Politicians maneuver according to circumstances. The circumstances are such that in Europe the majority of the population are the descendants of the Nazis and everyone who collaborated with them. These are the majority of Germans, Austrians, half of the French and Slavs, the majority of Italians (Mussolini), Hungarians (Horthy), Romanians (Antonescu), Danes, Norwegians (Quisling), etc.

The European Union is founded on the idea that there are no more winners and losers in Europe. The deceased former soldiers of the Nazi army and soldiers of the Allies, in principle, are buried nearby, in the same cemeteries.

The current descendants of the participants of the Second World War are psychologically not ready to admit that their ancestors acted badly in destroying Jews.

And they do found an excuse for the Holocaust: if the Europeans hadn’t exterminated the Jews, the Palestinians would have suffered more. Europeans justify the deeds of their ancestors by the «suffering of the Palestinian people.»

I have heard (or read) statements in the spirit of «Nakba is a greater crime than the Holocaust», «Israel is worse than Hitler» from both ideologues and ordinary Internet users. The then young Prince Harry spoke in the same spirit.

For the same reason, the Palestinian anti-Semitic theater has a huge success. Europeans perceive any lie and defamation of the Jewish state with a applause. Such is the social sentiment of most Europeans.