The «progressive»-minded professors have already given an answer to the question of nationalism. When it comes to the nationalism of «developed» nations, or God forbid about the nationalism of the Jews, this is bad as horror. When it comes to the nationalism of the Palestinians, this is very good. This «progressive» approach, as it turned out, completely coincides with the opinion (and policy) of the globalists.

In fact, nationalism is an idea based on the innate psychology of people. Nationalism has two faces: chauvinism and patriotism. Chauvinism is psychologically based on aggressiveness, while patriotism is based on altruism. Patriotism is aimed at self-defense, and chauvinism is aimed at aggression. Both have the same ideological basis, which is commonly called nationalism, but opposite psychological bases and opposite consequences. Namely, dialectics.


The psychology of people is built dialectically. Usually (though not always) we distinguish “pairs” of opposite properties in the same person: kindness and cruelty, generosity and greed, hard work and laziness, courage and fear, honesty and deceit, etc. When we name some person as hardworking, we mean that this person wants and knows how to overcome his natural laziness. A fierce warrior who easily kills his enemies (or victims) can loyally love his wife and children. Such examples are countless.


Everyone knows the consequences of chauvinism: wars, including world wars, conquests, colonialism, racism, and oppression of national minorities.

And what happens when the positive face of nationalism, patriotism, is suppressed? Artificial suppression of nationalism has already led to the degradation of the «developed» nations. This is especially noticeable in Europe: demographic degradation, degradation of culture, of creativity, and working capacity of the population. And the main result is the degradation of morality.

Patriotism is the basis of morality, altruism, and solidarity. Having lost altruism and patriotism, we destroyed our families and lost our unborn children. Universal egoistic individualism destroys human civilization.

Conclusion: it is dangerous to eliminate nationalism in general, you need to fight only specifically against chauvinism, and support patriotism. The elimination of nationalism, together with patriotism «built into» it, already leads to the elimination of nations with all their values ​​and culture.

Just as the suppression of individual freedom leads to the degradation of individuals and the entire collective, the suppression of nationalism leads to the degradation of both individual nations and all of humanity. Contrary to what the «progressive» globalists instill in us, the loss of nationalism and the elimination of nations does not lead to progress, but to the degradation of humankind.

Just as we preserve certain species of animals, we must preserve nationalism and the nations based on it. Not only exotic Indian tribes but also large «developed» nations threatened with extinction. This process must be stopped and reversed.

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