The fact that Diaspora Jews will someday assimilate has been known for a long time. And now this moment has come.

Israel was created to prevent Jews from disappearing from the earth. So let’s strengthen Israel, correct ourselves, and, most importantly, end the internecine Jewish wars.

What Lapid and Lieberman are doing is nothing more than the destruction of the Jewish state.

We must fix our democratic system. After all, the solution has long been known: the introduction of a presidential system, similar to the American one. In the fifth election, let’s vote for the president.

In order to end the civil war, we need to elect a president who will be the single power for all people of Israel. What is happening today is anarchy. Thanks to Bibi we managed to save us from the COVID even in the conditions of anarchy, but the anarchy cannot be continued.

What is needed is a change in the democratic system, not a «revolution» by Lapid, Lieberman, and religious politicians. They are pulling the people apart and thereby ruining the state. The pretexts used by the revolutionaries do not justify the collapse of the state. «The best» is the enemy of the good. Now we must preserve the Jewish state.


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