האומה של יהודים

Yuval Harari explained how large groups of people arise, connected by a common idea. According to his theory (A Brief History of Humanity), it is enough that people who are unfamiliar with each other recognize the same principles, for example, believe in the same god, in the existence of common ancestors, or in the existence of a corporation in which they work, and this a corporation, nation, or denomination will become a reality. As Marxists said, «the idea is materializing.»

People have the ability to believe in abstract ideas, not necessarily «correct.» It is enough that many people believe in the same idea, and this idea will hold the group together.

The very possibility of the existence of states, parties, tribes, corporations, armies and other large and small organized groups of people is based on this psychological feature of Homo Sapiens.

The Neanderthals were defeated because they did not have the ability to unite on the basis of a common idea.

I agree with the approach of Harari, and applied it to the Jewish nation. Nationalism is an idea, along with other ideologies. Since there is nationalism, there is also a community of people based on this idea, that is, a nation.

I am not saying that everything that Harari wrote is ultimately true. All I say is that this idea that collectives of all kinds are based on a unifying set of ideas is correct. I believe that the collective formed around the idea is quite material, until the idea and the collective (for example, the USSR) fail.


Are Jews a nation, and if so, since when? I believe that the nation of Israel arose at the moment when some ancient tribes (in Egyptian sources they were designated as «Yakov-El», following God), reorganized around a new idea (Isra-El, that is, God Will Reign). According to Torah, their ideologist was Moses, and the executor of his plan was Yehoshua bin Nun.

Since Israel became a material group of people united by the slogan «God will Reign», this was the birth of a new nation of Israel. If this is true, then we, the descendants of the ancient Israelites, have been a nation since 1200 BC. And don’t say that we are not their descendants. Physically, 80% of our male genes are those of ancient Israel.

Genetic studies have found that 80% of the male genes of the Jews are common among themselves, and they are very close to the genes of the Lebanese, descendants of the ancient Canaanites. As for the Palestinians, genetically they are much closer to the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula. They are cousins ​​to us, not siblings.

This scientifically established fact is denied by anti-Semites because it interferes with the de-legitimation of the Jewish nation. If they succeed in undermining our faith in the Jewish community, they will successfully destroy our nation. Until we spiritually renounce Jewishness, the nation of Jews will continue to exist.

Attempts to de-legitimize the Jewish nation have been undertaken for a long time and continue today. Lenin argued that we are not a nation (accordingly, we do not have the right to self-determination) because we do not have a territory and an economy separate from other nations. At the same time, Lenin waged a life-and-death struggle against the Zionists, declaring them «bourgeois nationalism.»

By banning Zionism, Lenin abolished the right of our nation to create its own state. According to Lenin, all nations, except Jews, should have the right to self-determination. Lenin was the first anti-Zionist. Denying the existence of a Jewish nation, Lenin and modern anti-Semites deny the right of the State of Israel to exist.

The attack against Jewish nationalism includes an attack on Jewish history as set out in the TANAKH. For this purpose, the globalists hired Israeli scientists Finkelstein and Bin Nun, and a number of other Jewish and non-Jewish scientists. This way they try to destroy the Jewish national narrative.

Another line of anti-Semitic brainwashing is a denial of the common genetic origin of Jews. Professor Zand, an outspoken anti-Semitic mercenary, dismissed the results of genetic research done over the past quarter-century, and claimed that the malevolent Zionists «invented» the Jewish people for their criminal political purposes. So Zand surpassed Lenin.

To counter this massive anti-Semitic attack, Benjamin Netanyahu passed the Nation Act. But this is not enough. We are subjected to daily massive brainwashing, involving real and imaginary scientists, as well as politicians, with one goal: to erode our national identity, eliminate the unity of the people and destroy the State of Israel from within.

I have already named few professors who work in this field. Now I must add the names of politicians who are especially active in this field: they are Lieberman and Lapid. They built their political careers on the fact that they successfully pitted secular Jews against religious ones and vice versa.

At the same time, the left is misusing the fruits of the «dissolution» of Jews in global «social» (or rather antisocial) networks. Again we have witnessed the victory of the principle «neither Hellene nor Jew» in the modern globalist performance. I believe that respect for other nations and people should not translate into a rejection of our own personality. It is necessary to adapt to other people, but not to swallow the spit of anti-Semitism.


So, the Jews are the oldest of the nations. Around 1200 BC an ancient Egyptian source recorded the name Israel. Since then, there arose a nation of Jews, it is the nation of Israel.

The religion of the Jews was and remains nationalist from its very beginning. In order to become a universal (international) religion, Judaism converted to Christianity. But the Jews who converted to Christianity gradually ceased to be Jews, according to the principle of «neither Greek nor Jew.»

Since Herzl’s time, secular Jewish nationalism (Zionism) has held the Jewish nation together just as well as ancient Judaism. Religion can be replaced by atheism, but as long as nationalism exists, the nation is alive. We were buried as a nation many times, but we live and even kick when we are beaten.

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