“at least two schools have posted pictures of Hitler accompanied with the text: “Hitler said: ‘I could have annihilated all of the Jews in the world, but I left a few so that you would know why I annihilated them.’”

So, next to us and supposedly under our «occupation», the Palestinian authority is raising another generation of Nazis, who are being taught that their goal is to destroy the Jews in the same way that Hitler did. This is how the Palestinian authorities use their de facto independence, which someone is trying to deny.

And what happens if we withdraw the army and evict the Jews, who are defending Israel, by their presence interfering with the plans for a new genocide of the Jews?


In 1933, when Hitler began to expel Jews from Germany, Palestinian leaders staged demonstrations and strikes demanding a complete ban on Jewish refugees from entering Palestine. They did achieve such a ban in 1939, as a result of the Intifada (uprising) of 1936-1939.

Let me remind you that at this time other states also closed their borders for Jewish refugees. In fact, many states and peoples of the world, including the Palestinians, indirectly participated in the genocide of the Jews. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Jews who were unable to escape from Europe because of these prohibitions, perished in crematoria ovens and in ghettos.

It turned out that the Palestinian leadership to this day has not abandoned its long-standing plan to exterminate the Jews. Unfortunately, they receive generous help and support, and that is why they continue the war to destroy Israel.

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