The people of Israel are justifiably outraged that the political system of the state is stalled at the very moment when the state must solve the most difficult and urgent tasks: to defeat the COVID, to cope with the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic, and with the increasing aggression of Iran. …

Under these conditions, the staggering government, torn apart by internal squabbles, arouses the indignation of the people. Calls are being heard to put an end to this «democracy», to make a revolution. Let’s think about what will happen if these plans will be implemented.

When Benny Gantz failed to create a central-left coalition with the participation of Arab parties, he entered the government with Netanyahu on the pretext that it was necessary to solve the most urgent tasks associated with the COVID.

In fact, it turned out that instead of solving vital problems, Gantz engaged in a power struggle from within the government. Having behind him a faction of 17 deputies against 36 of Likud, Gantz began to appoint not only ministers (almost all of his Kahol Lavan’s deputies became ministers), but also tries to place his people in other key posts.

Since this is happening in front of all the people, Gantz has lost popularity. In a crisis, the people would like all politicians to stop dividing jobs and get down to things that are useful to us, voters.

At the same time, Gantz’s ally, Lapid, tried to stage an «orange revolution» outside parliament, ignoring the danger to our health posed by his demonstrations. As a result, Lapid’s popularity also declines. Lapid’s calls for a «revolution» are quieter and more imperceptible.

And then some invisible to the public puppeteer took out of the box two more dolls, which call themselves «rightwing». Naftali Bennett, who has three mandates (after the split in Yamina’s ranks), wanted to become prime minister. He was even given pre-election polls, where he collected 22 mandates. But then Gideon Saar jumped out of the box and ate Bennett’s alleged mandates.

Saar, like Bennett, calls himself rightwing, but no one knows how he can form a right-wing coalition and protect us from anti-Semites if his coalition includes revolutionary Lapid, the Meretz party, which has not disappeared just because they are supported by homosexuals, and also Arab politicians who oppose the Jewish state and do not hide their dependence on foreign sponsors.

Given the scenario that is outlined in the polls, after the elections, we will face a new round of unsuccessful attempts to form a government, and the current split and impotent government will remain supposedly to rule the state. Then we get to the point where Gantz will declare that under the treaty with Bibi it was his turn to become prime minister, and then seize power, relying on the support of the police and the court. The end of the fourth act of our tragicomedy and the end of democracy.

This is an old recipe for revolutionaries: if your head hurts, you have to chop it off. This recipe was implemented by Lenin and Hitler. The place of Knesset members at the head of state will take generals, policemen, judges, and billionaires patronizing them.

In fact, they are already manipulating politicians and Knesset members. They punished Netanyahu for insubordination, staged fake investigations, attracted witnesses who must testify against Bibi in order to save themselves from prison … And they bought a legal adviser to the government, who is accused of «plastering» the case 3000 to save his friend General Ashkenazi.

Many are proposing to change the parliamentary structure of democracy in Israel. Proposals to introduce a presidential system have been put forward more than once. There has already been a period when the prime minister was directly elected. Netanyahu won this election for the first time. But how can this be done in a split and crisis? Before, we need to overcome the split.

We voters can and should punish those politicians who seized on the excuse “just not Bibi” in order to blow up our state from within to please those who bribed them or to please their painful megalomania. In the case of Lieberman and Lapid, their monetary masters are known well.


We know little about the schismatic Saar. In his youth, from the far-right Thiya, he went to work for Uri Avneri, the spiritual father of Shalom Ahshav («Peace immediately»). In fact, Avnery’s political program was implemented by Yitzhak Rabin in the Oslo agreements.

Since 1995, that is, since the times of Rabin and Peres, Saar worked as an assistant legal adviser to the government. In 1996, Peres was succeeded by Bibi, and Saar jumped to the post of government secretary for Netanyahu. However, this romance lasted only six months, since in 1999 Bibi lost the election and resigned.

In the Likud, Saar was on Ariel Sharon’s team. Sharon became famous for radically changing his views from the ultra-right to the left, but then Saar did not support him … Now he left the Likud. This man radically changed his views three times for the sake of a career.

Actually, Saar repeats the “loop” that Sharon made in his life: from the left Labor to the right flank of the Likud, and in his old age, through the split of the Likud to the Kadima party, again to the left, to “Disengagement”.

What is important now is the fact that Saar also split the Likud and joined the company of those corrupt politicians who drove us into a hopeless political crisis. Just at the moment when the people need national unity. How is he better than Gantz, Lieberman, or Lapid?

Saar lost the primaries of Likud. He failed to convince Likud members that Netanyahu should leave. According to the rules of democracy, he had to calm down and wait in the wings. His current game of «just-not-Bibi» promises us a continuation of the political crisis after the fourth elections.

Without the most powerful Zionist party, the Likud, Israel’s government will inevitably become post-Zionist. The Saar will not be able to surpass the Likud in popularity, opinion polls confirm this. My opinion that Saar is unreliable is justified. He carries out operations to change his orientation too often and hastily.

In order to lead the coalition, Saar will have to accept the same religious parties that are now part of the Netanyahu coalition, and bring together ultra-right and ultra-left Jews on the basis of the principle of «just not Bibi.» Moreover, get the support of anti-Zionist Arab politicians. Gantz did not cope with such a task, and it is unlikely that Saar will succeed. We shouldn’t vote for him.

After the elections, Saar will be forced to undergo another operation to change his political orientation and no one will be able to stop him. The “non-bibist” parties are characterized by an internal dictatorship. Personally Lapid, personally Lieberman, personally Gantz and now personally Saar hold the reins (and money) tightly in their hands. They decide who will be a Knesset member and who will lose his job after the next elections. And these same anti-bibists call Bibi winning primaries a «dictator».

As for megalomania, all anti-bibist politicians suffer from that disease. That is why they are unable to choose one leader who will head the government.


The fight against Bibi and the fight against the religious are different tasks, not related to one another. Netanyahu was already a former head of a coalition without religious parties. He turned towards the ultra-religious after Lapid, in alliance with Bennett, conspired against him within his government. And when Lieberman broke up the coalition and joined the anti-Bibists, Netanyahu simply had no choice but to rely on the religious.

Both Lapid and Saar are already flirting with religious politicians, preparing to include them in their future coalition. If Lieberman really wants to overcome religious dominance, he must enter into a coalition with Netanyahu.

My proposal is simple: we will vote for Bibi in the elections so that he forms a stable government for the next four years. We do not have a better candidate for the premiership. So, let us give him the opportunity to serve us as he has done so far.

Let’s spit on the fake accusations against Bibi. Legal adviser Mandelblit let slip accidentally (or not accidentally?) that he had sent these three obviously fake «cases» to court only because he was being blackmailed by the attorney general. What was the blackmail is known to the whole world: «the case 3000».

Those who are “just not Bibi” are probably the most corrupt. The previous legal adviser «cleared» Lieberman and did not send him to prison on much more serious charges than those charged with Bibi.

Lapid witnessed the «bribe», that is, the cigars that Lapid’s former employer, Milchen, offered Bibi. Interestingly, the legal adviser Mandelblit released the alleged bribe-giver Milchen from responsibility in advance and accused Bibi of accepting a bribe that no one gave … This is just legal nonsense.

And since we’re on the subject of judges, Saar’s plan is to adopt a constitution. What for? So that the Supreme Court can overturn laws passed by the Knesset, declaring them unconstitutional. In this new situation, the Knesset will no longer be able to overturn a Supreme Court decision by a qualified majority.

This means that a democratically elected parliament will be subordinate to a non-democratic body, which is the Supreme Court, and all other courts in the State of Israel. Unlike all other states on the planet, Israeli judges are appointed officials, not our chosen ones.

However, the squabbles at the pinnacle of power have little to do with us, ordinary people. The thing that bothers us all to the bone is the enormous corruption in the «lower ranks» of the judicial system. Saar is not going to protect us from this corruption. For this alone he should be rolled.


Netanyahu has achieved long ago what Gantz, Lapid, Saar and Bennett are striving for, while Lieberman is in their wake. Bibi has already received a laurel wreath from Lady History, he does not need a second one. Let him work in our favor. Vote for Bibi.