Lapid gets support from Soros and Zuckerberg. Both globalists strive to destroy all democratic nation-states, including Israel. We, as a Jewish state, induce their especial malevolence. I believe, Israelis who vote for Lapid vote for their own destruction.

Let’s remember, Lapid initiated a two-year political crisis exactly when we needed an effective government to defeat the COVID and the crisis. Thank God, Netanyahu was able to successfully lead us through this crisis, despite the machinations and «revolution» of Lapid.

In the midst of the epidemic, Lapid staged demonstrations (which he called «revolution») aimed at paralyzing the government’s efforts to fight the COVID. He demonstratively neglected the health of the people, obstructed the government in its holy work to save us from the epidemic, only in order to seize power. After all that, how are some of the people of Israel ready to vote for this revolutionary?

Lapid sent Gantz to the Netanyahu government to disorganize the work of the state. While Lapid was staging his «revolution» in the streets, Gantz tried to seize power from within the government. At the same time, Lapid achieved another goal: he eliminated Gantz as his main rival in the struggle for power.

It is impossible not to see that Lapid’s «revolutionary» methods exactly correspond to those of Soros, who arranges «orange revolutions» in democratic states, with the clear aim of paralyzing the work of governments, depriving nations of independence, and destroying their nation-states.

It is no coincidence that Soros’s activities are prohibited in a number of states. Therefore, he finds local «revolutionaries» who do the work for him. In Israel, he found Lapid. If Lapid becomes prime minister, we will in fact be ruled by Soros.

We should remember that George Soros’ father pursued the goal of eliminating the Jews. In the last phase of this activity, both of them, father and son, helped the Nazis trap wealthy Jews and confiscate hidden wealth. Then the Jews were killed.

Israel under the rule of Lapid and Soros will be deprived of the opportunity to defend itself. This is a death sentence for all Israelis.