not recognized by Finkelstein. Yet he reluctantly admitted the existence of King Sha’ul. This first king of Israel named one of his sons Yehonathan, that is, «Yahweh gave» (he was an ally of the commander David, also a supporter of Yahweh), and the other — Ishbaal (Man of Baal), in honor of the god Baal.

It is quite reasonable if we take into account that half of Sha’ul’s subjects were Jews with their Yahweh, and the other half were Canaanites with their god Baal.

According to the Bible, Yehonathan died together with Shaul, and the representative of the followers of Baal, Ishbaal (the man of Baal), became the king. It turned out that the king’s Jewish army was dissatisfied with this alignment of power. The commander of the army quarreled with the king and allowed him
to be murdered. In his place was invited David, the leader of the tribe of Judah and a supporter of the cult of Yahweh. That is, the struggle of the gods and their prophets reflected the struggle of the clans in power. This is familiar to us today.

Further, David named one of his sons by the name Adoniyahu (My lord is Yahweh). It was David’s declaration of faith. Adonijah was Solomon’s rival for the succession to the throne. No wonder Solomon killed him.

The Yah prefix appears in the name of the prophet Ahya haShiloni (that is, from Shiloh, where Aron Kodesh was placed). This prophet «worked» during the period of Solomon and Yirveam, the son of Nabat, a hundred years earlier than Jehoshaphat. It was he who «prophesied» to Yirveam, who collected taxes for King Solomon among the northern tribes of Israel, that he would become the king of ten tribes.

In fact, it was not without the intrigues of the Egyptian pharaoh, who wanted to weaken the unified kingdom after the death of Solomon, dividing it into parts. Then the king of Edom rebelled against Judah. When Yirveam began to reign, Pharaoh Shishak married his sister to him and went on a campaign to Jerusalem. Today we are facing similar intrigues, the purpose of which is to split the people of Israel. Truly, nothing is new under the moon.

Yes, from the era of David and Solomon, magnificent palaces, ancient manuscripts and other manifestations of high culture have not reached us. But the powerful fortifications of the fortress of Kaiafa near Jerusalem do reach. It exactly dates back to the time of King David. And also, the powerfully fortified City of David in Jerusalem, which he recaptured from the Jebusites.

Finkelstein continues to argue, contrary to the opinion of all other archaeologists, that the «city of David» in Jerusalem was located on the Temple Mount. There is no way to test his hypothesis since the Muslim Waqf forbade excavations on this place.

Finkelstein also claims that the excavated part of ancient Jerusalem was built by the Jebusites before David conquered it. This is true, but recently a cameo of that period with the inscription «King of Judah» was discovered in Jerusalem. This title could only refer to David. And Finkelstein is silent.

The founders of kingdoms and empires were completely absorbed in wars, they did not have time and money for luxury, palaces, and rich temples. Chinggis Khan had no capital at all, only a temporary headquarters. Khazar Kagans lived in yurts in the vicinity of the Khazar capital Itil, a city that has not yet been discovered.

Why did the archaeologist Finkelstein not excavate the Kaiafa fortress, after all, this is his direct specialty? Why was Professor Garfinkel from Jerusalem, who specialized in Neolithic archeology, forced to change his specialty and excavate this fortress?

The self-confident archaeologist Finkelstein did not find traces of the kingdom of David and Solomon because he did not look for them. Other archaeologists searched and found. Instead, Finkelstein received a chair in Paris. This is a different science, more politics than archeology. For some reason, both professors, Sand and Finkelstein, emigrated from Israel after their «theories» were replicated.


With regard to genetics, no one questions the fact that the Canaanites participated in the formation of the Jewish ethnos. The only question is what was their participation. Due to the genetic proximity of the considered ethnic groups, it is difficult to «separate» the contributions of the Canaanites and nomads. Nevertheless, today, the contribution of Jewish haplogroups J1 (19%, nomads) and J2 (19%, Canaanites) is identical. In addition, the high percentage of carriers of haplogroup E among Jews (20%) hints at a connection with Egypt.


Conclusion: there is no reason to outright reject the participation of nomads in the formation of a Jewish ethnic group, as Finkelstein does. Genetic data do not contradict the biblical version of events and do not support the Marxist version, which has long been dubbed as anti-biblical hypercriticism.

In fact, Jews as an ethnic-confessional group have existed for thousands of years. Statements about the «non-existence of Jews» directly and grossly contradict the data of scientific genetics and the data of historical sciences. Books that present anti-scientific and anti-Semitic «theories» about Jews have been paid for, and their authors have obviously been bribed.

The «ideas» of deniers of Jewishness are being replicated by all possible methods, from large editions of their books translated into dozens of languages, Facebook, and u-tube. The opposite opinion is «gagged». Therefore, I have found it necessary to briefly recount this story.

We are really deceived so that we stop considering ourselves Jews and do not resist the destruction of the Jewish state and Jewish People.